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12 of the Best Small Travel Trailers of 2024

Published on December 29th, 2023 by Emily Lawrence
This post was updated on February 1st, 2024

A couple in front of their small travel trailer and an SUV.

When many people think of RVs, they likely imagine huge motorhomes and luxurious fifth-wheels. But there is much more to RVing beyond the realm of big rigs! In fact, small travel trailers have always been popular because people want additional freedom to travel off-road and use their existing trucks or SUVs as tow vehicles.

If you’re looking for something compact and manageable, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of travel trailers that are small, lightweight, and still comfortable to live in.

Today, we’ll explore a dozen of the best travel trailers to look for in 2024. These compact homes on wheels are perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their campsite and save money while they travel. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a huge RV when there are plenty of small, budget-friendly options to explore instead. Check out the list below (arranged from smallest to largest).

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12 Best Small Travel Trailers

1. Aliner Ranger 10

Aliner Ranger 10 small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Aliner.
  • Exterior Length: 12′ 8″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,300 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 175 lbs
  • MSRP: $21,495

If you prefer small travel trailers with high ceilings, the Aliner Ranger 10 will be perfect for you. These unique campers feature an A-frame design that almost looks like a little cabin. There are a few floorplans to choose from, such as a dual-bunk with a pop-out section, or a rear dinette with extra space for cooking and storage.

To learn more about Aliner trailers, visit the brand website at

2. Happier Camper HC1 Studio

Happier Camper HC1 Studio small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Happier Camper.
  • Exterior Length: 13′ 5″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 180-220 lbs
  • MSRP: $39,950

If you love the aesthetics of classic Volkswagen vans, you should explore the catalog of Happier Camper. Happy Camper designs adorable retro-style campers with a signature rounded shape. The HC1 Studio is a tiny thing, but its flexible design makes it stand out from the crowd. The only fixed features here are the kitchen and the wet bath at the front. The back half can be rearranged into any configuration you need thanks to the various Adaptiv® cube elements.

There are a variety of camper designs to fit anyone’s needs, so explore the options on

3. Armadillo Trailers

  • Exterior Length: 13′ 6″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 180 lbs
  • MSRP: $33,900

If you want something cute, colorful, and cozy, take a look at Armadillo Trailers. This Canadian brand is focused on creating trailers that blend nostalgic designs with modern technology. Each Armadillo model is custom built, so buyers can choose which features to add or remove. However, every vehicle is equipped with standard amenities like a 12-volt refrigerator/freezer, self-closing drawers, a 38-liter (10 gal) freshwater tank, and various safety features.

You have total design freedom with an Armadillo, so get started today at

4. Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer

Timberleaf Classic small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Timberleaf.
  • Exterior Length: 14′
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,500 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 150 lbs
  • MSRP: $24,150

Next, let’s explore a travel trailer that was made for the great outdoors. Timberleaf creates custom teardrop campers that are rugged yet cozy. Their Classic Teardrop Trailer contains a queen-size bed, a huge curved skylight, and cabinets on both ends. The back of this trailer also opens up to reveal an impressive galley area, complete with a sink, cooktop, outlets, and plenty of storage space.

Learn more or build your own customized model at

5. Forest River r-pod RP-107C

  • Exterior Length: 15′
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,789 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 215 lbs
  • MSRP: $27,466
Forest River r-Pod RP-107C small travel trailer floorplan.
Floorplan courtesy Forest River Inc.

The r-pod lineup from Forest River is very popular among travelers. The 107C floor plan contains a sofa that can expand into a queen-size bed. There’s also a pair of small tables, a TV, and several storage cabinets in the main space. Outside, a simple flip of the rear hatch reveals an outdoor kitchen. This contains a refrigerator, sink, two-burner stove, and plenty of storage.

Learn more details about the RP-107C at

6. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15FK

  • Exterior Length: 15′ 6″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,900 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 260 lbs
  • MSRP: $20,400
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15FK small travel trailer.
Floorplan courtesy Braxton Creek.

Another great teardrop trailer design can be found at Braxton Creek. The Bushwhacker Plus 15FK combines all the essentials into one neat package. There’s a queen-size bed against one wall and a hallway that leads directly to the rear. One wall contains an expandable jackknife sofa and a refrigerator, while the other side has the kitchenette and a wet bath. An outdoor kitchen also slides out from the front section.

To learn more about small travel trailers in the Bushwhacker lineup, visit

7. Little Guy Micro Max

Little Guy Micro Max small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Little Guy Trailers.
  • Exterior Length: 15′ 11″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,860 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 245-260 lbs
  • MSRP: $25,060

Little Guy lives up to its name when it comes to the size of its travel trailers. The Micro Max is listed as the company’s most “garageable” option because it’s small enough to fit inside almost any standard garage. The interior features a convertible dinette that transforms into a bed. There’s also a compact kitchenette and a nook for a cassette toilet. Storage areas are available both inside and outside the vehicle, so you have plenty of places to stow your gear.

Explore the Little Guy lineup of vehicles and customize your own at

8. Airstream Bambi 16RB

Airstream Bambi small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Airstream.
  • Exterior Length: 16′
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 3,050 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 450 lbs
  • MSRP: $60,400

Who doesn’t love a good Airstream? Most of these trailers are fairly large and heavy, but the Bambi collection is perfect for people who want to travel light. These silver bullets are small but mighty. Each contains a full-size bed, a convertible dinette, a wet bath, a kitchenette, and storage space around every nook and cranny.

To learn more about these miniature travel trailers, visit

9. inTech Sol Eclipse

  • Exterior Length: 17′
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 2,695-2,775 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 395-445 lbs
  • MSRP: $38,650

inTech is a brand that specializes in small travel trailers. One of its newest products is the Sol Eclipse. While some brands like to rely on nostalgia and retro aesthetics, the Sol Eclipse is a trailer of the future. They are built on a sturdy and lightweight aluminum skeleton, and the final result is a sleek, clean trailer. The interior is also impressive, with a wet bath, a kitchen with panoramic views, and a three-person dinette that can convert into a bed.

To learn more about inTech and their various trailers, visit

10. Casita Independence

  • Exterior Length: 17′
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 2,480 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 300-525 lbs
  • MSRP: $26,996

When you’re looking for small travel trailers, you might be worried that you won’t be able to travel with your family. But with the Casita Independence, you have the ability to add bunk beds to the layout so the kids have somewhere to sleep. There are two main designs to choose from. Both feature twin beds at the rear, but you can choose whether to include bunk beds or a bathroom in the front section. It all depends on your needs.

Casita Independence small travel trailer interior.
Photo courtesy Casita Trailers.

Visit the Casita Travel Trailer website to learn more about this brand and their products.

11. nüCamp TAB 400

  • Exterior Length: 18′ 3″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 2,831 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 390 lbs
  • MSRP: $57,482
nüCamp TAB small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy nüCamp

nüCamp is a luxury brand when it comes to small travel trailers. The TAB 400 may be one of the most expensive options on the list, but it’s also a high-end design that is full of surprises. For starters, each one is equipped with solar panels for off-grid energy. Some floorplans also have hidden bunk beds to increase the sleeping capacity. A full wet bath and a sleek kitchenette is included in every design. Convertible sleeping areas are also located on either end of the trailer.

To learn more about nuCamp and its trailers, visit

12. Jayco Jay Feather Micro 166FBS

Jayco Jay Feather Micro 166FBS small travel trailer.
Photo courtesy Jayco.
  • Exterior Length: 19′ 7″
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 3,895 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 415 lbs
  • MSRP: $36,585

This model is the largest on the list, but it’s still below 5,000 pounds and shorter than 20 feet. So if you want a small travel trailer, but not a tiny one, this might be the right fit for you. A full-size bed sits at the front of the floorplan, and a slideout creates a nook for a jackknife sofa. There’s a full bathroom in one of the rear corners, while the rest of the space is occupied by the kitchenette and various appliances.

To explore the Jay Feather Micro in greater detail, visit

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4 thoughts on “12 of the Best Small Travel Trailers of 2024”

  1. Some great choices!
    I’ve owned a Forest River popup, an Aliner Ranger 15 OffRoad
    Last year, I bought my ‘forever’ RV, the 2023 Rove 16RB by Travel Lite.

    I highly recommend checking them out:
    Travel Lite also has a factory tour showing the construction method & materials.

    The Rove series has no wooden structural components. The only wood is in the cabinetry. They are light—the 14’ & 15’ models are all under 200lbs.
    All of the Rove models have either a bath (14’ & 15’ Mideast or a dry bath (16’ and new the 17’).
    One of the BEST features is the Tuson sway control. If the trailer starts to sway, the Tuson applies a brake only to the side of the trailer to correct a sway, making the trailer incredibly easy to tow—especially windy conditions or when being passed by transports! It’s amazing!

  2. Nice article bout small trailers for short people! I have to wonder, as someone who is 6’4” (not that unusual of a height), why the companies are so afraid to list the interior heights? It isn’t rocket science (use a tape measure), and it would help a lot of us who are tired of hitting our heads, stooping constantly, or forever “brushing” the ceiling. I have to wonder why no one has figured out that the few decent high ceiling height RVs are constantly out of stock or on backorder, and why?

  3. I know you can’t list everything but I would have included the Scamp 13, 15 and 19 ft units. Thanks for the article.


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