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What States Have RV Lemon Laws?

motorhome broken down - is it covered by RV lemon laws?
Does everything seem to be going wrong with your new RV purchase? You might have a lemon! We share which states have RV lemon laws here.

What States Have RV Lemon Laws?

What happens when you purchase a new RV and it just doesn’t work? You may face endless hassles and repairs that wear you down until you can’t keep fixing it. If this is you, unfortunately, you may have purchased a lemon.

As an RV owner, you should check out what states have RV lemon laws. These laws might apply to you. They can help you protect yourself against a lemon of an RV.

What is a lemon law?

When something goes wrong with something you own, like a motorcycle or car, you can count on state lemon laws to help protect you. 

Lemon laws are United States state laws that provide a remedy for purchasers of cars and other consumer goods in order to compensate for products that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.


A defective motor vehicle is described as a “lemon“. 

Lemon laws exist for RVs too. RV lemon laws differ by state and also by the type of RV you have. Whether yours is non-motorized or a motorhome will affect how the lemon laws can protect you. If the state your RV is registered in has an RV lemon law, you might be in luck if you purchased a rig that seems to be faulty. 

The law finds that if a vehicle or object cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, the owner is due for compensation. This may mean you get some money in return for the inconvenience, or in some cases, a new RV!

To understand exactly what the state protects you from, we have to first dive into what RV lemon laws cover for you and your RV.

Do lemon laws apply to RVs?

Some states do have lemon laws that apply to RVs. Motorhomes are covered in some states by insurance that also backs up cars. So, if you have an issue with your camper, you know that the state has your back in getting it fixed.

When is your RV considered a lemon?

In order to be considered a faulty or lemon RV:

  • Your camper must still be under warranty but have faced two failed attempts at fixing an issue.
  • The RV must have been deemed unable to drive due to the issue. It must now be worth much less since the inconvenience persisted.
  • Your RV started showing issues within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles.

If any of these apply to you, your RV falls under the conditions of being a lemon. The question lies, however, in if your state has the laws to support you. Not every state has RV lemon laws.

Before you get your hopes up, you should take a moment to realize that these laws are not foolproof. Most states only cover some circumstances and may not be too reliable.

Either way, let’s look at how you can solve this sour problem.

What states have RV lemon laws?

Here are the outlines of each US state and what qualifies as a lemon in each.

On the left, you can find what qualifies your RV as a lemon. This includes what has to go wrong in order for you to take state action to fix the issues. Sometimes, states will have restrictions on weight, days out of service, or the number of attempts you’ve made at fixing the issue.

Check carefully – your state may appear more than once!

RV Lemon Laws by State

Require 3-4 unsuccessful repair attempts within the warranty period.Alabama / Colorado / Connecticut / District of Columbia / Indiana / Iowa / Kentucky / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Nevada / North Dakota / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Dakota / Tennessee
Require 3-4 unsuccessful repair attempts and a certain number of days out of service.Alaska / Illinois / Maine / Mississippi / Montana / New York / Nebraska / New Jersey / South Carolina / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia
Require 3-4 unsuccessful repair attempts, a certain number of days out of service, and must be under a certain weight.Arizona / Arkansas / California / Delaware / Louisiana / Missouri / Utah / Wisconsin / Georgia / Hawaii / New Hampshire / New Mexico / North Carolina / Oklahoma / Wyoming
Require 4 unsuccessful repair attempts, has spent 60 days out of service and covers non-living areas of RV only.Florida
Require 3-4 unsuccessful repair attempts, a certain number of days out of service plus may cause serious bodily harm.Idaho / Minnesota* / Ohio**
Applies only to the chassisArkansas / California / Delaware / Louisiana / Missouri / Utah / Wisconsin / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Kansas / Minnesota / Mississippi / Montana / New York / New Jersey / South Carolina / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia

*No certain number of days out of service

**Except facilities used for sleeping and eating

Have a faulty RV? The good news is that in some cases, your RV is protected. Some states specify how many attempts at repair you have to go through or how much your RV has to weigh. These guidelines are important to know if you think you might have a lemon on your hands.

Don’t let your sticky situation get any worse. If you have a lemon of an RV, check out your state RV lemon laws.

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7 thoughts on “What States Have RV Lemon Laws?

  1. We have a 2020 Carbon 5th wheel toyhauler 38 ft.
    The spring hanger broke and RV is not safe to move. We are stuck in TN at a campground. Manufacturer is taking their time in giving us an answer as to what to do, where and how to get it repaired.

  2. I got a catalina trailer 323bhdsck 2021 I ben dealing with alot of trouble led lights came of the awning water coming from the bathroom true the kitchen one jack came out of the back on the hiway the axle is bent the gas tank leak the inside bedroom the sealing is coming down I bought it at rv value mart lebanon and still there not doing nothing can some one help me I live in lebanon Pennsylvania that ks

  3. Re: it must be deemed undrivable. If the issues are with the slide & leveling jacks but it can be driven am I out of luck?

  4. You forgot Texas !! Texas does have a lemon law that covers RVs . I have used it twice on two different Rvs .
    Thank , Al Weaver .

    1. Correct and Texas has a somewhat friendly consumer assistance side. RV manufacturers and dealers would have a much more positive rep if they work with the laws openly and partner with customers.

      The avoidance in disclosing only sets up avoidable hardship and greatly exposes class action possibilities in my opinion.

      Take 100 rvs and openly work with customers and I believe they would a more positive investment on legal and warranty dollars with more positive image, which is better than any amount of promotion dollars.

      Sadly, likely will not happen.

    2. Can you help me???!!!! I bought a used rv for 80,000.00 and it WONT RUN! Seller says she knows nothing about anything being wrong with it. Tennessee has a lemon law. I don’t know what to do!!!

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