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DROPLET Introduces New Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

Published on July 16th, 2021 by Jennifer Jennings

droplet XL teardrop trailers

DROPLET Introduces New Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

There is an amazing new lightweight teardrop trailer on the market – the DROPLET XL! This XL trailer is still lightweight but has more storage and new features you won’t want to miss!

DROPLET Trailers

DROPLET is a Canadian startup that is dedicated to building the most reliable, simple, and ergonomic teardrop trailers – perfect for the weekend warrior. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the DROPLET teardrop trailers are simple, compact yet roomy, and durable. They are built to last with only the finest materials and craftsmanship. A huge selling feature of these compact travel trailers is the ability to tow them with most small cars or electric vehicles. The ability to be towed by something as small as a Mini Cooper or Volkswagen Golf opens up a whole new market of campers.

The original DROPLET trailer made waves with its beautiful and functional design. Now, DROPLET is proud to announce its latest teardrop trailer – the DROPLET XL.

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This new and improved teardrop trailer is similar to the original, except it is 1.5 feet longer! (In micro-campers like these, those extra inches make a difference).

Interior of a DROPLET teardrop trailer
Cozy, spacious interior of a DROPLET trailer with a fully openable skylight

The extended length – bringing this rig to 9.5 feet long – offers more storage space between the sleeping area and kitchen. In addition, there is more shelving in the galley kitchen. Lastly, the XL trailer has another great add-on: a supersized Dometic fridge!

Standard features

The DROPLET teardrop trailers come with some amazing standard features that RVers are going to love.

Unlike some rigs, the DROPLET trailers come with a luxurious queen size mattress. No scrunching or cramping here!

These trailers also have a fully functional galley style kitchen. A common feature of teardrop trailers, the DROPLET is the same and has a great outdoor galley. The new XL has tons of additional storage, plus the large refrigerator – perfect for extended trips. There is also plenty of room for a 2-burner stove, pots and pans, crockery, and whatever else you need. Plus, a functional water-pump faucet and sink for cleaning up.

One of the most amazing features of the DROPLET trailers that make them super unique is the huge windows and doors. Dark and musty campers are a thing of the past. Both the original and XL teardrops feature massive windows in the front. There is also a skylight that opens all the way! For better ventilation, there are side windows that open.

DROPLET XL teardrop trailer showcasing the extra storage features
DROPLT XL teardrop trailers come with an extra storage compartment & extra kitchen shelves

For getting off-road, the DROPLET XL comes with 13-inch tires instead of the standard 12-inch. This extra inch is perfect for those travelers who are adventuring down logging roads or in mountainous terrain.

Lastly, and most importantly, DROPLET creates lightweight trailers. When they say lightweight, they mean you can pull them with your standard SUV or even a car. The DROPLET XL weighs in at 1050 pounds. So while you might not get away hauling it with your Mini Cooper, a small SUV should have no problem. For comparison, the original DROPLET weighs in at 950 pounds or 900 pounds with the optional aluminum chassis.

DROPLET Trailer Add-ons

While the standard DROPLET trailer and XL come loaded with everything you’d need, there are also optional add-ons to make these teardrop trailers your own. Here are some of the great features you might like to add:

  • 150W Solar Panel – Having solar power allows you to camp in places you can only dream of. With the solar panel package from DROPLET, you can attach the panel to the front of the trailer allowing it to charge while you drive. Then when you arrive, you can park in the shade and place the solar panel in a sunny area. This also frees up the massive window and allows tons of natural light in. The panel is only 4 pounds so it isn’t cumbersome.
  • Roof Rack – Camping is even more fun when you can bring your toys. Load up your kayak or canoe on the DROPLET roof rack. This is the perfect accessory to allow you some additional storage.
  • Road Shower – Just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep clean. Enjoy this dependable solar-heated shower system. It is also perfect for blasting mac-n-cheese off your dishes – it’s pressurized!
  • Awning – An awning is a must-have accessory! Keep your campsite shady and extend your living area with this handy retractable awning.

Last up, add some unique personality to your new teardrop trailer with DROPLET’s unique RV art. With this add-on, you can personalize your trailer and have a beautiful art piece laminated to the back section.

DROPLET teardrop trailer with custom artwork on the rear panel
The original DROPLET trailer with artwork on the rear panel

DROPLET Campsites

The free DROPLET campsite an exciting feature coming in July 2021 in Princeton, British Columbia. One of the founding ideas of DROPLET was to build a network of campsites available at no cost to the DROPLET community.

The goal is to have campsites across North America. Having this network will achieve their long-term goal of being able to travel with a DROPLET teardrop trailer from one side of the continent to the other. (All while staying at DROPLET campsites only).

Teardrop Trailer Rental Program

DROPLET is full of great, innovative ideas. Another cool program they have is their teardrop trailer rental program.

The DROPLET community is creating a network of teardrop owners that rent out their DROPLET trailers. This is a perfect program for anyone who wants to try the DROPLET before they buy it. If you decide to purchase a DROPLET of your own after renting, your rent is put towards the purchase of your new trailer.

The goal of the rental program is to have DROPLET teardrop trailer owners have the option to rent their teardrops when they aren’t using them. DROPLET helps those owners by advertising the rental on their website, so the owner gets to own a unique travel trailer and make some cash on the side. Plus, if you are the owner of a DROPLET and one of your renters buys their own rig, you get a sweet referral bonus.

DROPLET trailer being towed by a Volkswagen Bug
DROPLET trailer being towed by a Volkswagen Bug

Are you in the market for a unique, high-quality teardrop trailer? Look no further than the original or extra-long DROPLET XL. You’re going to love the thoughtful design and amazing construction quality.

The DROPLET XL is currently available for rent. Production for the XL is starting in the fall of 2021 – get yours now!

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11 thoughts on “DROPLET Introduces New Lightweight Teardrop Trailer”

  1. I bought a Droplet in October. My daughter (who lives in Vancouver) picked it up for me. She delivered it to me at Christmas. It seems a bit cheap, but this just may be because they used plastic/fiberglass to keep it light. I don’t know how long it will last. One of the door locks doesn’t work. I cannot get the key in (maybe after 20 jabs it will engage) and then I cannot turn the latch. I have to lock it from the inside. Even the door handles are thin plastic. For now, I removed the mattress, and it is off gassing something fierce. I don’t know what is in the foam, but it smells like acetone (nail polish remover) I may need a new mattress as my sinuses started filling and my eyes itching. Still hoping to take it to Burns Oregon (Crystal Crane) in the next couple of weeks for a winter hot spring try out.

  2. Good morning
    I like your Teardrop XL I live in Toronto is there any one hear that has your teardrop trailers ? Or do I have to drive up there to pick is up.
    When I do the deposit with this pandemic how long will it take before the trailer is built and ready for me to pick up ruffly please have a Pleasant day.

  3. Not for me. If all I wanted was a place to sleep, and to cook, I’d just get a pickup truck, and build the equivalent of a tear drop for the bed. Same functions, except I would add more, and cost would be less to buy, and no money put out for tags and insurance. Another reason, it is a trailer. If I go camping, I want a camper where I can leave the driver’s seat, go in the camper part, without going thru rain, snow, darkness, whatever, and then use the toilet, make a sandwich, or just go to bed. And I am not about to cook in the open weather. No thanks.

  4. looks great. Will my Toyota Camry LE pull it? How much does it weight? how much with the solar and awning extras? Monthly finace cost?

    • Hey Will, so the capacity of a Toyota Camry is about 925 – 1,100 pounds. The Droplet is 950 lbs. Check out their website for all the answers to your questions. Plus, the guys over there would be happy to help you figure out towing!

    • Hey Valerie, so the capacity of a Toyota Camry is about 925 – 1,100 pounds. The Droplet is 950 lbs. Check out their website for all the answers to your questions. Plus, the guys over there would be happy to help you figure out towing!


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