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As the go-to source for RV industry news and information, Camper Report’s mission is to deliver relevant content tailored to the consumer, including RV news, product reviews, and a buyer’s guide. Join us in exploring the world of RVing.


Camper Report is dedicated to providing RVers with the latest and most comprehensive information about the RV industry, including in-depth articles and a weekly Camper Report Show.

Readers will find newsy and relevant content that’s tailored to the RV consumer, giving you an inside look at the RV industry. Camper Report covers topics such as:

You will also find high-profile sponsored content from some of the top brands in the RV industry. So whether you’re a seasoned RV veteran or a newcomer to the world of RVing, be sure to check back often for the latest news, tips, and information from Camper Report.


Camper Report is proud to be one of the 30 RV, van, and travel trailer communities within the Social Knowledge network of sites. Social Knowledge has provided sites and forums that cover all aspects of RV life by helping guide consumers to find their first RVs, sharing the latest RV news, giving tips on how to maintain RVs, and even guiding RVers to finding the perfect camping destination.


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