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Get A Look At These RVs That Look Like Houses

Published on February 18th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

inside the King Aire, one of the best RVs that look like houses

5 Amazing RVs That Look Like Houses

I think we’re all familiar with the typical look of an RV. They may be comfortable inside, but they still feel a bit utilitarian when it comes down to it. There’s nothing wrong with this basic design, but some people prefer to look for RVs that look like houses!

Thankfully, there’s something on the market for everyone. House-like RVs are somewhat hard to find, but they do exist. Of course, this design and extra space may cost you a pretty penny, but some travelers find that the comfortable living setup is worth the price.

Below we’ll cover 5 of our favorite RVs that look like houses. There are video tours included for each one, so you can get a better idea of what it would be like to live in one of these beauties. Without further ado, let’s start house/RV shopping!

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1. Newmar King Aire

To start off this list, we have the King Aire from Newmar. This is an impressive Class A motorhome that’s 45 feet long, so it’s one of the biggest on the market. The floor plans are designed to be comfortable and emulate a home-like feeling.

The default color scheme is a lovely mix of cream, gold, and warm wooden tones. Customers can choose between 4 interior decorating schemes as well as their choice of cabinetry. By mixing and matching, every buyer can create their perfect interior.

The features of this RV are high-end as well. This motorhome comes with heated theater seats that can also give massages. The appliances are top-of-the-line, and every model comes with a massive king-size bed and spacious rear bathroom. Check out the video tour below, or visit the King Aire product page for more information.

2. Prevost Emerald H3-45

When it comes to RVs that look like houses, you can’t get much better than the Prevost H3-45! At almost $2 million, this is a luxury Class A motorhome that only the wealthiest customers can afford. The interior is absolutely stunning, and it’s definitely worth a look if you like to keep an eye on the best in the business.

This RV is packed with luxurious leather furniture, and it has one of the best bathrooms in the world. It features a beautifully tiled shower with a waterfall showerhead. A huge mirrored medicine cabinet, exterior sink bowl, and cabinetry complete the space.

This model also features a spacious kitchen, which is perfect for those who love to cook. Everything blends together well, and the refrigerator resembles cabinets instead of a blocky appliance. The cream-colored furniture contrasts nicely with the dark wood cabinets, and everything is lit with beautiful recessed lighting.

To explore gallery photos of this RV, visit this listing page.

3. Living Vehicle LV 2022

If you love the idea of living off-grid but still prefer RVs that look like houses, the LV 2022 could be the perfect solution! This is a high-end travel trailer that is designed to serve as a fully-functioning home no matter where it’s parked.

This model has tons of features that you’ll rarely find in an RV. It has a spa-style bathroom with wooden accents. There’s also a fold-down patio that’s perfect for grilling, sunbathing, or just expanding your usable space. The residential kitchen is equipped with a removable island, dishwasher, and high-end appliances.

The decoration style and color scheme of this trailer are pretty simple, but they’re still classy. The majority of the walls are white, but there are lots of windows to let in natural light as well as natural wooden accents.

One of the best parts of the LV 2022 is how self-sufficient it is. This trailer comes with a massive 100-gallon water tank, 80 pounds of propane, built-in solar panels, and air and water filtration systems. You can set up camp just about anywhere and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable living space. Learn more about the LV 2022 here.

4. Grand Design Solitude 345GK

We can’t talk about RVs that look like houses without mentioning a luxury fifth wheel model! Some of the best designs for these vehicles come to us from Grand Design. The Solitude 345GK is a fantastic example that highlights the company’s dedication to quality and comfort.

Unlike many RVs, the master bedroom in this unit is located near the front, not the rear. This space features a queen-sized bed (that can be upgraded to a king), a massive closet, a washer/dryer prep station, a dresser, a pull-out ottoman, and a mounted TV. That’s a fantastic setup for anyone!

This fifth wheel also has lots of personal touches such as an entertainment center above a fireplace, shoe storage located under a small step, and a large shower that has a skylight and a shower seat.

The kitchen is also large and perfect for cooking on the road. A large center island provides extra workspace as well as a dual-basin sink.

The entire vehicle is decorated with beautiful dark wood that contrasts with the light-colored furniture, ceilings, and floors. Classy light fixtures complement the recessed lighting that’s built into almost every wall. This is a high-end RV that is guaranteed to be comfortable for every resident. Learn more about the 345GK here.

5. Dynaquest XL 3400KD

Finally, we have a Class C motorhome to round out this lineup. Even though this model is smaller than many of the others, it still has a cozy floor plan that will make anyone feel at home. If you’re a fan of Class C RVs that look like houses, the 3400KD could be perfect for you.

The rear of this unit hosts the main bedroom. Each motorhome is equipped with a king-size bed that sits within a slide-out to expand the space. A split bathroom separates the bedroom from the rest of the cab. One section contains the toilet and shower, while the sink and toiletry cabinets sit across the hall.

The main living space blends the kitchen and living room together. One wall has a slide-out that contains a booth-style dinette and a tri-fold sleeper sofa. The kitchen appliances and workspace sit against the opposite wall.

Customers can choose to add an extra bunk above the driver’s cab or replace the sleeper sofa with 3-person theater seats. All the furniture is covered with beautiful dark leather, while the cabinets have a natural wooden exterior. Backsplash and decorative trims bring a fun visual style to this motorhome.

There are lots of RVs on the market that can help you bring the comforts of home on the road. These models often come at a high price, but it’s good to know what your options are if you know what you want.

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