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The 2023 Barefoot Travel Trailer From nuCamp RV

Published on July 17th, 2023 by Emily Lawrence

The Barefoot Travel Trailer: A Lightweight Camper From nuCamp RV

Many people want to participate in the RV lifestyle, but not everyone wants to invest in a massive rig. Teardrop trailers are the perfect entryway into this world, and there’s no better option than nuCamp RV. The company features several compact products, but the 2023 Barefoot trailer takes things to a whole new level!

nuCamp RV specializes in tiny, efficient trailers. The Barefoot trailer is one of their smallest and lightest designs to date, but it still packs quite a punch. Its adorable rounded design, easy towability, and classy interior are sure to win your heart.

2023 has been a wonderful year for RV manufacturers. But while some push for designs that are large and extravagant, nuCamp wants to create something light and fun. Fans are encouraged to enjoy #BarefootBliss. Read on to learn all about these new trailers! Perhaps they’ll become your new travel companion for trips to the beach.

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A lightweight teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers are very popular among travelers who go solo or as a couple. In most cases, there’s only enough space for a bed and maybe a few storage compartments. nuCamp RV goes above and beyond while still staying true to the beloved tiny format.

The 2023 Barefoot trailer measures 16 feet, 7 inches. This size makes it perfect for towing. You can use almost any type of car as a tow vehicle, which makes this trailer more accessible to everyone. The entire trailer is made from a single molded piece of fiberglass. This makes it sturdy and seamless!

In addition to a convertible sleeping space, these trailers also come with additional amenities such as a 12V compressor fridge, central air conditioning, and a multi-speed roof fan. Each model comes with a built-in kitchenette and wet bath, so you don’t need to rely on your surroundings. Cook regardless of the weather, and enjoy the convenience of a built-in bathroom!

The Barefoot trailer lets you camp in comfort while you enjoy your tiny footprint.

nucamp RV barefoot travel trailer


  • Exterior length: 16 feet, 7 inches
  • Exterior width: 6 feet, 6 inches
  • Exterior height: 8 feet, 1 inch
  • Fresh water capacity: 23 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 17 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 5 gallons
  • Hitch weight: 215 lbs.
  • Unladen vehicle weight: 2,109 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,000 lbs.

Noteworthy features

With a trailer as small as this, it might seem like an open book. How many amenities and features could they incorporate with less than 20 feet of space to work with? As it turns out, you can actually fit a lot into a space this size if you’re clever enough!

nuCamp RV is unrivaled when it comes to compact designs, and the Barefoot trailer is a perfect example of their prowess. Let’s dive in and look at some of the most noteworthy features of these vehicles.

Rounded retro design

One of the most obvious standout features of the Barefoot trailer is its appearance. Most lightweight trailers have a traditional teardrop shape with a flat base and a rounded top. But these trailers are rounded on almost every side. They almost resemble the iconic Airstream design (except for the fact that they’re made from fiberglass instead of aluminum).

In addition, these trailers are a beautiful light blue, which makes them stand out from the sea of black and white RVs. nuCamp describes the shade as “seaglass-colored,” which further connects to the beachy identity of these trailers. The windows also have retro graphics stamped onto the glass. With this combination of features, every Barefoot trailer is guaranteed to turn heads!

Multi-functional living space

Because the footprint is so small, these trailers have to pull double duty (sometimes even triple). Any permanent fixtures would take up space and limit the possibilities of the floor plan. That’s why these trailers feature a multi-functional living space at the rear.

interior of barefoot RV

During the day, the rear portion acts as a dinette or just a place to stretch out and relax. A pair of opposing seats sits on each wall, and a third padded cushion connects them along the back wall. Altogether, they form a U-shaped seating area. A removable/adjustable table occupies the center gap. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal, get some work done, or just read a book.

At night, you can lower the table and convert this space into a two-person bed. There’s padding along all the walls, so you don’t need to worry about banging your elbow in the middle of the night. The conversion process is simple, and you can easily switch between the different modes.

High-end kitchenette

It can be hard to fit a kitchen into such a small floor plan. But nuCamp was up to the challenge! Each Barefoot trailer comes with a compact kitchenette. Although space is limited, you still have access to all the cooking necessities.

Flip-top covers conceal the sink and stovetop when they’re not in use. This is great for kitchen safety, plus it increases your available countertop space. Built-in storage compartments are perfect for storing ingredients, cookware, and other kitchen necessities. There’s even a mini fridge for your perishable ingredients and leftovers! A solid butcher block countertop provides the perfect space for food prep.

kitchen in RV

Full wet bath

We can’t talk about the Barefoot trailer without mentioning the bathroom! You might not think that a 16-foot trailer could fit a bathroom, but nuCamp RV managed to do it somehow. It’s a small space, but everyone enjoys the convenience of a wet bath. You don’t need to rely on campground bathrooms or truck stops to refresh after a long day.

Each model includes a cassette toilet, a sink, a mirror, a toothbrush holder, a towel rack, and a couple of storage compartments for bathroom essentials. All of these elements are designed to fit the curvature of the walls and ceiling. You can also enjoy natural light through the frosted window. Hot and cold water are both available through the built-in water heater.

You don’t have to sacrifice modern conveniences just because you want to live light!

Front storage compartment

Although there are several places for interior storage, sometimes you just can’t fit everything into the trailer. Fortunately, you can keep a few of the bulkier items in the front storage compartment. This little container sits on top of the trailer hitch, and it’s the perfect size for a spare tire, gray water hose, and a few other odds and ends.

You really need to maximize every ounce of storage space in a unit like this. The front storage compartment will give you more room, plus it will help you keep the main living space uncluttered.

Optional upgrades

Most of the features listed above come standard with each Barefoot trailer. With the default offerings, you’ll have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable adventure!

But if you want to take things to the next level, you can upgrade to the optional Convenience Package. This is a collection of new or upgraded features to make your vehicle just a little bit better. The offerings in this package include:

  • Built-in Keder rail
  • Solar port
  • Soft-touch ceiling
  • Wall-mounted pocket organizer
  • Storage areas for gray tank hose and spare tire
  • Portable Bose© Bluetooth speaker
  • Classic Baby Moon wheels

Visit to check out all the standard features and optional upgrades.

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