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Why Are So Many RV Parks Opening And Expanding?

Published on June 3rd, 2022 by Lynne Fedorick

RVs camped in mountains on a lake
Why are so many RV parks opening? Photo: Shutterstock

The RV Park Industry Is Booming—Here’s Why

The pandemic changed many things for Americans. It ignited record sales of RVs, as people sought to spend more time outdoors while enjoying all the comforts of home.

In 2021, it seemed everyone wanted to buy an RV of some type and go exploring. Also, the phenomenon of working remotely became the norm for many workers. When we work remotely, it doesn’t really matter where we are, as long as there is a good Wi-Fi signal. RV parks can be as good as anywhere else for working remotely. Many remote workers found RV living to be ideal for work and play.

As more people got into RVing, campgrounds struggled to keep up with the unprecedented demand for campsites. In 2021, campsite shortages became a real challenge for many RVers. RV parks responded by expanding existing facilities to have more RV sites available. Landowners realized that developing their land into amazing RV parks would meet a market need and could be very lucrative.

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Another thing that RV campgrounds started doing was adding unique or luxury accommodations for those who want to get away, but don’t happen to have an RV. These accommodations are mainly used by RVers who want to enjoy visiting and camping with their family and friends who don’t have an RV.

Non-RV camping at RV parks can be glamping yurts and tents, treehouses, or quaint cabins. It gives some great choices for those who want to enjoy making great memories with a camping experience.

There is no doubt RV parks that offer these additional accommodations have a distinct competitive advantage over RV parks that offer RV parking only.

tiki hut and chairs at new margaritaville RV park
Camp Margaritaville, one of the many RV parks opening in 2022.

3 New RV Parks Opening In 2022

Three of the newest luxury RV parks in the US include Camp Margaritaville in Auburndale, Florida; Pine Mountain RV Resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia; and Gulf Shores RV Resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Camp Margaritaville – Opened in January 2022

Camp Margaritaville is a new RV resort in Central Florida where you can choose to stay in your RV in a well-appointed RV site or in an adorable Margaritaville cabin.

Camp Margaritaville has 400 RV sites, plus 75 cabins for the RV-less crowd. This RV park offers sites with many more amenities than the average RV site. Here is what you get:

  • Full hookups
  • 110/30/50-amp breakers
  • Free Wi-Fi and cable
  • Picnic table
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor TV
  • Adirondack chairs and hammocks

The 66-acre, island-themed resort offers a host of amazing amenities including a pool complex with a waterslide, a pawsome dog park, a dog grooming station, a golf course, and even a pizzeria.

Pine Mountain RV Resort – Opened in January 2022

Located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Pine Mountain RV Resort boasts 225 RV sites, plus cabins and glamping tents. The park just opened in 2022 and has already earned many positive reviews from guests on RV LIFE Campground Reviews.

Amenities include a swimming pool, a playground, and a dog park for the furry glampers. The owners of Pine Mountain RV Resort are none other than RVC resorts, a well-known name in the luxury RV resort business with RV parks in 10 states.

yurts/cabins at new RV park
Photo from RVC

Gulf Shores RV Resort – Opens in June 2022

The new Gulf Shores RV Resort is located right on the water in Alabama. When completed, the 128-acre RV park will have a huge selection of RV sites, including more than 400 RV campsites, well-appointed cottages, and glamping tents. They will even have RVs you can rent if you don’t happen to have one.

Most of the RV sites are back-in waterfront sites to take advantage of stocked fishing lakes. This RV park will have swimming pools, fishing ponds, bike rentals, hiking paths, a dog park, and games including a pickleball court.

Gulf Shores Resort is owned by RVC, a company that seems to think of every accommodation that RVers could possibly want. Expect the amenities at Gulf Shores to be extensive and well thought out.

map of new RV parks
Map of Gulf Shores RV Resort, one of the RV parks opening in 2022. Photo from RVC

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7 thoughts on “Why Are So Many RV Parks Opening And Expanding?”

  1. It is not at all complicated. There’s no place like home and RV is the closest that you can come to being at home but also with a change of scenery. RVs can best facilitate a merger of both these worlds. This was true before COVID and it will remain so afterwards. COVID merely prompted more people than before to look into the advantages that have been intrinsic to the RV experience all along.

    Gas prices may influence us to roam closer to home base more often than we have in the past. But as many of us have known for a long time, one need not wander all that far from home base to enjoy the feeling of refreshment that can result from modest changes to our daily routine and scenery. Even brief sojourns are far better than none. RVs help make such enjoyment possible for everyone. We have historically been a mobile society.

    A growing number of people are simply adapting to the times. Cause and effect. Growing RV popularity is an effect. We may see another effect occur in November ’22.

  2. You can be sure that these new campgrounds were on the drawing board long before the pandemic. It takes quite a long time to get permitted to build an RV park and that is assuming you can get city water and sewer connections.

  3. A lot of people,bought RVs this year because we no longer trust traveling with the airlines. The airlines have been forcing people to wear the suffocating Satanic NWO PLANdemic masks AND now their pilots are dangerous to fly with because they have all been vaccinated with the clot shots. Also, the cruise lines are trapping people on boats and not letting them off all because of this ridiculous psyop that was engineered solely for $ and population reduction through these lethal injections they are calling “vaccines”. That is why many of us that are awake to all the Covid BS are buying RVs.

    • Apparently you have never worked at a job site or seen a job site where people are required to wear PPE (personal protection equipment) PPE protects the worker from injury and death. Auto mobile seatbelts, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe boots, hard hats, fall harness, etc. People who rebelled against wearing mask are selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant and rebellious.

    • I personally saw what covid did to my next door neighbor who has now passed away. The first three days from me having covid is something you wouldn’t want to experience. There are many of us who have medical issues and the masks saved our lives. Your view on “lethal injections” is not only insane, but a selfish way of thinking. I enjoy living full-time in my 24-ft travel trailer. Our rv park had three residents die from covid. Sitting close to someone on a plane without a mask is crazy. I just pray that you never get covid19 or the other strains.


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