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A Look At The New 2022 Keystone Campers

Published on December 3rd, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

2022 Keystone campers interior
All photos via Keystone RV

A Look At The New 2022 Keystone Campers

Keystone RV has been a major player in the game for many years now and they are constantly releasing new models and updating their older ones. Innovation is necessary to stand out in this highly competitive industry, and this brand has just announced some changes and updates that will be implemented in their 2022 Keystone campers.

So far, 15 brands under the Keystone name have been announced for updates and new releases. Some of these changes will only be minor tweaks, but others will include larger redesigns. We can expect all of them to live up to the high standard of quality that Keystone has established for itself over the years.

Below we’ll explore some of the details about each of the new 2022 Keystone campers.

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Alpine is a lineup of fifth wheels that is getting updated decor options for 2022. This model has been described as, “a five star hotel but on wheels” (source). The two new color/decor options are the Stanton and the Easton. The Stanton is a bit more bold and contrasted with its use of black accents and white walls. The Easton is more neutral and contains more natural wood shades of brown and beige. Both styles will serve to complement the design of the RV and be beautiful while they do so.

view of kitchen


Arcadia is a line of Keystone campers and fifth wheels that is fairly new to the scene. They first made their debut in January 2021 and they made a great first impression! They have continued to impress since their release, but Keystone believes there is always room for improvement. That’s why the Arcadia lineup is releasing 4 new models in the fall of 2022. They will contain the same beautiful wood accents and custom furniture that made the originals stand out. These new models promise to be just as high-quality and beautiful as their predecessors, so keep your eye on this brand!


Avalanche is another Keystone brand that is entirely made up of fifth wheels. This brand offers a variety of different floor plans, sizes, and upgrades, but they maintain the same level of quality and comfort. According to Keystone, these RVs are among the top choices when it comes to glamping. The 2022 Avalanche lineup includes 2 new decoration options. These color themes are similar to the Alpine offerings, and they even have the same names (Stanton and Easton). Once again, Stanton is darker and more contrasted, while Easton is lighter and more subtle.

interior of Avalanche 2022 Keystone campers

Bullet and Premier

The previous models we discussed were all large and luxurious fifth wheels. The Bullet and Premier RVs are much smaller and more compact models, but they still bring pride to the lineup of Keystone campers. These lightweight trailers will be getting an interior update in 2022. They will include an attractive and simple color scheme of white, grey, and black, and there are little accents and patterns that bring some interest to the design. Marbled countertops and wood-grain tables and floors prevent things from looking too monotone!

interior of new Keystone campers

Carbon and Raptor

Carbon and Raptor are similar product lines of toy haulers. These massive Keystone campers are designed to provide storage space for large items, but also serve as a comfortable living space. That’s no easy feat, but Carbon and Raptor models do it well. For the 2022 updates, buyers now have the opportunity to choose between 2 new Scandanavian-inspired decoration/color schemes (Carbide and Axis). Carbide offers white upper cabinets and wooden lower cabinets. This helps the visually separate and expand the space. Axis has more earthy and natural tones that help to connect passengers to nature and ground them.

interior of Keystone RVs


Cougar is a brand that encompasses both travel trailers and fifth wheels. They are mid-sized, which makes them accessible to people who want something comfortable, but not too massive. This brand has been popular among Keystone fans for a long time, so they may be excited to learn that the 2022 Keystone campers will have the option of a new decor scheme. This new style is called Army Gray Signature Driftwood. It includes industrial pendant lighting, subway tile backsplash, and warm brown/grey accents.

kitchen in campers


Both the traditional Fuzion and Fuzion Impact toy haulers are getting a revamp in the 2022 updates. Keystone has announced that there will be 2 new decor options available. These are named Brindle and Glacier, and both are quite attractive! Brindle is more contrasted and has beautiful dark leather furniture. On the other hand, Glacier is much lighter and subtler. The Glacier color scheme is mainly composed of light grey tones, which brings a certain elegance and class to these Keystone campers.

interior of new Keystone 2022 campers


Keystone Hideout is a popular brand of travel trailers. They got an interior revamp for 2022 with a major focus on the color white! The new models have white walls, cabinets, and ceilings. This helped to visually expand the space and increase the amount of light. The fixtures and accents are either black, grey, or silver, which helps to unify the appearance and tie everything together. Natural wood grain designs on the floor, table, and doors prevent things from feeling too homogenous though!


You may have seen Keystone Montana campers on the road before because this is a popular brand of luxury fifth wheels. For the 2022 updates, these vehicles will be decorated with the new Modern Maple style. This includes hardwood cabinets with beautiful crown moulding. Similarly colored accents and walls will be incorporated into the new Montana models as well.

Montana High Country

In a similar vein, the Montana High Country fifth wheels are getting an interior revamp as well. When this brand introduced a new decor scheme in 2020, Keystone reports that they, “saw a double-digit increase in sales shortly thereafter.” (source). Hoping to continue their success, Keystone plans to incorporate light ash cabinets, pendant lighting, and some attractive dark accents into the new models.


Outback luxury fifth wheels won’t be left out of these updates either! These Keystone campers have been painted with stylish matte black window shades and cabinets. The accents are a beautiful gold color, which helps to enhance the luxurious feeling of these vehicles. There are also a few white walls and beautiful wood accents that prevent the interior from feeling too dark. It’s a well-balanced design that’s perfect for current buyers.


The lightweight travel trailer designs from Passport are getting some 2022 updates as well. Because they are smaller than many of the other Keystone campers, it’s important to expand the space as much as possible. To achieve this, the new models will be decorated with a light, natural color scheme. It’s European-inspired and includes a dark chevron backsplash, light-colored wood cabinets, and warm grey/brown accents.

interior of campers


Finally, we have the updated Springdale models! These travel trailers are decorated with an eye-catching Onyx Storm color scheme. This includes black wood cabinets with gold fixtures. These Keystone campers also have natural wood accents to bring a bit of natural flair to the interior. Keystone is very proud of the updates they have done in this RV, and they have even used gallery examples from the new Springdale to announce their 2022 progress!

interior of Springdale campers

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  1. The new RVs look so sterile. No imagination at all, just like those home remodeling shows on TV. I have seen more inviting hospital rooms.

  2. Wow they did Great . Now they need to bring one out with 2 bedrooms one on each end of the trailer and then have 2 full bathrooms walk through from the bedrooms kitchen & living room all in the center of the trailer . With fire place and large tv above it. Light along the floors of the trailer. Beverly Bohlman Burleson tx.76028 817 350 7367. Thank you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  3. I am hoping Keystone improves the quality of their trailers. Most of us have had to reattach crown molding that falls off during transit, repair flooring where slide out have severely damaged it, Thomas Paine furniture that starts to peel in a year or two. This in addition to mislabeled dump valves, tires that fall apart in less than 5,000 miles and don’t forget the faulty welds in the aluminum frame that fail leading to expensive repairs.

  4. Sorry, but these color schemes are very cold and sterile looking to me. I may be the exception to the crowd, but not a fan of this trend in colors. They remind me of a doctor’s exam room. I’ll be keeping our 2012 for quite a while longer.

  5. We bought a 2021 Alpine
    And we camp Wyoming most of the time
    No hook ups

    Our Alpine looses half to two thirds of its fresh water as we travel down the road

    Keystone would not fix it they said it isn’t a flaw Carefully buying an Alpine unless you always have hook ups

  6. Wow finally a manufacturer that has white walls and neutral inside. These are looking like what people do to old campers and buses on pinterest. Now they need to get the swirl graphics off the outside and paint colors of nature like tans and khaki.


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