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The CyberLandr: A Next-Generation Truck Camper For The Cybertruck EV

Published on April 16th, 2021 by Levi Henley

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The CyberLandr: A Next-Generation Truck Camper For The Cybertruck EV

We tend to associate Tesla with electric cars and the battle to use AC or DC power to electrify the country in the 1880s. But the name is associated primarily with a groundbreaking EV now.

Those keeping their eye on the electric vehicle world will remember the oddly shaped Tesla Cybertruck announced by Elon Musk a while back. It turns out we may start seeing 1,000 units hit the roads in 2021 and around 20,000 next year.

The demand for a high-performance truck-style EV is incredibly high. The Cybertruck’s Tri-Motor AWD model boasts a 500-mile range, AWD, adaptive air suspension, and a towing capacity of 14,000+ lbs. We have yet to see how much towing 14,000 lbs will affect that 500-mile range. 

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According to Elon Musk, “I have never seen actually such a level of demand at this–we’ve never seen anything like it basically. I think we will make as about as many as we can sell for many years. So–as many–we’ll sell as many as we can make, it’s going to be pretty nuts.”

The demand for the Tesla Cybertruck EV has many companies already designing products specifically for the vehicle. CyberLandr™ is a truck camper explicitly built for the Cybertruck.

CyberLandr is a unique truck camper in that it can completely collapse down to fit inside the Cybertruck’s bed, known as the truck’s vault. When fully extended, it seems to be double the height of the truck. It extends upward and out the back, allowing it to take up the entire 6.5 feet of bed length.

CyberLander in the bed of the CyberTruck
CyberLander in the bed of the Cybertruck

Features of the CyberLandr

The CyberLandr has managed to pack quite a few features in a small space. Below are some of the notable ones the futuristic truck camper will have. Like many small living spaces, many areas of the camper are multifunctional. For example, the living area doubles as office space, a kitchen, and a bedroom.


The CyberLandr truck camper kitchen
Invisible induction cooktops and lots of counter space. All photos via website

The kitchen has a large sink with a manual, touchless, and voice control faucet. It features five square feet of working space on its porcelain countertop with an invisible induction cooktop.

Office / Living room

The CyberLandr truck camper set up as an office.
The chairs can be used to set up your off-grid office inside or outside.

When used as an office or living room, two freestanding chairs can be placed where needed to work or watch the 32″ 4k UHD Smart TV/monitor. They can be taken outside for comfortable seating as well. The interior also allows you to control the climate and lighting by voice or app and is equipped with a surround sound system.


The movable folding chairs of the CyberLandr folded flat to make a queen size bed
A queen size bed with room underneath for kids or a guest.

When it’s time for bed, the two seats transform into a queen-size bed that sits at countertop height, leaving room for two children or one adult underneath. It’s unusual for a camper to come with a security system, but we are in the age of EVs. The CyberLandr comes with an alarm system and 360-degree motion sensing exterior lighting. The windows offer a high-tech blend of privacy as well.

According to their site, “Electrochromic dimming, dual-pane windows provide the perfect blend of light and privacy.”


CyberLandr Bathroom

The bathroom has some nifty technology as well. The one-piece tile floor is radiant-heated. Water storage is typically limited in truck campers, and the CyberLandr is no different. The camper has a recirculating shower with a 4-stage filter allowing for a longer shower. The toilet is a dry-flush model with a self-cleaning bowl.


The CyberLandr also claims to come with a Starlink satellite dish. At this time, Starlink doesn’t offer an internet service that you can move too far from your home address. Recent FCC filings from SpaceX show that could be changing soon, though.


When it comes to electric vehicles on the market, weight can affect their range pretty quickly. The CyberLandr company claims the Cybertruck won’t take too much of a hit.

Quoting, “(Cybertruck’s max payload is 3,500 lbs). The company claims the added weight reduces the Cybertruck’s driving range by only five percent. The CyberLandr carries no power system, instead connecting to the Cybertruck and using up to 20 kWh of its massive battery back. The CyberLandr gives back, though, with 500 watts of solar panels sending juice back into the Cybertruck’s batteries.”

How to get a CyberLandr

At this time, like other EV trucks, the world is waiting for it to be officially released. Once that happens, the CyberLandr will have final specs and be able to start manufacturing. Their production facility is close to where the Cybertruck will be manufactured, so it may eventually be possible to order your CyberLandr preinstalled with your Cybertruck EV.

Those wishing to reserve a $49,995 CyberLandr can do so for a $100 deposit. The website mentions there is a launch promotion that saves you $5,000. You can check out to learn more, or watch the video below.

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5 thoughts on “The CyberLandr: A Next-Generation Truck Camper For The Cybertruck EV”

  1. We put in an early Cybertruck reservation, and were hoping some great Cybertruck camping accessories would be designed for off-road adventures. Cyberlandr fits the bill, and goes beyond our expectations. We put in a reservation for Cyberlandr, and are looking forward to watching the progress toward a production ready model late this year. It would be nice to take delivery of our Cybertruck with Cyberlandr already installed.

  2. It’s kind of ugly, and lots of moving parts to fail/need maintenance. I’m waiting for a basic EV van, at less than $30,000. Cargo is okay. I’ll convert it myself.


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