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Cool Summers Start With SoftStartUp: The Must-Have RV Upgrade

Published on April 16th, 2024 by Camper Report

Stock photo of SoftStartUp

New SoftStartUp Ready For Warm Weather RVing

Every year, RVers look for ways to keep cool in the summer so they can go RVing more often, and stay out longer. Staying cool and comfortable, particularly in the late afternoon and evening after a fun day of outdoor activities, is crucial to camping enjoyment. Planning ahead is key, and SoftStartRV is ready with its latest version of SoftStartUp

A Soft Starter For Everyone

Air-conditioner soft starters have been around a while and are worth their weight in gold when installed in each A/C unit. They reduce the power needed to start the A/C unit, making it easier to run more ACs on less power. This creates a smoother, reduced amperage A/C startup that extends the A/C compressor life.

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Their only drawback is they have to be installed in each air conditioner. This requires some do-it-yourself comfort with electricity, and the ability to get on your RVs roof to do the work. Some opt to have those installations done by qualified RV service providers. 

SoftStartUp is different because it is a single device that plugs into the campground pedestal or your existing surge protector, and then into your RVs power cord. It manages the power for all of your RV’s A/C units by simply plugging it in just like you do at every campground.

SoftStartUp Benefits

Depending on your RVs configuration and available power, SoftStartUp can offer a variety of power solution combinations. 

  • Starts two RV A/Cs on a 50-amp or 30-amp power pedestal
  • Starts two RV A/Cs on a 3,000-watt generator
  • Starts two A/Cs with a 3,000-watt solar inverter
  • Starts one A/C on a 2,200-watt generator
  • Starts one A/C on a 2,000-watt solar inverter
power flow diagram for connected devices.

Power Management and Surge Protection

Power management is built into the SoftStartUp. This important feature of the SoftStartUp isn’t limited to air-conditioning needs. The power-management features allow you to start multiple RV appliances simultaneously by managing power and guarding against surges and overloads that would otherwise trip a breaker. If you have ever tripped a breaker in your RV while using a hair dryer or microwave, you’ll appreciate the balanced, reliable power that SoftStartUp offers.

50-Amp or 30-Amp Power and Protection

The 50-amp SoftStartUp includes a reduction dog-bone adapter to allow 30-amp RVers to take advantage of the great features it offers. SoftStartUp is compatible with, and optimizes all, RV power sources; pedestal, generator, or other power source.

Additional SoftStartUp Features

The device offers a hassle-free, plug-in ready experience that requires no installation or wiring, making it perfectly portable for use across different RVs. To enhance security, it comes equipped with an anti-theft locking loop that securely fastens the device to the power source. Durability is also a key feature, with the device housed in a water- and fire-resistant case to ensure longevity and safety. 

Proudly designed and assembled in the USA, this product is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty. Customers can try it risk-free thanks to a 90-day trial period — love it or return it — coupled with a money-back guarantee. Moreover, it comes with the added benefit of free shipping within the USA and Canada, making it an even more attractive option for RV users.

RV LIFE Readers Save Big on SoftStartUp

As longtime partners with SoftStart, all RV LIFE readers can save $500 on SoftStartUp. Simply visit our custom SoftStart page at to take advantage of this offer.

And, if you are looking for a turn-key solar solution, SoftStart Solar has you covered there as well! SoftStart Solar takes the mystery out of trying to match several complicated solar components by providing simple, ready-made solutions. 

Check out the entire SoftStart lineup:

6 thoughts on “Cool Summers Start With SoftStartUp: The Must-Have RV Upgrade”

  1. This is a great idea, but the price is crazy. I’ll wait until someone makes a cheaper knockoff. Also the chance of having it stolen extremely high.

  2. It’s a great idea/product, until it isn’t. I purchased their 30 amp version a couple years ago. Unfortunately it failed and they do not return phone calls or emails for possible repairs/replacement. The hardwired versions might be a better option if you can arrange for installation. At least if it fails the cost of replacement wouldn’t be as great.

  3. I have Soft Starts on my A/C’s. I get it. I understand it. But…. this seems to make an assumption that your biggest power draw, ever, on the entire rig, is your A/C(s). And will … trickle out the power? Not sure I quite get it.

    Not sure I like it. What happens when you start the microwave?

  4. Great idea, but it’s way too expensive for most RV’ers, even with the discount. I can replace the AC unit for the price of this device. How long will it last? Surge protectors are not lifetime devices and cost a lot less than this device.

  5. Could not agree more. I just finished installing two SoftstarRV’s. Instructions were on the money.
    Other than feeling the heat and my age, it was quite simple. Maybe not for someone who has never wired anything.

  6. Unfortunately, it’s price point and ease of access/removal by potentially less-than-honest RV neighbors when I decide to leave my campsite for more than 30 seconds makes this solution a no-go. Best stick to the hard-wired version mounted in each rooftop AC, unfortunately.


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