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The New Happier Camper Traveler Is Available Now

Published on October 7th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

happier camper on the beach

A First Look At Happier Camper’s New Premium Traveler

If you love small trailers with adaptable designs, you’ll definitely be interested in the new lightweight Traveler model from Happier Camper. This trailer is available for delivery in Fall 2022, so you can get one of your own right now!

Happier Camper specializes in creating small, cozy trailers that can be adapted and rearranged to suit your various travel needs. With their unique modular design, the interior of these campers can transform into a variety of different formats. Their lineup includes the popular HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture, and their all-new, lightweight Traveler model.

The new features are bundled into a package that’s known as the Traveler Premium Package. We’re going to dive into the various specs and amenities that make this trailer such a stand-out addition to the Happier Camper catalogue. Read on to learn more about this innovative RV!

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These trailers are a bit larger than the other Happier Camper options, but they’re still designed to be compact and easy to tow.

  • Dry weight: ~1800 lbs.
  • Avg. weight: ~2500 lbs.
  • Tongue weight: 220 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3500 lbs
  • Exterior height: 8 feet
  • Overall length: 17 feet
  • Inside width: 6 feet, 5 inches
  • Inside height: 6 feet, 5 inches
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 17 gallons
  • Gray water tank capacity: 17 gallons

For more information about the base specs of the Traveler, visit the product page on

ADAPTIV® Modular Design

Just like all the other Happier Camper trailers, this one is based around ADAPTIV® design technology. This is a modular system that covers the majority of the floor space.

Each end of the trailer is occupied with a grid of mobile and transformative cubes. The front of the camper features a 3×3 grid, while the back has a 2×3 layout. In the center, there’s space for a kitchenette and bathroom, with a small hallway in the middle.

Cubes can be added, removed, or rearranged as needed. They can be used as furniture, beds, chairs, storage units, or even coolers! The floor has six different areas where tables or other stand-up pieces can be installed, so you have the freedom to design your own living space. It can turn into an office, a living room, a bedroom, a dining room, or a great storage space!

The Premium Traveler package includes several items that suit the ADAPTIV® model. When you select this upgrade, you’ll receive:

  • 5 Adaptiv cubes
  • 2 Adaptiv cubes with deluxe upgrades
  • 1 Adaptiv set of deluxe insulated half cubes
  • 1 cooler/ice box modular cube
  • 9 molded base form-fitting cushions
  • 4 standard folding cushions
  • 2 nesting single table top packages
  • 1 nesting double table top package
  • 1 countertop lid
  • 2 standard floor panels
  • 4 floor panels with table leg access

In addition, the package comes with a mattress topper, so you can arrange all the cubes into a uniform platform then add the topper to transform the space into a large and comfortable bed. Everything is easy to move, install, and take down when the time comes.


In addition to all the storage and design freedom that the ADAPTIV® system provides, the Premium Traveler package offers the following amenities:

Combination air and water heater

Heating is always important in an RV, and you get the best of both worlds with a compact air/water heater. This model has a 17-gallon freshwater tank, so you can enjoy warm showers and sink water when you need to clean up.

In addition, you won’t have to rely on space heaters to stay warm because the air heater is part of the deal. Stay nice and warm in this compact trailer!

Solar package

Solar energy is all the rage for RVers, so this solar package is a great addition to the trailer. With help from the solar panels, you can keep your battery charged and your appliances functioning without a problem.

This package also comes with an off-grid upgrade, so you can stay out in the wilderness for long periods of time without ever losing power. If you plan to do a lot of boondocking and exploring, the solar package will be a big help.

Full bathroom

When you’re dealing with a small camper, there’s no guarantee that there will be a bathroom in the floor plan. However, the Premium Traveler layout includes a full wet bath in the center of the vehicle. It’s got enough room for a toilet, sink, and shower all in the same space.

You can take advantage of the water heater and freshwater tank to enjoy some hot showers! Plus, it’s nice to have a bathroom in your RV so you don’t need to rely on campground bathrooms all the time.

Cooler ice box

We mentioned this when we went through the list of ADAPTIV® options, but this package includes a cooler/ice box. The kitchenette includes a small pull-out refrigerator, but sometimes you need a bit more space to store perishable items.

This little ice box will keep drinks, snacks, and other items cold and out of the way. Because it’s part of the ADAPTIV® technology, you can also place the cooler wherever you want. It’s an easy-access snack box!

Exterior awning

This Happier Camper package also includes a crank-out awning. Everyone could use a little shade sometimes, and this awning is just the thing you need during a hot sunny day. Just park your camper, extend the awning, and set up a camp chair in the shade. Complete the picture with a cool drink and you’re ready for a relaxing afternoon.

Patio bases

If you need a bit of extra workspace or want to take your job outside, use one of the patio bases that’s included in the package. These are little tables that can be taken outside. They’re perfect for outdoor cooking, going work, or just as a place to store things.

The Traveler model has two patio bases, so you can push them together to form a bigger table if necessary.

Panoramic windows

Natural light is so important, which is why this trailer is equipped with five panoramic windows throughout the floor plan. It’s a pretty small camper, so each window makes a big difference. It’s also nice to be able to admire the different places you travel to.

Color options

Finally, Happier Camper models come with a variety of exterior color options. The interior is a standard white with warm wood accents and tan padded furniture. The outside options are fun and colorful; they provide a unique, vintage look to the RV.

Buyers can opt for an entirely white exterior or choose bottom trims of Topanga Turqoise, Mojave Sage, Venice Breeze, and Palm Springs Yellow. If you buy a colored option, the bottom half of the trailer will be colored, while the top will remain white.

To view these different color options, visit the Happier Camper website here.

New Premium Traveler models are currently available for delivery in Fall 2022, so you can order yours now! The base price of the Premium package is $69,950 (with a deposit of $2,500), so plan accordingly if you want to buy one.

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