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What Is The Best Motorhome Without Slides?

Published on January 16th, 2023 by Emily Lawrence

The Best RVs Without Slideouts

Many people are drawn to motorhomes because they’re the perfect combination of a vehicle and a cozy living space. There are all kinds of motorhomes on the market today, but almost all of them have slideouts. This is generally good because slideouts can expand your living space. But they also create their fair share of frustrations and annoyances. That’s why some customers are interested in a motorhome without slides.

Although your options are much more limited if you’re trying to avoid slideouts, there are still some great options for you to consider. Many of the top motorhome manufacturers have at least a few floor plans that don’t incorporate slides, although you should remember that the longer the motorhome is, the more likely it is to have slideouts. This is why Class B RVs (camper vans) almost never have slides and why Class A RVs are never without them!

Below we’ve picked the best motorhome without slides and a couple runner-ups if that one doesn’t interest you! These layouts were chosen for their amenities, user-friendly layout, and the fact that they come from tried and true brands. You can be sure that you’re getting a good product if you opt for any of these RVs.

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Thor Chateau 28A

If you’re looking for great motorhomes, Thor Motor Coach should always be one of your first stops. This brand has created several high-quality builds that have won over customers and critics alike. A lot of their models have at least one slide, but the Thor Chateau 28A manages to package a wonderful living space into a single compact vehicle.

This Class C RV has everything you need for a nice trip with the family. There are two dedicated sleeping areas, plus extra pieces of furniture that can fold out into extra beds if necessary. There’s also a fairly large dry bath, a kitchen, and some nice storage areas. It’s pretty impressive to be able to fit all of this in a vehicle without any slideouts.

Although walking space may be a bit limited, this design is still quite comfortable and user-friendly. The rear bedroom has a queen-size bed that’s flanked by closets on either side.

The bathroom spans the entire width of the RV and has plenty of elbow room. This arrangement is nice because the bedroom occupants can access the bathroom easily, and it gives another layer of separation from the rest of the living space.

The kitchenette & living area

A compact kitchenette sits on the other side of the bathroom. It tucks neatly into the corner so it doesn’t take up too much space in the middle. There’s a triple burner stove, a sink, a microwave, and a refrigerator, as well as plenty of overhead cabinets. It’s compact, but it gets the job done!

inside the motorhome without slides

The dining room/living room is a tidy little space with a dream dinette on one wall and a three-person sofa on the other wall. The dinette can convert into an additional bed if necessary, and both the dinette and the sofa come with built-in seatbelts for passengers. Even more overhead storage space is available in here.

Finally, there’s another bunk situated over the driver’s cab. This mattress measures 52 inches by 96 inches, and it comes with a swiveling TV. Overall, this is a very neat and efficient design that’s perfect for small families who want to travel together. To learn more about this motorhome without slides, visit

Honorable mentions

Although the Thor Chateau 28A wins our top pick for a motorhome without slides, there are a few other options that are worth investigating.

2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 220XG

For example, the Coachmen Leprechaun 220XG offers many of the same great features, but it has a completely different layout. If you like the amenities of the Thor Chateau but aren’t crazy about the design, the Leprechaun might be a good option for you.

The rear of this model is split between a dry bath and a queen-size Murphy bed. The mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches, and it can be retracted as necessary. When this space isn’t acting as a bedroom, it can also be used for storage. It’s a nice cargo bay area for bulky items that don’t fit anywhere else.

The bathroom is tucked neatly into one of the rear corners of this floor plan. It’s pretty compact, but there’s still room for a toilet, sink, separate shower, and some cabinets. A closet sits just outside of the bathroom, which makes it perfect place to keep towels, sheets, and spare clothes.

The rest of the interior space is split between the kitchen and the dining room. One wall hosts most of the kitchen appliances such as the triple burner stove, microwave, dual basin sink, and countertop space. A refrigerator sits on the opposite wall, along with a U-shaped dinette. Large overhead cabinets are available on both walls.

Once again, there’s an additional bunk bed located above the driver’s cab. This one has a mattress that’s 57 inches by 95 inches. It also comes with a swing-arm TV so you can position the screen anywhere you want. The Leprechaun has a nice adaptable floor plan that works for a variety of needs. If you want to learn more about this Class C RV, check out

The best camper van option

Although our picks for the best motorhome without slides have consisted of Class C RVs, there’s something to be said for Class B RVs (camper vans) as well. These are generally much smaller than their Class A or C counterparts, and they almost never have slideouts. Therefore, you’ll have a lot of options if you’re looking for a camper van.

However, there are some designs that stand out as being particularly good. This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Class B RV shoutout! And our award goes to the Winnebago Boldt 70BL.

Winnebago Boldt 70BL

Winnebago is another brand that is well known for their motorhome designs. They’re one of the oldest RV manufacturers in the country, and they have continued to innovate and stay relevant throughout the passing years.

The Boldt BL is a sleek and compact camper van that offers a nice adaptable design. For example, the rear area is multi-functional. There are padded twin beds that sit on opposite walls. These can be converted into a single mattress (66 inches by 81 inches) or they can remain separate.

A removable table can be placed in the aisle between these beds, enabling this space to act as a dinette as well. Finally, seatbelts are available in this space, so it’s also a good place to strap in and enjoy the ride. A wardrobe and wall-mounted TV complete this space.

The middle section of this van is split between a wet bath and a kitchenette. The kitchenette has space for a sink, flat top stove, microwave, and a mini fridge underneath the countertop. There’s also a decent amount of counter space for food prep.

In the front of the van, you have swiveling seats for the driver and passenger. Behind them, there’s also a swivel table and a pedestal table that can be positioned for convenient storage or dining. Finally, a small bench/dinette seat is located behind the driver’s cab. It’s a good place to hang out during long drives, and it comes with its own seatbelt.

It’s truly impressive how much stuff can fit into a motorhome without slides, and the Winnebago Boldt 70BL demonstrates this better than anything else. To learn more about this design, visit

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13 thoughts on “What Is The Best Motorhome Without Slides?”

  1. I bought a 2021 Coachman XPS27 last year specifically because of the absence of slides. I still haven’t taken it anywhere yet, but a trip somewhere in Floriduh is definitely somewhere in the plans.
    That recall on the F53 chassis was a little disconcerting.
    I bough the thing at Lazy Days in The Villages, then drove it to Boca Raton and then to Jacksonville when I moved up here.
    It drove like a beast so I ordered a white Safe-T-Plus unit to calm down the handling.
    It was a REAL shock when I climbed underneath and found a white Safe-T-Plus already installed.

  2. We have a Regency Ultra Brougham 25′ 1″. with no slide, made in Ft. Worth, TX. It is similar to the LTV built on Mercedes 3500 chassis, full body paint with all safety features of MB (adaptive cruise control, lane departure rain sensing Wipers etc.) our unit came with 2 twin bed in the rear, a dry bath, Corian countertop, all cabinets made of American beech wood. Our unit came with 400 Watts of Solar and Propane generator. Leather Touch upholstery. Very comfortable for two people and pleasant to drive and maneuver around traffic.

  3. Coachmen Pursuit 27XPS is a Class A gasser without a slide. Based on a Ford F-53 chassis, it has had problems with Ford chassis safety recalls, but what hasn’t?

  4. My recommendation for no-sliders are the Sunseeker 2350SLE and Forester 2351LE from Forest River. These are compact Class C’s, good for a single or couple. These units feature 2 (two) true Queen Beds (60×80) in each model, fiberglass roofs and choice of Chevy or Ford chassis. If you can find a well-maintained used unit, so much the better! Just remember to get an independent inspection. If you have a family or grandchildren you want to take on the road, you’re probably better off with slides.

  5. Until last year, my “hands down the best” recommendation would have been Lazy Daze (not to be confused with Lazy Days, the RV center). They were built to order, and are absolutely fantastic. We had one for several years, and were very happy. Unfortunately, the company shut down last year. I think they are still a great choice, if you can find a used one that meets your needs.

  6. Huh? Far and away the best RV without slides is the Leisure Travel Van. It’s called a Class B+ but really is a C. Their Unity on the MB Sprinter and their Wonder on the Ford Transit are the best designed and best made RVs on the market. Most of their models don’t have slides.

    • Do those have a bunk over the cab, from the u tube videos I have seen they do not, so they cannot be a true Class C RV. There is a reason they are called B+.

    • Do you believe this even compared to the new Winnebago Ekko? This one is super insulated and has a nice garage in the back. Anyway just thought I’d get your opinion because I’m in the market right now. Do you own any of these?

  7. I run RV caravans in Mexico and have had to try and repair slides (including my own) on several occasions. RV techs are as rare as hens teeth. I have concluded slides are simply not worth the hassles. mechanical issues, leaking, driving off with them out and so on. Camping means being outside, so why the heck do you want all that space inside?

  8. For a 24-26 Ft slide less motorhome I believe the LEISURE TRAVEL VANS products are superior to your choices, of course a WINNEBAGO MUST ALWAYS BE IN THE CONVERSATION!


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