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Is It Worth Taking An RV Maintenance Course?

Published on December 4th, 2023 by Emily Lawrence

man types on a computer keyboard searching for an rv maintenance course online.
RV Maintenance Courses can be in person, or online.

Do RV Maintenance Courses Really Help?

Everyone loves to talk about buying a shiny new RV, but that’s just the first step in your journey. Once you have this new vehicle, you need to know how to take care of it and keep it in great shape for the future. RV maintenance is one of the most important parts of this lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to learn.

If you feel lost in a sea of unfamiliar jargon, technical specifications, and people who seem to take the basics for granted, you’re not alone. Owning an RV is a completely different ballgame compared to cars and homes. So, if you want to dive into this lifestyle, you should consider taking an RV maintenance course.

There are lots of great courses out there, and they can teach you how to properly operate and care for your new vehicle. Each program has its own curriculum and learning style, but there’s bound to be a good match for you somewhere. Read on to learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks of taking one of these courses. (Spoiler alert: The pros definitely outweigh the cons!)

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Learn RV Maintenance Basics Early On

An educational RV course will give you a good general overview of the lifestyle. There are a lot of maintenance tasks that you probably wouldn’t think about if you’re new to all of this. Even some old-timers could learn a thing or two because there’s always something that needs to be done in these vehicles.

There are also a lot of RV-isms that people take for granted. If you talk to your friends who have RVs, they might just assume that you already know how to do everything because it’s second nature for them now. It can feel awkward and embarrassing because you don’t even know where to begin! An RV maintenance course can ensure that you have a solid foundation of knowledge. With a bit of help, you’ll know enough to move forward and ask informed questions later on.

Maintain Your RV’s Resale Value

RVs are a big investment, and many people try to sell or trade them in after a few years. Although some groups will buy RVs in any condition, you’ll get a better price if the vehicle is in good shape. Proper maintenance ensures that your RV will be functional and attractive for years to come!

Have Peace of Mind While Traveling

There’s nothing worse than having an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a trip. It throws off your timeline, frustrates everyone in the group, and can cost hundreds of dollars to repair the damage! But if you know how to maintain and repair your RV, you won’t have to worry so much about these issues. You can keep your vehicle in good shape before you hit the road. You’ll also have a good idea of where to look first if a problem appears during your next trip.

Enjoy a Variety of Educational Materials

There’s a good chance that you’ve been done with school for a while, but you probably remember how hard it was to deal with in-person lectures and busy work. Fortunately, that won’t be the case for most RV maintenance courses! Although there are sometimes options for in-person learning, many of them are designed for remote education. You can review videos, audio recordings, detailed instructions, and guidebooks. No matter what your learning style is, there’s a course for you!

Create a Network of Peers and Instructors

Once again, the specific course you choose to take will alter your experience. But if you can learn in a group setting, you’ll be able to connect with other RVers who are trying to learn how to adapt to the lifestyle. You’ll also be able to interact with experienced professionals who can answer more complex questions. Once you finish the course, you should hang onto these contacts. They can come in handy when you least expect it, and maybe you can even make some long-term friends!

Drawbacks of an RV Maintenance Course

Most Courses Cost Money

As you might suspect, a high-quality RV maintenance course comes with a price. The instructor needs to take time and energy to educate everyone, and the learning materials need to be paid for as well. So, if you want to go for the cheapest route, an official course might not be the path for you. However, there are plenty of affordable options as well. Some courses only cost about $100, and you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. Keep your options open!

Not Always Comprehensive RV Maintenance

Once again, this factor depends on which specific class you decide to take. Some courses specialize in motorhomes, while others are more focused on towable vehicles. Others may be all-encompassing, but the price will often be higher. If you’re brand new to the RV world, you’ll probably want to find a comprehensive course that can teach you everything you need to know. Shop around to look for the best options!

Unique RVs May Not be Covered

Finally, remember that not every RV is the same. You might have a vintage camper or a limited-edition model. Sometimes, extremely new RVs are also hard to cover because the instructors are still learning how all the technology works. A lot of the basic information will still be valuable, but just remember that your specific vehicle may have unique quirks. Take time to consult the owner’s manual so you can learn the various materials that you’re working with. Different RV types require different care. Always ensure you’re giving your vehicle the type of maintenance that it needs.

Key Takeaways

In the end, you can decide if you want to take an RV maintenance course. They can be extremely helpful, especially if you don’t have much experience with these vehicles. For the value they provide, they’re also quite affordable, plus you can learn at your own pace with a variety of educational materials. The main thing to be wary of is the specific course material. You’ll need to make sure that you’re taking a class that applies to your type of vehicle (or at least one that covers a good general foundation). Ask plenty of questions and shop around before you commit to anything.

RV Maintenance Course Options

RV Lifestyle & Repair

Unlimited access to premium RV repair and maintenance videos with step-by-step instructional demonstrations on repairing, maintaining & upgrading your RV at RV Lifestyle & Repair.

National RV Training Academy

RV technical training courses at the National RV Training Academy feature hands-on training with specific subjects broken into one week or shorter blocks of instruction – similar to the successful military and union trade school training programs currently being used in North America.

RV Education 101 – Trusted RV Maintenance Courses

Mark Polk, a trusted RV expert and educator has spent the past 20 plus years educating millions of RV consumers on how to properly and safely use and maintain their motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, and pop-ups through RV Education 101’s vast course offerings.

RV LIFE Masterclass – RV Maintenance

If you’re interested in learning more about your RV and how to take care of it, consider signing up for an RV Life Masterclass. We’ve partnered with the Escapees RV Club to provide an educational course that covers all the basics. There are a couple of different masterclass options to choose from. One of the most popular options is RV Foundations: Operation, Safety, and Maintenance. This is a general course that covers everything a newbie would need to know about their new vehicle. There are sections about hookups, RV systems, safety, driving tips, maintenance, and much more.

A great option for motorhome enthusiasts is our Motorhome Orientation course. This combines five separate motorhome courses into one convenient package! Students can learn about winterization, how to drive a motorhome, important maintenance tasks, and what to bring while you travel. These masterclasses will help you start your journey on the right foot. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to safely operate, clean, and care for your vehicle.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Worth Taking An RV Maintenance Course?”

  1. In here article about the costs of RV courses, she said “Most Courses Cost Money.
    Some courses only cost about $100, and you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. ” I paid 300.00 for the one from NRVTA. I’d like to know where the RV courses are for only $100.00


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