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The New Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 Will Take You Off-Road In Comfort

Published on August 7th, 2020 by Nikki Cleveland
This post was updated on April 27th, 2021

Sportsmobile Classic fully opened in wooded campground.

The New Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 Will Take You Off-Road In Comfort

Sportsmobile added a rugged new adventure vehicle to their lineup of camper vans: the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

The new Classic 4×4 comes built on a 2020 Ford Cutaway chassis with a steel-reinforced fiberglass shell and an integrated “penthouse” style pop-top roof.

Camper van setup on lakeside beach.

Sportsmobile has been a camper favorite for over five decades since it was founded in 1961. Their van conversions have evolved over the years from Volkswagen buses in the 1960s to the Mercedes Sprinter vans, Ford Transits, Dodge Promasters, and Chevy/Ford E-Vans they now build out for campers today.

Their new Classic 4×4 camper van combines functionality with durability to handle even the roughest terrain. According to their website, the Sportsmobile Classic is the only way to get the Sportsmobile 4×4 build. The Classic’s predecessor, the Ford E-Series Van, was discontinued with the model year 2014.

“The Predecessor to Sportsmobile West 4×4 conversion was developed for Ford’s original Econoline Van. It was widely accepted as the ultimate 4×4 for Fords. This same 4×4 conversion with improvements is now standard for Sportsmobiles Classic 4×4 using Ford’s cutaway chassis that will still be available for some years.”

Sportsmobile RV drives through wooded mountain road.

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 features

The new Sportsmobile Classic comes with an impressive list of 4×4 features. This includes:

  • 30% more clearance at front axle (Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle)
  • A tighter turning radius
  • Better braking
  • 26” of articulation with sway bar disconnected
  • The vehicle can be driven rear, front, and 4WD
  • Tie rod is 3” higher than other manufacturers
  • Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks
  • Partial military wrap springs designed specifically for a Sportsmobile Conversion
  • Front end upgrades including new casting, larger knuckles, and hubs
  • 33-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires
  • 7.3L V-8 engine
  • Transmission: 4R100 / Torqshift 5-speed
  • Towing capacity is 10,000 lbs

Additional 4×4 options include custom wheels, ARB front and rear lockers, rear cargo trays, LED lighting and more.

Interior features

The Classic’s breathable pop-top roof drops down for a seamless look when not in use. The interior conversion is available in four different floor plans with varying storage and lounging space.

Sportsmobile Classic Interior.

Several options are available for the Sportsmobile Classic at an additional cost. Some of these include bathroom additions, cooling and heating options, electrical upgrades, and entertainment items. Optional exterior features such as a roof rack, solar panel system, and exterior shower can be added on as well.

Interior view from inside of raised roof.

How much does the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 cost?

Currently, pricing for the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 starts around $175,000-$225,000 depending on the options selected. Additional features can be added on to the 2020 Ford Cutaway body, as detailed here, as well as optional 4×4 features.

Camper van on dirt road in sparse public lands.

Get a full video tour of the Sportsmobile Classic below from Tiny Home Tours:

The Classic 4×4 is in production now. Contact Sportsmobile or visit their website for more information.

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