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3 All Terrain Campers That You Can Take Anywhere

Published on October 18th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

earthroamer - one of the best all terrain campers

3 All Terrain Campers That You Can Take Anywhere

Off-roading and RV travel are two popular hobbies, so it makes sense that there would be some crossover between the two. If you’re looking for some all terrain campers that can handle a variety of conditions, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s truck campers, teardrop trailers, or other models, there are multiple types of campers that can be taken off-roading or used during a variety of weather conditions. Finding models that are sturdy and well-designed to handle these challenges is important. Below we’ve compiled 3 great all terrain campers, as well as a breakdown of what makes a vehicle suitable for off-roading.

1. Earthroamer XV-HD

To start off this list, let’s cover one of the biggest and baddest models on the market! The Earthroamer XV-HD is a massive RV that is designed to withstand all kinds of weather and road conditions. Marketed as “The Next Level In Overland Vehicles”, the Earthroamer lives up to that promise.

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This RV is attached directly to the frame of a powerful Ford F-750 4×4. This heavy-duty frame makes it possible to manage the 35 foot-long RV attachment. It also provides plenty of power for off-roading and travel. There are 6 different floorplans to choose between, but each of them is spacious and comfortable.

These vehicles are built for the four seasons and are all-weather capable. Each one comes with a rooftop solar array and a freshwater tank that can hold 115 gallons. You can go off-grid for a long time in one of these models with no problem whatsoever. Each floor plan also comes with a full bathroom and shower, so you don’t have to live without your modern comforts.

It’s hard to find an RV that’s this large, this powerful, and can still be light enough for off-road travel conditions. This truly is among the best all terrain campers on the market. To see more details and specs for the Earthroamer XV-HD, visit

earthroamer - one of the best all terrain campers

2. Global Expedition Vehicles Safari Extreme RV

Another great model comes from Global Expedition Vehicles. Their Safari Extreme is an extremely durable vehicle that can handle anything that comes its way. Like the previous model, this RV is built directly onto the truck frame, so you don’t need to worry about maneuvering a separate vehicle with an extra set of wheels.

All terrain campers need to have the ability to flex and adapt to the road conditions, and the Safari Extreme excels in this regard. This vehicle is made with a kinetic mounting system, which enables it to flex while still maintaining structural integrity. It’s also smaller than the Earthroamer model, with a total length of 15′-3″. This smaller size makes it easier to drive and maneuver on difficult roads.

Solar panels have also been installed on this model, so it can survive off-grid. Storage space is incorporated throughout the cabin, and there are aluminum storage containers on the exterior as well. The boxy design of this RV reinforces the structure and gives everything a crisp, clean look.

This vehicle doesn’t sacrifice utility for comfort though! The interior living space is cozy and has room for a kitchen, dining area, bathroom (with a shower), and a queen-size bed. You can enjoy off-roading in style and comfort when you do it in a Safari Extreme RV.

extreme RV on road during the fall

3. Boreas XT Camper Trailer

Truck campers are some of the most adaptable all terrain campers, but sometimes you might want something small and light that doesn’t require a truck to pull! In this case, a hardy off-road trailer like the Boreas XT might be just the thing you need.

Many teardrop trailers are perfect for off-roading because they are small and nimble enough to handle a variety of road conditions. They can easily get unstuck and many of them are outfitted with tough off-road tires. In this regard, the Boreas XT camper trailer deserves a spot among the best all terrain campers. It has a set of 17″ steel Pro Comp wheels, as well as a full-size spare in case something goes wrong.

This compact trailer is only 110″ long and weighs 2,220 lbs when it’s unladen. Most tow vehicles will have no problem managing a trailer of this size and weight, so whether you have an SUV, truck, or another type of car, it won’t make a difference. The Boreas can go wherever its tow vehicle can go.

It also comes equipped with 30 gallons of freshwater, sleeping space for two, and solar panels that can generate off-grid energy. The cabin is fully insulated and comes with built-in storage space. There’s even a rear galley that comes with a sink, stainless steel work surfaces, power outlets, and a two-burner stove. The whole trailer comes with built-in LED lights, so you’ll never have to worry about losing things in the dark.

If you want an all terrain camper that is small and easy to travel with, keep the Boreas XT in mind! For more information on this trailer, visit

Features to look for in all terrain campers

All terrain campers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be hard to recognize them off the bat because a lot of their power comes from unseen design elements. If you’re looking for a hardy off-road RV, here are a couple of factors to keep an eye on:

1. Off-road tires

A good set of off-road tires is an essential element for an all terrain camper. These vehicles need to be able to cope with rain, snow, mud, sand, and anything else nature might throw at them.

2. Superior insulation

Most hardy off-road campers can be used for all seasons of the year. As such, they should be equipped with high-quality insulation. This will keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Reinforced structure/Axles

Off-road travel can be rough and tumble, so all terrain campers need to be able to roll with the punches. Good wheel axles are a must, and it doesn’t hurt to have a high ground clearance so you don’t get high-centered. A reinforced design will prevent warping or denting when the road gets rough.

4. Off-grid amenities

This isn’t a necessity, but it’s helpful if an all terrain vehicle can survive off-grid for a while. Solar panels, large freshwater storage tanks, and outdoor cooking amenities are always nice perks.

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  1. I can’t believe you did not include Earthcruiser. Beside the fact that they are made in Australia & Bend, Oregon, they are much better suited for international travel (lower clearance, lighter) than other American made machines. One really big point is they are less expensive. Furthermore, they can fit in a shipping container and be easily transported. No, I don’t own one. I do have a 4×4 cargo van that I’ve outfitted with solar panels, lithium batteries, induction cooking, composting toilet, sink, etc., etc. for well under $100,000. EarthCruisers are in the $225,000+ range (I’ve asked); and, the driver of an EarthRoamer at a CA gathering said his rig was over $350,000.

  2. I think the first is close to $500K and probably safe bet they are all over $200k and can travel anywhere except pass a gas station. But if you can afford one you don’t worry about the price of gas.

  3. How much is this rig cost. How much fuel can it hold.How much food can it hold. Is the engine decei . And you said it
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