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Black Series Campers: The Ultimate Off-Road RV

Published on March 18th, 2022 by Kendall Jennings

Black Series trailer set up in rugged, rocky seeting - Black Series campers

Go Off-Road In Black Series Campers

With the popularity of RVing surging over the last two years, it can be more difficult to get away from the crowds. Like a favorite fishing hole, the best campsites are often well-kept secrets.

The idea of having a travel trailer is to provide a means to escape and be with nature. However, many travel trailers are limited by their ground clearance and inability to tread outside of campgrounds. In your quest to be with nature, you are limited by the very thing you are using to escape. With Black Series campers, you are truly free to roam.

What are Black Series campers?

Black Series was originally born in Australia to tackle the infamous Australian Outback. They were bred for off-road adventures and continue to push the limits of RVs. Now with a factory in California, Black Series campers are available for the North American market.

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Founder Jack Qiu, an avid outdoorsman, set out to create a luxurious, home-like experience in rugged outdoor areas. Sure, there is something primitive about lying in your sleeping bag under the stars or being sheltered in a small tent during a storm. However, being in the rugged outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable and at home doing so.

Black Series has excelled with R&D, innovative manufacturing, and most importantly, real-world vehicle testing! Due to their success, Black Series was able to develop a strong position in the North American market. This allowed them to expand on their goal of delivering rugged, off-road-worthy RVs to those looking to explore in style.

Fast forward 14 years, and they have over 100,000 units conquering adventures on multiple continents! Black Series campers are the go-to for those who are serious about adventure.

The only true off-road luxury RV

Combining a luxurious, comfort-based living space with the ability to go anywhere is no small feat. Choosing between luxury and off-road was your only option at one time. Black Series has not only combined the two but has done so without compromising on either.

Accomplished through years of R&D and vehicle testing, Black Series achieved the ultimate adventure rig. Refusing to compromise off-road capability or comfortable living has positioned Black Series at the top of the industry.

Orange powder coated heavy duty suspension and off-road tires under RV - Black Series campers

Rugged exterior

While walking around the exterior, there is no mistaking that this is a serious off-road RV. Aggressive tires, meaty suspension components, and body armor all identify it as a legit explorer. The high-quality materials and construction make the campers ideal for remote area exploration and carrying your outdoor gear.

The suspension, often a weak point in RVs, is a patented design that looks fitting for a custom-built off-road Jeep. Control arms with dual shock absorbers and coil springs ensure you can safely get all your gear where you’re going.

The frames are robotic welded, hot-dipped, galvanized steel tubing. Bodies feature aluminum diamond plated armor that looks great and protects. Combine this with off-road tires, powder-coated wheels, recovery hooks, and skid plates, and you have the ultimate towable RV.

Their warranty is pretty stout as well. According to Black Series, “[Their] industry leading structural warranty covers the draw bar and chassis only from fatigue and has a guarantee for a period of Fifteen (15) years from original date of purchase.” That’s pretty tough to beat.

Luxurious interior

Step inside and everything changes. The rugged, extreme exterior that increased your heart rate gives way to a calming, luxurious living space surrounded by wild nature. These two perfect worlds are seamlessly combined by Black Series.

As with the exterior, quality materials are used throughout to achieve an elevated living space. European appliances combined with wood veneer, leather, and modern colors make the interiors feel more like a chic penthouse condo than an adventure rig. Designed for more than just a weekend, Black Series interiors are some of the nicest RV interiors out there.

Luxurious modern RV interior with mountain pasture through the window - Black Series campers

Options for all adventure types

At one point, your only option for off-road campers were truck campers or small modified travel trailers. Black Series has considered the different types of adventurers. Whether you are a single person looking to escape, a family of adventure seekers, or a power sports enthusiast, Black Series has an option for you.

Pop-up campers

Lightweight and nimble, pop-up campers are perfect for those tight trails and smaller vehicles like Jeeps. The pop-up models share the same lightweight galvanized steel frame as the larger models; they feature a single axle with quad shocks that distribute loads, allowing for smoother riding, safer handling, and longer shock life.

The tent fabric, which can be the downfall of many pop-up trailers, is as strong and durable as the rest of the trailer. Designed with mother nature in mind, this durable fabric will stand up to the elements as long as you can.

Are you looking for a compact trailer that’s quick to set up, and just as quick to pack up, when leaving camp? Black Series has a pop-up model to suit, with all the features of a travel trailer and the durability to match. They are available in 12′ to 15′ models.

Travel trailers

Think about your favorite hiking basecamp or fishing or hunting spot. Now, think about trying to haul a 21′ travel trailer there. Odds are, the second thought includes flat tires, bottomed-out axles, or a trailer sliding off a trailside.

With a Black Series travel trailer, you’ll be thinking about making breakfast in your modern kitchen surrounded by nature. Featuring all the options and conveniences of a travel trailer, with unrivaled durability and off-road capabilities, Black Series campers are definitely not your average travel trailers.

The travel trailers are available in sizes from 12′ up to 22′, so there is a model for your individual needs.

Toy haulers

When you get to the end of the road with your trailer and insist on continuing on with your ATV, bike, or water sports gear, a toy hauler is necessary. So, it is only fitting that Black Series produces some of the most extreme, go-anywhere toy haulers on the market.

The toy haulers are just as rugged and strong as their other models. At just over 6000 pounds, these toy haulers don’t require a big truck to tow them. Black Series toy haulers combine garages with the same luxurious interiors as their other models.

Their toy haulers are available in 19′ and 22′ models with 10′ to 14′ garages.

Standard features and options of Black Series campers

Black Series has raised the bar in the off-road towable RV market. The impressive interiors and exteriors are complemented with tons of features and options.

Some of the standard features and options on models include:

  • Outdoor kitchens and showers, allowing flexibility for your living space.
  • Bluetooth sound systems with HiVi speakers and marine-grade outdoor speakers.
  • An intelligent RV control system, which allows you to see data about water, electricity, gas, and other RV features on your mobile phone.
  • Solar systems with up to 4 panels utilizing 400 amp hour batteries for extended off-grid living.
  • Fresh water storage of up to 64 gallons to keep you exploring longer.

Where can I get a Black Series camper?

From Alaska to Florida, Black Series has you covered with dealers for your new adventure RV. A full list of dealers is available on their website for American and Canadian locations. Any of these dealers will provide warranty work and service. All Black Series models feature a one-year warranty with 5 years on the chassis.

Black Series has a loyal following, so it’s no surprise there are lots of resources and groups online passionate about these campers. The Black Series Club is founded for owners of Black Series campers. The club’s focus is the shared experience of being outdoors and owning a Black Series camper.

Are you are a serious adventurer or do you find yourself limited by your current RV? If so, Black Series has a camper for you. One look at any of their off-road models will have you planning your next adventure!

To learn more about this exciting company and view their complete lineup, visit

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