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RVShare Just Released Their 2023 Travel Trend Report

Published on December 9th, 2022 by Lynne Fedorick

Millennials, Gen Xers, and Gen Z's  are leading the latest RV travel trends
Young RVers are a growing travel trend

RVShare Just Released Their 2023 Travel Trend Report

RVShare just released its 2023 travel trend report. Despite rising inflation, RV travel isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

As a matter of fact, 99% of Americans are planning to travel for leisure in 2023, and RVs are their favorite way to travel and relax. A significant 88% of those who are planning to travel plan to do so as much or more than they did last year. There are some significant factors driving this trend as well.

Most Americans plan to go RVing in 2023

The study found that 61% of Americans plan on going on a road trip or vacation in their RV in the coming year. That’s up 13% since 2022. About 50% of American travelers now prefer RV travel to other forms of travel.

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Most of the survey respondents cited the reasons for their preference for RV travel as having access to a kitchen to cook meals and feeling less pressured to arrive and depart at specific times. They also liked that when traveling in an RV, they enjoy the ability to take spur-of-the moment detours and stops.

Half of those surveyed report that an RV or motorhome are among their top three accommodations preferences.

Other benefits of RV travel that survey respondents found valuable include:

  • 52% liked not having fees for extra luggage.
  • 47% viewed it helpful when budgeting around predictable travel costs.
  • 47% valued the benefit of not having to travel around obnoxious passengers.
  • 44% said they value fewer delays while on vacation than other means of vacation travel.

Travel trends: Cheaper trips

Perhaps surprisingly, 98% of American RVers are refusing to cancel their travel plans due to soaring inflation rates. Instead, they will be more thrifty. 57% of these respondents said they plan to cook more of their own meals instead of going out to dine. Only 49% of RVers will be traveling in the off-season to save money.

Remote work might factor in to the lack of economic downtrends. About 36% of Gen X RVers now have remote jobs. About 36% of millenials in the survey are carrying on this travel trend.

Most common ages for RVers

During the peak of the pandemic, a new trend in the age of RVers emerged. Boomers and younger RVers (those born after 1965) continue to have the most significant impact of RV travel trends, with many new RVers falling into this age group.

Three-quarters (75%) of millennials, now the most influential age group in RV travel, plan on taking a road trip or vacation in an RV in 2023. The next biggest group of RV travelers are Gen X. Around 65% of the Gen Xers surveyed planned to travel in an RV in 2023. However, the majority (58%) of the youngest people surveyed, Gen Z, said they planned to travel in an RV in 2023 as well.

RVers are using RVs in new ways

RVers aren’t just using RVs for road trips anymore. About 63% of those surveyed planned to stay in their RV while they attend festivals, while 52% want to use an RV for tailgating events.

RV rentals are still a growing travel trend

RV rentals don’t show any signs of slowing down this year. RV rentals that include hassle-free delivery are especially popular with RV renters.

One third of RV renters have never driven an RV before and prefer it if the RV is already at their chosen destination when they get there. This is especially true for parents, 71% of whom are more likely to rent an RV if it’s delivered.

Renting out your RV in 2023

The survey data seems to suggest that if you are considering renting your RV through RVshare, 2023 will still be a good time to do it. RVs are more popular than ever, especially when they are delivered.

RVs that appeal to younger RVers will have USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with a well-appointed kitchen to cook in. RVs that will appeal to young families will also have Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as childproof features.

If you’re considering renting out your RV, RVShare is a great way to do it. They’ll walk you through the process, and their team of experts will market your RV rental for you so you won’t even have to find a renter. Plus, their secure payment system makes it a breeze to generate a significant income.

Expect busy campgrounds in 2023

With more people out camping in RVs than ever before, RVers can expect campgrounds to be busier than ever. Expect to have to reserve early to get a campsite at national and state campgrounds. Dispersed camping will also be affected by the increasing numbers of people seeking an inexpensive place to relax and recreate.

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  1. 61% traveling in their RV…guess they are making payments. So on line they have committed to “use” their RV. Guess “they” haven’t figured $$$ for fuel, high priced RV park fees, and trying to make reservations. Good luck.

  2. We only RV interstate Fl, the cost of + RV sites, gas, and weather influences our length of stay and travel plans. Irma devastated Atlantic coast beach friendly rv parks where we like to go.

    Hopefully with SS Cola increase we will still, as struggling to live Fl seniors will still be able to go to sites 110-160 miles that we enjoy?

    • I’m retired, we don’t pay for RV stays anywhere. Think more about boondocking and modern truck stop stays…no $$$ involved. Get on the old interwebs and update your approach to RV,’ing.


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