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New Portable Battery Pack For RV Camping

Published on March 22nd, 2024 by Patrick Buchanan

The JuiceGo portable battery pack from BougeRV

Portable JuiceGo from BougeRV Lives Up To Its Name

The new portable battery pack from BougeRV is aptly named JuiceGo. The JuiceGo pack is just that—juice (power) that goes with you. We have seen LiFePO4 portable power packs run the size scale from handy-but-heavy to it-needs-wheels. The JuiceGo is billed as the perfect solution for the office-on-the-go crowd, coming in at just over 6 pounds. Plus, its canvas carrying strap means you can hang it on almost anything and bring it along. 

JuiceGo Construction

The BougeRV JuiceGo portable battery pack is very efficient in its use of space. The colorful LED readout is small but easy to read. The built in light is simple but effective. It looks exactly like what you think it is, a case surrounding a block of batteries. One of the neat touches here is the use of rubber around the long sides. This not only cuts down on any scratches and banging around when carrying it, but also provides a handy non-slip surface to rest a phone or tablet on while charging.

The case uses a front vent/rear fan combination that cools the batteries as needed. BougeRV smartly put a single 150W AC outlet on the back, where monitoring is less critical than devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and earbuds that would need to be at the front of the unit. A 130W 12-volt automotive cigarette-lighter style outlet on the front joins a 100W USB-C port, a 30W USB-C port, and an 18W USB-A 3.0. The only buttons on the front of this portable battery pack are the Power, AC on/off, and Light, which features two brightness levels plus dimming.

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lifestyle photos of the JuiceGo in action

Office On The Go

While the niche BougeRV is going for with this 240Wh portable battery pack is definitely the mobile office, it’s also great for camera batteries, drones, and of course … your phone. The JuiceGo can be charged almost anywhere using solar panels, 12-volt DC power, and via the 100-watt USB-C port. An additional AC adapter is available for purchase.

The size and weight of the JuiceGo portable battery pack mean that for hikers, backpackers, and even cyclists that want or need to get off the grid and take some extra power with them, they can. Fishermen that are already hauling a lot of gear can easily make room for the JuiceGo. 

Creative Uses For a Portable Battery Pack

Not everyone reading this will need to take extra power with them out on the trail. I did some non-RV, real-world testing, running grocery errands in the warm Texas sun. I used the JuiceGo to power an electric cooler we had in the Jeep to keep perishables cold while we went from store to store. Drawing a consistent 70–74 watts, the cooler ran for 3 hours and 20 minutes. BougeRV states the JuiceGo can power a 40-watt portable refrigerator for 5 ½ hours, which is in line with my testing.

I could easily see the JuiceGo hanging on a wheelchair as supplemental power or emergency portable battery pack for medical devices, or tucked into an eBike basket in case your journeys take you farther than expected. Tablets can be recharged up to a dozen times, though since we seldom let the run all the way down, I suspect the “top-off” number to be higher than that. If the need arose, you could power a 10-watt lamp for up to 20 hours. While the RV LIFE audience is not primarily tent campers, I could see the JuiceGo being ideal for that crowd, too.

The JuiceGo portable battery pack on top of a Coleman cooler.
We tested the JuiceGo with a powered Coleman cooler.

BougeRV JuiceGo Portable Battery Back

The JuiceGo is available at It comes with a 5-year warranty, and has an expected lifespan of 10 years. Built-in safety features keep the LiFePO4 batteries in check, and ensure exceptional longevity, with more than 3,500 charging cycles expected. The product is simple and straightforward, and RVers looking for just a little extra power wherever they go should appreciate the portability. Visit for more information on the JuiceGo portable battery pack.

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