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Jackery Product Review – The Updated Explorer Pro 1000

Published on September 2nd, 2022 by Patrick Buchanan

young woman plugs device into jackery 1000 power station

The Jackery Explorer Pro 1000 Has New High-End Refinements

Having just reviewed the Jackery Explorer Pro 2000, my arm didn’t need to be twisted this time to follow up with a review of the Explorer Pro 1000. I was anxious to see what changes and refinements Jackery had applied to their flagship product. In the case of the 1000 series, I was able to put them side by side, and it’s evident why Jackery has added the “Pro” moniker to this latest iteration of the 1000 series.

The Jackery 1000 series of portable power stations, dubbed portable solar generators when equipped with solar panels, fits the RVer’s sweet spot of size-to-power ratio. It’s small enough to carry but large enough to provide serious power when you need it.

Same power, more cycles, and faster charging

While the Jackery Pro 1000 has the same power output as its predecessor (1002Wh…hence the name), the lifecycle duty is double. Jackery places the number of charges at 1000 cycles to at least 80% capacity, versus 500 on the previous Explorer 1000.

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Charging times for the Jackery Pro 1000 are dramatically decreased, dubbed “More Than Fast” by Jackery. A full AC charge now only takes 1.8 hours, versus the previous specification of 7 hours. Charge times using solar and DC are greatly improved as well.

This new model also sports an Ultra-Long Standby mode, holding at least an 80% charge for up to 365 days. These upgrades in form and function have apparently bred enough confidence in the product to increase the standard warranty from 2 years to now a 5-year warranty. Part of that confidence is no doubt due to the sophisticated automotive-level Battery Management System, not only making the most of the Li-ion battery, but keeping things safe as well.

The new 1000 is fitted for the Jackery Solar Saga 200W panels, sporting a pair of DC inputs, versus the single DC + Anderson port combination of the previous version. This lends itself to a variety of solar configurations, the most powerful being a total of four of the Solar Saga 200W panels, which you might have guessed, can generate up to 200W @ 18V each.

The Solar Saga 200 panels are beastly, come in their own case, and use advanced solar cells on the solar panel provides a higher conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%, outperforming competitors. Magnetic pads on the panels help rein them in for easy carrying, and sport an IP67 waterproof rating. While heavier, these panels take up about the same space as the Solar Saga 100W panels when folded but deliver twice as much energy.

Physical changes to the Jackery Pro 1000

A previous review of the Jackery 1000 pointed out a few key features that we can see right away have been changed. First and foremost, the 1000 Pro now comes in at 25 lbs, versus the previous weight of 22 lbs. Helping offset those extra pounds is a robust, moveable handle with under-grip padding that was lacking on the previous 1000. As in the Pro 2000, all of that dead space previously consumed by the fixed handle has given way to extra real estate on the unit and a great flat-top surface to set phones and tablets while charging.

Overall, the form factor of the new Jackery 1000 Pro is slightly deeper and a tad more squared off, while actually being over an inch shorter, courtesy of the more efficient folding handle. The new shape looks better, and is now stackable when stowing away in the RV, something the permanently fixed handle on the previous generation would not allow.

Closeup of the Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station
Jackery Explorer Pro 1000

More than a facelift

The Jackery 1000 Pro got more than a new shape and a fancy handle. The entire product has been reworked in the same ways as their top-line Pro 2000. Key openings have been outfitted with rubber caps to keep out dirt and moisture. The built-in light has been moved to the front and offers two lighting levels and a flash mode. Charging inputs have been moved to the back to avoid confusion.

Available power outlets are basically the same, with the addition of a second USB-C output. All three pure sine wave 110V AC outputs are rated at 1000W with a 2000W surge. Both USB-A ports are Quick Charge 3.0 ports rated at 18W, while the pair of USB-C ports run out up to 100W with appropriate and varied volt/amp combinations. The digital readout now offers battery life, input & output power in a larger, color display.

What can the Jackery Pro 1000 do?

As we’ve said, the 1000-series is really the sweet spot for most RVers, providing portable power for coffee makers, blenders, CPAP machines, and of course, charging all those phones, tablets, and laptops.

Even with a big diesel pusher with seemingly unlimited power, we still carry a unit with us whenever we travel. On those perfect weather days, I can go out to the picnic table with the laptop, bring the dogs outside, and work for hours. The world is your cubicle. It beats dragging out an extension cord, and since I can plug in multiple devices, I don’t need a power strip either. 

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to what the Jackery Pro 1000 can do. I’ve used it to power a TV outside to watch golf and hang out in the pool during Masters week, power the laptop and phone while working outside at the campsite, and as emergency power for lights or charging flashlights. RVers will find find it handy for all of those things and more around the campsite and in the RV.

Where can I buy Jackery?

Jackery products are available directly at or on Amazon. Jackery has built a very solid reputation in the portable power station/solar generator market. The products are very high quality with excellent fit, finish, and documentation. 

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