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Living Vehicle Solves RV Mobile Office Dilemma And It’s Pure Genius

Published on March 22nd, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on April 1st, 2021

Sponsored By Living Vehicle

Matt Hoffman of living vehicle demonstrates an RV mobile office innovation.

An Innovative RV Mobile Office Solution From Living Vehicle©

In an RV, be it travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome, there is roughly 50-60 square feet of space that is vitally important for eight hours in the day, and mostly useless for the other sixteen. This would of course be, the bedroom. What if you could turn that bedroom into a huge RV mobile office, almost instantly? Living Vehicle© has done just that.

Regardless of what size RV you buy with a dedicated bedroom, you can always count on that same 50-60 square feet being used. In a small RV, that might be 40-50% of the living space. Wouldn’t it be great to turn that space into a mobile classroom or mobile office? While other manufacturers are removing bathrooms to accomplish this, the team at Living Vehicle has found a fantastic alternative.

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The Workforce Wants An RV Mobile Office

High speed mobile internet helped start the digital nomad lifestyle that affords some occupations the ability to work remotely, such as in an RV. The global pandemic magnified and exposed that lifestyle to millions more that realized it didn’t really matter where they worked from. Those millions started buying and renting RVs and working from the road. Most however are doing so without a real RV mobile office.

Sure, some are using the dining table as an RV mobile office, while others are using folding trays or tables. Still others venture out to the picnic table to enjoy the outdoors while working. All of those have drawbacks however. Folding trays are unstable and in the way. Using the dinette for work is fine, until you have to eat, then everything has to be removed, especially if kids are involved. The outdoor office is great, until it rains or the bright sun washes out your screen. A picnic table bench is hardly ergonomic, and those picnic tables are rarely as clean as you’d like them to be.

A Dedicated RV Mobile Office With No Teardown

Even if you can find a great spot in your RV for a mobile office, there is inevitably some teardown involved. Whether it’s to facilitate meals, travel, sleeping, or cooking, often your RV mobile office is a temporary arrangement. This is even more the case for professionals that need multiple monitors and mouse or keyboard space for those long days. There is a great freedom in grabbing that laptop and heading outside in your favorite camping chair to get a little work done, however full-time professionals that are still working need more than that. 

Digital Nomads still logging 6-10 hours of work everyday, you still need a more formal setup, both ergonomically and spatially. Living Vehicle has created an ingenious folding bed concept with an automatic leveling shelf that allows you to leave all of your home office gear intact when folding the bed down for nighttime use. You never have to disconnect or stow your laptop, monitors, printer, keyboard, mouse or any other accessories. This Mobile Office Package is found exclusively on Living Vehicle luxury travel trailers.

A full sized queen bed hides an entire home office that never needs to be broken down - Photo: Living Vehicle
A full sized queen bed hides an entire home office that never needs to be broken down – Photo: Living Vehicle

What’s Under YOUR Bed?

Many RV manufacturers use the space under the bed for a freshwater tank, so it’s not really “space” at all. Some choose that location to store spare dinette chairs, or as a place to put the half-dozen or so of fancy pillows that always seem to adorn the beds on new RVs.

The Living Vehicle RV Mobile Office Package

Tucked under a Living Vehicle’s full-size queen bed, is an entire home office. Need a quick nap in the middle of a hard work day? Not a problem. In a matter of seconds you can easily lower the true queen bed (no weird “RV sizes” here) into place. You never have to disconnect, stow, or even shut down anything on the massive 80” work desk. 

You can lay down on that comfortable foam-top mattress perched on a forgiving Italian-made bed suspension system and rest up for that next big conference call. When that wake-up alarm rings, you can hop out of bed, fix your hair quickly if it’s a video call, and lift the bed to reveal that professional RV mobile office and get back to work in seconds.

Living Vehicle – Luxury Unplugged

This RV mobile office concept and implementation is a game changer in what will certainly be a competitive space for years to come. The fact that Living Vehicle is already bringing it to production means it’s been in development for a few years already. That kind of foresight and innovative thinking is a hallmark of what Matt and Joanna Hoffman are doing at Living Vehicle.

Living Vehicle is also known for luxury and attention to detail. Those qualities lead to a level of refinement and aesthetic that is unmatched in a travel trailer, at any level. Whether you need an RV mobile office or simply want the best towable you can find anywhere, Living Vehicle is your destination. Visit their website and reserve your Living Vehicle today. Having trouble deciding on which amazing Living Vehicle is for you? Check out their Luxury Mobile Office Trailers Guide for a deep dive into all the great features of a Living Vehicle Mobile Office.

6 thoughts on “Living Vehicle Solves RV Mobile Office Dilemma And It’s Pure Genius”

  1. I am doing a project /business plan for school and my idea is to renovate older travel trailers into a full mobile office but keep the washroom. I would remove the bedroom and make the washroom bigger.
    Has anyone done this before? Perhaps used a specific model? I would not use trailers that have slides, it must be a module. I am looking for pictures.

  2. I’ve been looking for a travel trailer setup that will let me write in the evenings while my travel companions are sleeping or napping. We’re a retired bunch of travelers, and my best time to write is when my hubby and guests are sleeping. We want a lite travel trailer that can be towed with our Durango R/T.

  3. Great piece, thank you. I think they will be very successful.

    My wife and I have an RV Park in Carmel, California, specifically “Carmel by the River RV Park”, that has welcomed quite a few remote workers over the past year. As you wrote, several of those professionals were forced outside since their children were homeschooling inside or their spouse/partner was also working. In response to that need, we converted a Club & Meeting Room to a fully appointed Business Center. It is a private area that includes a Zoom corner, coffee bar, TV, printing facilities and 1gb of dedicated internet service. We are strong believers that the remote worker is here to stay and that campgrounds are going to have to up their amenities in response.

    Safe Travels

  4. Great Article…..we have a Keystone Montana 3855BR. We actually have a fully functional dedicated office! Multiple, screens, printer etc, This rook is only used for business. While most RV’s don’t have this luxury, we are fortunate enough that our Montana has this option!

  5. People have fooling around in offices for years! It’s time we bring the two together. I can’t wait to teleconference in this gem!


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