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10 Must-Have RV Camping Accessories For Working RVers

Published on August 16th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

coffee cup and laptop on desk - RV camping accessories
These RV camping accessories will make it easy to work from the road – Photo by Levi Henley

10 Must-Have RV Camping Accessories For Working RVers

One of the greatest parts about living in an RV is that you can continue to work as you travel. Before the internet, it was difficult for RVers to make a full-time living on the road. But now, with modern technology, a lot of people have found it is easier to work remotely and enjoy the freedom of a camper!

It’s not always easy to carve out enough room for a successful workspace, though. So, to help you create a comfortable RV office, we’ve compiled a list of some must-have RV camping accessories.

1. WiFi Booster

RV parks and campgrounds are notorious for their finicky WiFi connections. WiFi is crucial to any kind of remote work and you can’t always rely on satellite data or phone hotspots to get the job done. A booster extends the range of your WiFi signal, and it can even boost the speed and connection quality!

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The majority of your remote work is dependent on a good connection. Because of this, a WiFi booster is one of the most important RV camping accessories you could get. You’ll also want a good internet connection so you can access entertainment and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Our recommended product: KING KWM1000 WiFiMax Router and Range Extender

For additional information on WiFi boosters, check out our post about it here. It explores whether WiFi boosters are worth the cost as well as a few of our top recommendations.

2. Multi-outlet power strip and surge protector

I think everyone understands the pain of trying to manage an overcrowded outlet. Sometimes you have to unplug one appliance just so you can charge your laptop. A lot of modern RVs have tried to fix this problem by adding more outlets to the floor plan. But if your office space is limited to just one area, you could run out of outlet space pretty quickly.

In this situation, a power strip can be a lifesaver! They provide a lot more freedom without taking up much space. Our recommended product is an 11 outlet power strip that doubles as a surge protector. It also comes with a couple of ethernet connectors. Just plug this into the nearest outlet and you’ll never have to sacrifice one appliance for another again!

Our recommended product: APC 11 Outlet Surge Protector/Power Strip

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Working from an RV office can be noisy, especially if there are children in the mix! Sometimes you don’t have the privacy of a door, so you need to work in the middle of all the chaos. It can be hard to focus in these conditions, so noise-canceling headphones are a necessity.

Luckily, there are lots of products available on the market today. Personally, I would recommend getting a wireless set so that they don’t get tangled. Headphones with cords are also more likely to start failing once the wires get frayed. There are few things more annoying than an unreliable set of headphones.

Our recommended product: Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Sometimes over-ear headphones can place too much pressure on your head and neck, so earbuds may be a better option. If you prefer earbuds to headphones, you might want to check out the TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds.

4. Non-sliding office chair

It can be hard to carve out a workspace in an RV, so it might be tempting to just do your work on the couch, in bed, or at the dinette. However, speaking as someone who does a lot of work from home, I’ve found that these locations can be very distracting. It’s best to set apart an office space if you can and treat it like serious work. This might be difficult in an RV, but that’s why a good office chair is one of the most important RV camping accessories for full-timers.

A lot of modern office chairs come with wheels on the base. This is fine for a home office or in-person business. However, once you add a moving vehicle to the mix, it’s not the best option. There are several comfortable non-sliding office chairs available today. Our chosen product comes in a variety of colors and includes flip-up arms to reduce space when it’s not being used.

Our recommended product: Flash Furniture Sled Base Reception Chair

5. Seat cushion

An office chair is all well and good, but sometimes even these can make you feel stiff and sore. Sitting in one location for an extended period can be tiring. It’s important to stay as loose and comfortable as possible, which is where a seat cushion comes into play.

These are fitted cushions that are designed to ease pressure on your tailbone. They help improve your posture and can make your workspace much more comfortable. Seat cushions can also relieve stress on your back, hips, and legs too. It’s a small thing, but it really makes a world of difference!

Our recommended product: Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair

6. Raised laptop stand

Speaking of posture, let’s talk about your neck. A lot of working RVers use laptops and portable computers to get their work done. These are certainly useful and they perform well for most travelers. But sometimes we place them on our laps or on low countertops while we work, which puts us at an awkward angle. Constantly craning your neck down is bad for your neck, shoulders, and back. You could quickly become sore and develop headaches.

Luckily, laptop stands exist! These provide a bit of extra height for your laptop and help you maintain good posture while you work. Most of them are adjustable, so you can use them in several different locations. Our recommended product comes with built-in cooling fans as well, so your laptop won’t become overheated.

Our recommended product: AOOU Cool Desk Laptop Stand, 2 CPU Cooling Fans, And Mouse Pad

7. Dimmable desk lamp

Every RVer has to find the schedule that works best for them. If you travel with a family or large group, sometimes the time when you can get peace and quiet is in the early morning or late evening. However, once it gets dark outside, you have to rely on the light from your screen, which can strain your eyes.

Desk lamps can solve this problem and they’re easy to get ahold of. It’s ideal if you can get a lamp with adjustable brightness because everyone has different preferences. Our recommended lamp has 10 different brightness levels and a multi-angle adjustable head and arm.

Our recommended product: LED Desk Lamp,JKSWT Eye-Caring Table Lamp

8. Blue light glasses

Now that we’re talking about the importance of light, let’s talk about some drawbacks. Even when you use supplemental lighting, your eyes can become strained if you spend too long looking at screens. Excessive amounts of blue light can cause headaches and fatigue. If your work is mainly online, you’ll want to reduce this strain as much as possible.

Blue light glasses help filter out the most intense light. It makes the whole experience easier on your eyes. These glasses are non-prescription, but they’re durable and easy to use. Some products come with multiple pairs in a package, so you can pick up a few extra sets for other people in your RV. Blue light glasses are great for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen (which is most people these days).

Our recommended product: livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

9. Desk fan

Some camper trailer accessories aren’t necessities, but they make life just a little more comfortable. One of these accessories is a desk fan! Traveling in an RV (especially during the summer) can get pretty hot. It’s tempting to open the doors and windows once you’ve parked for the day, but this can make the inside hot and humid. Desk fans help you cool down and they also provide some soothing white noise.

I always like to work with a fan or heater running, so it’s an important part of an office setup for me. They can also be useful if you’re cooking, reading, or just relaxing. Our chosen fan is small, powerful, and well-suited to fit into an RV office space.

Our recommended product: Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan

10. Desk organizer

Finally, there’s the desk organizer. Organizers keep everything neat and tidy, which is very important when you’re dealing with a limited-space floor plan. There are lots of different designs and sizes for this product, but you’ll probably want to choose an organizer with closeable drawers. A moving vehicle doesn’t mix well with loose papers and office supplies!

Our recommended desk organizer doubles as a laptop stand. If you don’t want to buy two separate products, this could be a good option for you. It also includes a set of metal mesh drawers, which provides good airflow as a laptop stand.

Our recommended product: MOUNT-IT! Desk Organizer with Two Pullout Storage Drawers

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  1. Joule Case Portable eco friendly generators have proven itself on several camping trips and when attending multi-day festivals and NASCAR races when we camp at the track for the week prior to a race. They are powerful, last a long time and most importantly, they are quiet.

  2. Wi-Fi boosters have their place. If you don’t mind loosing half of your speed but need a bit more signal, they are fine. A plus is that they are quite inexpensive. Choose acording to your need.

  3. For reliable internet im really happy with my pepwave router. It gets internet from any of a number of sources and gives you a wifi access point in your RV, so everything in the RV connects in the same way regardless of source. The sources are wifi (like park wifi, or phone hotspot), either of two SIM cards (cell access) or an Ethernet cable (some other source). You can prioritize sources and it constantly tests the “health” of the connection. Saves wifi passwords and auto switches to best source. The external antenna has 2 wifi antennas, 2 cell antennas, and a gps antenna ( so it reports the correct location for your wifi). No cell booster but the external antennas seem to work well – much better than phone does.

    • Thank you for posting about this Pepwave router. I had never heard of it. Sounds very interesting. But there are so many models out there. Could you share which one you described? And any other information would be helpful.


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