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3 Great Sources Of Jobs For Full-Time RVers

Published on June 14th, 2021 by Jennifer Jennings

laptop in RV

3 Great Sources Of Jobs For Full-Time RVers

Right now there are more people camping – specifically RVing – than ever before. According to the 2021 North American Camping Report, the use of RVs has been steadily growing since 2014 and now there is an all-time high of approximately 13 million households who RV camp.

Interest in RVs and the RV lifestyle is at an all-time high.

2021 North American Camping Report

Largely attributed to the pandemic, the report also found that RV ownership has risen a whopping 12% since 2019. But RV ownership isn’t the only thing that increased in a response to limited travel options and safety concerns. More RVers were able to take weekday camping trips. In general, 1/3 of campers said that their RV trips included more weekdays. This growth in weekday trips – instead of the normal weekend warriors – is related to an increase in the ability to work remotely and online learning.

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In 2020, there were also more people joining the ranks of full-time RV life. Overall, the number of full-time RVers increased by 10% according to the KOA report. 32% of those new full-time RVers were new campers; 26% are couples with children; 16% are experienced campers.

The data shows a shift to a more digital world that allows for more camping. But that doesn’t mean people are giving up their jobs. Up from previous years, 40% of campers say that they sometimes or always work while camping. 57% of first-time campers stated that they work on their camping trips. 61% of couples with children report working while camping.

So where are these full-time RVers finding jobs? With the shift in the market and the demand for remote jobs on the rise, there are more ways than ever to find jobs for full-time RVers.

man working at an office in an RV - jobs for full-time RVers
Philip from @outdoorishrv working in remotely their toy-hauler garage turned office

Jobs for full-time RVers

Now there are more ways to find jobs for full-time RVers. Remote working options are almost endless but there are diverse options and industries out there. We share some resources for finding jobs for full-time RVers.

RVer Job Exchange

RVer Job Exchange powered by Escapees RV Club logo - jobs for full-time RVers

The RVer Job Exchange by Xscapers is a valuable resource for the working RVer. This platform matches job opportunities with traveling contract workers who are seeking full or part-time work. There are also listings for full-time employment offerings – not just contract work. The RVer Job Exchange has four categories of jobs for full-time RVers: remote working, workamping, RVer to RVer, and freelance.

This service isn’t just for RVers though. RVer Job Exchange is a valuable resource for any employer interesting in hiring RVers or mobile workers. They are especially suited for employers who are in an RV-related business looking to utilize RVers and their lifestyle expertise, have jobs that require travel, offer remote, virtual, or telecommunicating roles, or RVers looking to hire other RVers (like for housesitting).

The RVer Job Exchange not only lists jobs for full-time RVers but has helpful articles on unique challenges for remote RV workers such as income tax filing, tax deductions, and business plans. Some of the unique resources available are:

  • Resume builder
  • Job alerts and job suggestions
  • CV templates
  • Video meetings


Founded by full-time RVer, Jesse Chambers, wrkfrce is a new up-and-coming platform listing jobs for full-time RVers. Jesse isn’t just talking the talk, he walks the walk. Like many full-time RVers, he left his job, sold most of his possessions, and moved into a 27-foot Airstream with his wife and their dog. Now, his goal is to help others design their careers around their lives.

wrkfrce was founded on the idea that when we design our careers around our lives—and not vice versa—we are more productive and more fulfilled.

Jesse Chambers, CEO and founder
Man working in Airstream trailer - jobs for full-time RVers
Jesse from wrkfrce working in his Airstream trailer

The goal at wrkfrce is to create and curate educational, inspirational, and actionable content to empower individuals and businesses to become comfortable with flexible, remote work.

As a digital media company dedicated to remote work, wrkfrce helps find jobs for full-time RVers by offering a comprehensive database of remote job openings throughout the USA, insightful content from experts, and other resources for location-independent workers and their employers.


There might be a misconception regarding workamping; not all workcampers are retirees! Trademarked in 1987, Workamping is accomplished by individuals that travel the country and work.

Workamping is a great option as a job for full-time RVers who want to live and work at different destinations around the country. Another common misconception is that workamping is just for RV parks and campgrounds. While it is true that the majority of operations are campgrounds, there are many opportunities in other industries including:

  • Amusement parks and water parks
  • Retail shops
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Restaurants and lodges
  • Shooting ranges
  • State and county parks
  • U.S. Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Christmas tree stands
  • Farms

This unique working opportunity may not be for everyone. Not all workamping positions provide compensation that will replace a career income or a traditional paycheck. There are a mix of positions that provide an hourly wage, no hourly wage, or some that provide a mix of compensation plus benefits.

Many positions are working in exchange for a campsite. For your time, you get the value of the campsite (and usually any park perks like WiFi).

Greg and Tammy from @chasingthecashes answer some questions about workamping on their Instagram for anyone who might be considering this job for full-time RVers.

With more full-time RVers exploring the country than ever before, there are more ways to find jobs for full-time RVers. Remote working options are almost endless. Sometimes finding a job that aligns with your skills require a little creative marketing. Regardless of your skillset, these are 3 great sources of jobs for full-time RVers to kick-start your search.

RVers looking for valuable how-to information have learned to go to the experts. Forums such as and blog sites like RV LIFE, Do It Yourself RV, and Camper Report provide all the information you need to enjoy your RV. You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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  1. I just quit my full-time job and looking to work from my RV and I am 13 years with data entry and have a high speed pc that I am taking with me I don’t do this so I hope that any one that can help me would reach out please and thank you.

  2. Be forewarned. Better get paid in cash or by barter.

    The government will punish you for living full-time in your RV. You can not use the banking system without a “residential address”. That comes directly from the PATRIOT Act legislation, section 326, the mandated CIP rolled out by FinCEN in 2004. The SEC is a little more flexible on the issue. Be sure to take a minute and thank the fine folks in Congress paid to represent you.

    Don’t be fooled into believing you can substitute for this fact. That could cost you your insurance along with your finances. Court rulings can have a negative impact when what you declare as a domicile and what you live as a domicile conflict.

    Also be advised your ability to vote hangs in the balance. Legal opinion has already been rendered in Clay County FL ( Google Voter Registration – Registration based on mail forwarding service address and declaration of domicile ).  Seems, given the current political environment, more challenges to this will be on the horizon.

  3. Hello, fulltimers interested in your Mexico experience. Would like to experience beaches in Baha etc. but wife is terrified of crime and politics. Any help appreciated!


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