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What Are The Benefits Of RV Awning Clips?

Published on January 14th, 2022 by Lynne Fedorick

Trailer in campsite with lights

What Are The Benefits Of RV Awning Clips?

RV awning clips are attached to the RV awning to hang string lights, rope lights, flags, or really anything else that’s lightweight from the awning. RV campers who love spending time by the campfire after dark really appreciate having outdoor lights to guide them back to the RV, but versatile clips can do so much more to make our campsite homey and relaxing.

The best awning clips

One of the best benefits of awning clips is that they can go on (and come off) the awning very quickly. This is particularly important when the wind picks up and you need to get the awning in fast. These clips come in a range of designs, and some are easier to put up and remove than others.

Camco RV hanger clips have a unique design that is held securely in the outer rail of the RV awning. This design makes them super fast to deploy. They are also easy to remove from the awning in the event of a sudden windstorm. You can check them out on Amazon here: Camco RV hanger clips.

Other ways to use them

Attach the awning clips to your RV awning rail and discover their multitude of uses. They are really versatile whether you want more campsite privacy or to make your site more festive looking.

Awning clips can:

  • Be used to hang ropes lights along the edge of your awning
  • Quickly hang string lights on your awning
  • Hang flags, name signs, or campsite banners from the awning
  • Hang curtains, tarps, or sheets to make a quick and easy privacy screen
  • Be used to hang coolng shade cloths
  • Be used to hang wind chimes from the awning
  • Hold small hummingbird feeders

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  1. Binder clips from an office supply store are better then the ones that go in the channel. You can just pull the lights and stuff off in an emergency and get the awning rolled up so much faster.


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