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10 Best RV Podcasts For Your Next Travel Day

Published on July 2nd, 2021 by Jennifer Jennings
This post was updated on July 4th, 2022

Women driving a camper van
Listening to an RV podcast while you travel to your next destination is a great idea.

10 Best RV Podcasts For Your Next Travel Day

Podcasts and their listeners are a growing movement. In fact, right now, there are over 2 million podcast series on the internet! Here we have compiled the top 10 best podcasts related to RVing and RV life.

Some of these RV podcasts are up and coming. Make sure to support our fellow RVers and check these great podcasts out!

Why are podcasts so popular?

More and more people are listening to podcasts nowadays. And there are 3 primary reasons for this.

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  • Podcasts allow for multitasking. Because there is no visual component required for listening to a podcast, listeners can perform more than one task while listening. A study from Edison Research found that 59% of podcast consumers listen while doing housework, 52% listen while driving, and 50% listen while cooking or baking. Listening to an RV podcast while you travel to your next destination is a great idea.
  • Podcasts are an easy way to catch up on news and events. Some of the biggest news outlets have daily news podcasts such as The Washington Post, Vox, The Guardian, The Economist, and The New York Times. News podcasts are the second most popular type after music.
  • Podcasts are entertaining. Besides being an educational resource, podcasts are a great source of entertainment – perfect for long-haul drives to your next RV spot.

10 Best RV Podcasts

Without further ado, here are the 10 best RV podcasts that you might enjoy. These RV podcasts center around the RV lifestyle, RV tips and maintenance, and just general RVing information.

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast is about business, RV life, and traveling. Hosted by Heath and Alyssa, this weekly podcast centers around nomadic entrepreneurs who have leaped into the RV lifestyle and have taken their business on the road. This RV podcast is perfect for any busy digital nomad who has already or is preparing to jump into the RV lifestyle.

Life With Beth & Court

Meet Beth and Court, two people who sold everything and hit the open road. Like many of us, this couple is navigating their way through full-time RV life and sharing the highs and lows.

Two women sit in front of a travel trailer.
Life with Beth & Court is a fun ride.

The podcast – Life with Beth & Court – is about their RV adventures and lifestyle. Their adventures (and mishaps) can be quite entertaining, and makes for a great podcast, and great videos. Don’t miss ’em!

Where’s Willie?

This new podcast is sponsored by Heartland RV. Where’s Willie? – hosted by William Miller, National Brand Manager for Heartland RV – is about the people, journeys, and stories of RV life.

“My goal of hosting this show is to share amazing stories of real people and real-life as they are traveling on their own life’s journeys. Every person has a story to share, from both professional experiences and personal.”

—William Miller, Host of Where’s Willie?
Where's Willie podcast cover photo - RV podcast

Guests featured on this show include:

  • RV celebrities with unique stories to share about their life journey
  • Entrepreneurs sharing innovations that could change the way we RV
  • RV owners that share their tips, tricks, and insights to a more memorable RV experience
  • Information about vacation destinations that you should be visiting

The RV Miles Podcast

The RV Miles Podcast is a weekly show for RV and outdoor enthusiasts. Hosted by Jason and Abby Epperson, this podcast focuses on the discovery of great US destinations (they especially love National Parks). With their three sons in tow, this full-time RV family is traveling the country and producing 3 weekly podcasts.

RV Miles Podcast banner

In addition to destinations, this podcast covers RV tips and tricks, campground reviews, RV gear to make road life better, and industry news.

RV Out West

RV Out West is an RV podcast that focuses on the Pacific Northwest region (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia). Hosted by Brooks Smothers, this podcast highlights the best places to camp and explore in the area. Plus, RV Out West shares RV gear reviews and tips and tricks.

Brooks travels with his family in their travel trailer. Prior to that, he has experience with all types of camping and RVing, including backpacking, car camping, van life, and pop-up tent trailer camping.

Rootless Living Podcast

The Rootless Living Podcast and Rootless Living Magazine are incredible resources for digital nomads. Filled with stories by full-time RVers, this monthly magazine and weekly podcast are popular amongst the new (and growing) crowd of digital nomads who live in their RVs.

Host Demian Ross shares stories from RVers, helpful tools and resources for people wanting to join the lifestyle, and insights and interviews with RVer digital nomads and companies that make the lifestyle possible.

The RV Podcast

Back in 2012, Mike and Jennifer Wendland started their RV Lifestyle blog as a hobby. Now they create content for their blog, their RV Podcast, their YouTube channel, and a newsletter. Plus, they also have 10 books about the RV lifestyle.

Mike and Jennifer Wendland recording a podcast episode outside
Mike and Jennifer Wendland from RV Lifestyle

In the RV Podcast, Mike and Jennifer share an inside look at all things RV lifestyle.

The RV Advisor

Hosted by Tom Alexander, the RV Advisor Podcast gives you all the latest information about RVs, RVing trends, advice from experts, stories from RVers, and more. 

The RV Advisor is a dedicated group to educate RV consumers before and after they purchase an RV. They are dedicated to creating a system that holds manufacturers and dealers accountable in the RV industry.

Keep Your Daydream

If you’ve ever gone looking for RV inspiration on YouTube, then you’re probably familiar with Marc and Tricia from Keep Your Daydream. But did you know they also have an RV podcast? They do!

With over 100,000 miles, four countries, and almost 50 states traveled, this duo shares their RV lifestyle and teaches listeners how to ditch the perfect dream and take the first steps toward your new adventure!

Marc and Tricia from Keep Your Daydream recording an RV podcast
Marc and Tricia from Keep Your Daydream

Living the RV Dream

The last RV podcast on the list is Living the RV Dream. This podcast is hosted by Robert Morales, who you probably know from Traveling Robert on YouTube. His RV journey began in 2014 in a Winnebago Micro Minnie.

Now Robert and Ily share their RV travel stories as they travel around the country.

Here are the top 10 RV podcasts for you to listen to right now! In the last month, 104 million people listened to a podcast – that’s 37% of the population. Are you one of them?

One of the best parts about RVing is engaging with the community of traveling enthusiasts. iRV2 forums allow folks to chat with other RVers online, and get other perspectives on everything RVing, including products, destinations, RV mods, and much more.

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4 thoughts on “10 Best RV Podcasts For Your Next Travel Day”

  1. Interesting to see that you don’t carry a list like mine…. For example, RVStreet is a must with Martin and his wife, AZExpert is another for in depth look at RV roof repair and maintenance, RV with Tito for his long standing efforts at quality upgrades and how-to’s, RV tips & travel, Love your RV, “Why wait” is another one.

  2. The best RV podcasts are not about RVs. They should be something you would enjoy listening to. Not people trying to be humerous.


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