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10 Ford Transit Van Conversions With Video Walk-Throughs

Published on April 2nd, 2021 by Jennifer Jennings
This post was updated on April 22nd, 2021

A stock Ford transit van before conversion.

10 Ford Transit Van Conversions With Video Walk-Throughs

Here are 10 Ford Transit van conversions with video walk-throughs to inspire you on your own van build journey.

There are two types of Ford vans included: the Ford Transit and the tiny Ford Transit Connect.

The Ford Transit van – also called a Ford T-series – is primarily a cargo van but can also come equipped for passengers. These vans have higher roof levels making them perfect for van life.

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The Ford Transit Connect van is one of the smallest cargo vans on the market – perfect for solo travelers.

1. 2019 Ford Transit Van Conversion

Arica Dorff‘s van is a 2019 model with a 148-inch wheelbase and a medium roof. She is set up for full-time van life with an 18-gallon water tank, shore power hookups, refrigerator, solar power, “fancy bucket” toilet, water heater, and outdoor shower.

A unique feature she has is a full partition wall separating the cab from the living quarters – perfect for stealth camping. Another unique feature is a stove in a drawer!

You can also watch the complete 30-day conversion here.

2. Ford Transit Connect for Two on a Budget

This entire van conversion was a grand total of $6000 (including the van purchase)! Chad and Claire share all the details of living full-time in this tiny van.

This van conversion includes a tiny bathroom featuring a removable funnel sink, a functional kitchen, a fold-up bed, and a pretty legit patio space.

3. Van Build Featuring a Shower, Toilet, & Double Sliding Doors

Check out this super functional 2016 Ford Transit van conversion from BlackHawk and Madi (Keeping Up With The Jones’).

This van conversion features a fully functional kitchen space with a 4-burner stove, huge sink, and spacious pantry! They even have a fridge and freezer with room for almost 2 weeks of food. This van also has a full-size bathroom with a shower and composting toilet.

4. Cargo Van Conversion into Tiny Home

This couple and their dog are traveling around North America while living in a converted Ford Transit van. This DIY build was done by Sam Moser (Moser Makes).

This conversion has some traditional full-time van life features, like a separate bed, and some unique features. The curtain to cover the door also works as a pull-up bar! This van is perfect for stealth camping with a partition wall separating the front from the living space.

5. Van Build by Professionals

This Ford Transit van conversion is perfect for the solo traveler or couple. This conversion was done by professional van converters Christina and Daniel from Small Vans Big World.

For this conversion, the van features beautiful resin-covered counters, a composting toilet, an outdoor shower, a deep sink, a diesel heater, and a solar power system.

6. Part-Time in a Tiny Ford Connect

Meet Dee and her tiny Ford Connect van conversion! This woman has a unique family arrangement and part-time van life has become an integral part of her arrangement.

7. This Little Van is Perfect For Travel

Austin bought and converted his 2010 Ford Transit van to make a perfect option for traveling and camping. This custom van conversion includes a shower and hidden bench.

For a time-lapse video of the conversion, check out this video.

8. Simple Van Conversion for Quiet Escape

Richard and Sophie converted this Ford Transit van, Stanley, for client Jenn. Jenn wanted a quiet escape where she could work, read, and experience nature.

This van conversion includes a convertible bed, electric water pump, slide-out kitchen, and office space.

9. Tiny Van for Traveling Couple

Check out this 2020 Ford Transit van that has been converted for this couple, Erik and Laura, to travel North America.

This van conversion includes a full-size bed, handy magnetic privacy curtains, magnetic cabinets that serve as bedside tables, a pull-out kitchen, a solar generator, and easy roof access.

10. Ford Transit Van Conversion Sleeps a Family of 4

The last van conversion walkthrough is this self-converted van build by Kenny.

This high-tech van conversion includes 2 additional passenger seats (complete with car seats for the kids), a swivel table for family dinners, and seating for 6. Also included is a dual-purpose sink, 20-gallon water tank and water heater, indoor and outdoor shower, fridge and freezer, and stove and oven.

Which do you prefer for van life: the full-size Transit or the compact Transit Connect?

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3 thoughts on “10 Ford Transit Van Conversions With Video Walk-Throughs”

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  2. I am a converter of transit vans for past 30years the transit van is a rust bucket ,and has no strength in their bodies engineering power plant excellent. The thinnest metal they can get away. They need lesson’s from the vw mercs and vauxhall gm America has good metal ford’s need to galv their bodies and chassis.


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