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What is the BEST Class B RV?

Published on December 22nd, 2023 by Peggy Dent
This post was updated on January 16th, 2024

Interior view of a Class B camper van with man behind the wheel.
Class B RV range from 17′ to 25′ – Photo: Shutterstock

Identifying the Best Class B RV

Class B RVs are essentially nothing more than a van that has been converted to an RV.  To be identified as an RV the vehicle or structure must have a kitchenette and at least a toilet if not a bathroom, and be mobile.   Class B RVs are built on a multitude of van chassis which can be as short as 17 ft. or as long as 25’ like the Winnebago Era that is built on the 23’ Mercedes chassis.  You can also find some Class B van conversions with optional four-wheel drive.  

This article is about the BEST Class B RVs and there are dozens of styles, floorplans, manufactures, and price points, from which to choose. Camper Vans (class B RVs) are growing in popularity as they provide an alternative to Class A and Class C motorhomes which have dominated the drivable RV market for decades.

Some of the more popular models are the Winnebago Revel and the Airstream Interstate 19. Both are true Class B RVs with kitchenettes, and wet baths. Both are a little over 19 ft in length and will cost over $150,000.  The Airstream Interstate is the big brother to the Interstate 19 and it comes with a diesel engine.  The Storyteller Overland class B RVs are roughly the same length, and price as the Revel and Interstate 19 but all three of the Overland models have four-wheel drive transmissions to help you find and navigate the roads less traveled.  

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Other popular brands are the RoadTrek Zion which is 21 ft long and about $50,000 less costly than the Revel or Interstate 19. The Leisure Travel Van Unity is a whopping 25 ft. long but only costs around $130,000 and the smaller and less costly Pleasure Way Tofino is only 17 ft. long and is one of the most affordable, with a selling price of approximately $70,000.

Luxury Class B RVs

A popular line of high-end luxury class B RVs is made by Grech RV. Grech RV is a premier and sought-after luxury Camper Van. With over 40 years of luxury coach building experience to the Class B Motorhome market with the Strada, Turismo and Terreno models built exclusively on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis; they have raised the bar once again.

The Grech RV product line offers hand-crafted coach-building that has set a new standard of quality and luxury in the Class B Motorhome market. Their luxury Camper Vans are the perfect complement to the Mercedes-Benz marque and exemplify luxury with remarkable quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail never before seen in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Motorhome.

The BEST One is the One that Fits Your Needs

“But what is the BEST class B RV?” you ask!  

In reality, the best Class B is the one that fits your needs perfectly. It is the camper van that is the right size, has the right features, is built on the right chassis, and fits your budget.  Everyone has different needs. So, for me to identify the BEST class B RV would be based on what I think are important features, but those attributes might be completely irrelevant for your camping needs. 

For example, a person traveling alone might need a workspace more than a double bed. A small family might need a murphy bed for the kids and a larger pull-out kitchen.  Perhaps a portable toilet is sufficient for your needs, or you are willing to give up living space for a full wet bath? You may need extra storage space more than you need a bathroom or you’d like a bigger refrigerator and a supplemental cooler. All of these features are available but are they all available in the same rig?

When you buy a finished van conversion just like when you buy a class A or class C motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer, you get the feature and amenities that someone else thought would be the perfect configuration.  But with class B RVs you can decide what features you will have in your recreational vehicle because there is a huge industry in custom built van conversions.  

Custom Built Van Conversion

With a custom-built camper van, you start with the van that meets your needs in terms of length, height, fuel type, and transmission and then you decide what amenities are absolutely essential, what are preferred, and what features might be nice, but certainly are not essential, and then you meet with a van conversion specialist to design and construct the interior, to your specifications.  

A white conversion van becomes a camper van or Calls B Rv
A Custom Built Camper Van or DIY project may be the Best Class B RV for you. Photo: P. Dent

DIY Van Conversion

If you are skilled in DIY projects this might be something you want to do for yourself.  There are hundreds of examples of custom-built van conversion on YouTube and on social media platforms. You can take your time and add deluxe appointments, to truly make your class B RV a traveling home away from home, that meets all your personal needs. 

Hire a Converter to Create Your Perfect Class B RV

If doing it yourself is a bridge too far, there are many excellent custom van converters doing this work and you will probably be able to find one in your area with a little internet searching.  They can help you add solar panels to the roof, lithium battery systems and inverters, to power up your appliances and entertainment center.  They will install the water system, plumbing, toilet and/or web bath, electrical system, cabinetry, appliances, sleeping platforms, pull out kitchenettes, extra seating for indoor lounging, and storage areas to make sure you can take all the gear and accessories, you need for your unique lifestyle.

If you need special roof racks for your wind surfing equipment or cross-country bikes the custom converters will be able to help. Will you need more space for storing cold foods, or a larger stovetop, or sink? This is your custom creation, so be sure to ask for the features you want. They will even install all the soft touches to your specifications, like wall and window coverings and upholstery to finish off the interior of your class B RV.

Which One is Right For You?

What is the BEST class B RV?  The answer is the one that matched your needs perfectly. You can shop for the features and appointments you want in pre-assembled class B motorhomes or you can convert a van yourself or work with a custom van specialist and build your Best class B RV from scratch. The configurations and appointments are endless only constrained by your imagination.

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