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Introducing The 2024 Unity FX From Leisure Travel Vans

Published on August 11th, 2023 by Emily Lawrence
This post was updated on October 5th, 2023

leisure travel vans at campsite

See The New 2024 Unity FX From Leisure Travel Vans

As their name might suggest, Leisure Travel Vans is a brand that creates high-end motorhomes. They’ve always been a force to be reckoned with, and their 2024 lineup further solidifies their reputation for excellence. The Unity FX is one of the models that will be receiving special attention in the upcoming year.

The Unity brand is a collection of sleek Class C motorhomes. Their profile is so smooth and streamlined that they often resemble Sprinter vans! If you want the best of both worlds, the Unity FX is the way to go. However, the FX is just one of the floor plans available for 2024, and the others are worth exploring too.

Below, we’ll delve into the details of Leisure Travel Vans. These highly engineered vehicles can travel just about anywhere, and the interiors are more luxurious than you could imagine. Certain features have been discontinued for 2024, but they’ve been replaced by upgrades that are better than ever. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

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Changes for 2024

Each Unity motorhome is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 cab chassis. This gives it an aerodynamic profile and a powerful engine. These models also have advanced safety features that will improve your control and shorten your reaction time.

The Unity brand has been around for a few years now, but Leisure Travel Vans is always looking for ways to build upon its success. In 2024, a few features will be removed while others will be added. Some of the discontinued features include:

  • 3.2 kW Onan Diesel Generator with Auto Start and Auto Changeover Switch
  • Dual 6-V AGM Coach Batteries
  • HDMI Switch Box
  • Removable Carpeted Floor Mats
  • Smart Blu-ray Player

It might seem like a shame to lose these amenities. But they’re being removed to make space for bigger and better upgrades! For each item that’s being removed, two more will be added.

The 2024 Unity FX will include exciting features like Smart TVs, combination outlets for USB-C and USB-A devices, dual lithium coach batteries, a new pantry rack system, and much more! Some floor plans have new configurations for their dinettes as well.

Decoration options

The amenities and gadgets aren’t the only things that are getting a facelift for 2024. Buyers will also have the opportunity to customize the color scheme and decoration to suit their preferences! You can choose the look of both the interior and the exterior.

There are several options and combinations to explore, so let’s take a closer look.


Buyers will have the freedom to customize the style of their upholstery, cabinetry, and countertops. Most RV designers create specific design packs where you have to pair one color with another. But you’re free to mix and match with the Unity FX and other floor plans.

The upholstery is made from Ultrafabrics™, and the colors include Dove (off-white), Sand (warm gray), and Clay (dark, cool gray). You can pair these with a choice of four cabinetry colors.

To contrast the gray color schemes, the cabinetry uses warmer, more natural tones. The cabinetry choices are White Oak, Rift Oak, and Mocha. A pure white option is also available if you want to upgrade to the Bianco White FENIX®.

Finally, you can select from one of two countertop types. There’s Antarctica (bright white with small specks of gray) or Concrete (warm gray with darker flecks). These colors are gorgeous but fairly neutral, so they can easily blend with any combination.

2024 unity fx leisure travel vans


The interior of your vehicle is important when it comes to your personal style and comfort, but the exterior makes a statement to the world! That’s why the Unity lineup has eight different exterior paint options to choose from.

They’re all fairly sleek and minimalistic, but a simple change in color can make a big difference. The color options for 2024 include:

  • Euro Sport: White body, black accents
  • Silver: Light gray body, silver accents
  • Graphite: Light gray body, dark gray accents
  • Shadow: Silver body, black accents
  • Glacier: Silver body, blue/gray accents
  • Atlantic Blue: White body, blue accents
  • White Suede: White body, cream accents
  • Champagne: Cream body, black accents

To see the designs for yourself, visit the 2024 guide from Leisure Travel Vans. It displays various decoration options, as well as some suggested combinations.

Floor plans

In addition to all the benefits above, customers also can choose from a variety of floor plans. The Unity FX is one of the most popular options, but there is a layout that’s perfect for everyone.

Six different floor plans are available for 2024, so peruse the options below and see which one catches your eye. Additional details on each layout can be found at

Murphy Bed Lounge: $201,580

This first floor plan is a wonderfully versatile design. The main sleeping space is a Murphy bed, which can fold up during the day and act as a dinette/sitting space. This bed sits next to the main kitchen counter, which has an interesting tapered storage cabinet overhead.

The rear of this design is occupied by a lovely bathroom. It features a curved corner shower, a toilet, a sink, a vanity, and a spacious storage closet. This floor plan is adaptable and stylish all at once!

Murphy Bed: $193,520

The next layout is somewhat similar, but it has a few key differences. Like the first design, this one features a Murphy bed as the main sleeping area. However, this one reveals a single sofa when it’s not in use. The adjacent kitchenette also has an L-shaped design, so it fits neatly into the corner.

A rear bathroom rounds out the space here. It has a corner shower as well, but the vanity is set flush against the wall rather than at an angle. There’s also plenty of storage space in here for clothing or linens.

FX: $191,180

Now it’s time to talk about the Unity FX! This is a gorgeous and innovative design that maximizes the space and ensures that there’s plenty of room for cooking, sleeping, and relaxation. It has the same Murphy bed setup as the floor plan above, so it can be a bed or a sofa.

The kitchenette and the main appliances sit across from this area, while the rear portion is split between a bathroom and an L-shaped sofa. If you want a place to work, chat, or stretch out, this additional sofa is perfect for any occasion. The design is unique because it manages to fit two living spaces into a single compact vehicle.

Corner Bed: $188,840

Murphy beds are perfectly fine, but sometimes you want to have a permanent bed that doesn’t require any setup. In this case, consider the Corner Bed floor plan! The back portion of this layout is split between the bedroom and bathroom.

The bed is in a cozy nook with storage cabinets on all sides. The edge of the bed is rounded, just like the bathroom wall, so they create an interesting shape together! This layout also features a booth-style dinette with overhead storage cabinets. The dinette sits in a slideout, which faces the kitchenette and the main appliances.

Rear Lounge: $190,390

If you want a unique floor plan that makes great use of space, the rear lounge is the option for you. When you enter the vehicle, you’ll immediately see the L-shaped kitchenette and a pair of opposing seats that can convert into a dinette.

A short hallway gives you access to a split bathroom design. The shower sits against one wall, while a separate section contains the sink, vanity, and toilet. Finally, the rear of the vehicle contains an L-shaped sofa, which can lower into a Murphy bed. It’s a nice private area to relax and unwind.

Twin Bed: $186,370

Last but not least, we have the Twin Bed design. This is the most affordable option, and it also offers the highest sleeping capacity! As the name implies, a pair of twin beds occupies the rear half of the layout. These have rounded edges, and there’s a shared nightstand/storage area in the middle. Storage cabinets line every wall in the rear.

The front section is similar to the design we described above. There’s a split bathroom, a kitchenette, and a pair of seats. However, in this design, the seats can turn into a second bed if you have the right equipment! This doubles your sleeping capacity.

To view these floor plans in more detail, visit the Leisure Travel Vans website.

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