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Wingamm Oasi 540 Camper Van Has Arrived In The US

Published on November 19th, 2021 by Levi Henley

Wingamm Oasi 540 Camper Van Has Arrived In The US

Camper vans aren’t necessarily inexpensive, but they fit in standard parking spots and tend to have all the comforts of larger Class C motorhomes, explaining their popularity among new RVers.

Italian-based Wingamm has been creating camper vans since 1977, and their Oasi 540 camper van will be available in the US starting November. Those near California have a chance to take a tour between November and December.

Standard Wingamm Features

The company specializes in high-tech, fully stocked camper vans built from the ground up. Therefore, all Wingamm camper vans and RVs come with the following features.

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Single Piece Fiberglass Living Cell

The company borrowed techniques from boat and airplane construction. The lack of joints and connecting pieces increases water tightness and durability. The lack of joints also allows them to be thermally efficient.

Fiberglass Monocoque With Expanded Polyurethane PU

This is some of the best insulation on the market that is also lightweight and thinner. Thinner walls allow for larger living spaces.

Underfloor Heating

In addition to the standard heating system, the company has designed a sandwich system of ducting and thin aluminum that distributes heat from the heating system evenly through the floor.

“The sandwich floor further strengthens the entire vehicle structure, giving greater stability to the entire bodywork and ensuring high torsional rigidity.” – Wingamm.

Wingamm Oasi 540

“Arrive and park wherever you want with the comfort of your dreams.” – Wingamm

The Wingamm Osai 540 camper van is slick looking, compact, yet filled with features.

External features

Chassis: Dodge Promaster

Length: 17.8 feet

Rear overhang: 4.83 feet

Wheelbase: 118.11 in

Turning radius: 11.40 feet

Travel seats: 4

Sleeps: 3 to 4

Weight: 7716 lbs

Inside the Oasai 540 Camper Van

  • Large L-shaped dinette that can be transformed into a single bed.
  • Kitchen area with a 2-burner range and flush-top lid, and a steel sink with a lid/cutting board.
  • 3.8 cu ft trivalent refrigerator.
  • Patented Wingamm double longitudinal drop-down bed with wooden slats and a memory-foam mattress.
  • Bathroom area with a toilet and sink.
Interior of the Wingamm Oasi 540 featuring the L-shaped dinette, and the kitchen.

Cost and Availability

Wingamm anticipates the cost to purchase the 2022 Oasi 540 in the US will be approximately $145,000, not including taxes, fees, or the cost to ship the Oasi 540 from Italy.

Tour a Wingamm 2022 Oasi 540 Camper Van

According to a recent press release from Wingamm, “Previews of the 2022 Wingamm Oasi 540 will be available in Santa Monica, California from November 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021. During this period, the European Wingamm Oasi 540 will be on display by appointment only at Santa Monica Place Shopping Center, located at 395 Santa Monica Pl, Santa Monica, CA 90401.”

Those wishing to make an appointment to view the European Oasi 540 can schedule previews in one-hour time slots by clicking here.

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28 thoughts on “Wingamm Oasi 540 Camper Van Has Arrived In The US”

  1. I agree – a U S. manufacturer needs to replicate size, features ( AND a gas engine – not diesel 👎) and price it reasonably! It would fly off the lots!

  2. This is an example of a ripoff US company taking a product from another company in another country and pumping up the price to a max of 300% . You heard me. Go research these over where they make them and you will see prices of ½ this price of $145,000 and lower.

    For that price my options are numerous to buy something better at a lower price.

    For all you suckers that cannot think on your own 2 feet to save your souls and end up buying at these outrageous prices, remember the following;

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

    What is so sad is there are so many ripoff companies doing this in the US is that there are enough ignorant, gullible, stupid people in the US to keep these ripoff companies in business.

    • Do list some comparable micro-C-class motorhomes available in the US for significantly less than $145k MSRP (comparable would be on one of the Euro-van platforms: ProMaster, Transit, Sprinter) Thor’s Transit-based mohos start at $161k, most of their Sprinters start closer to $200k.

  3. Oliver should have created this long ago to go with their fantastic trailers. They would look alike, just with a cab on the front built into the trailer. Come on Oliver, expand your thinking.

  4. Been living in Skandinavia for years and US RV styling is SO far behind Europe.
    I hope this unit wakes-up the US market and folks stop buying what folks buy just because. The price is crazy but some want to be the trend setters.
    Maybe a used import market could rise up.
    The Fiat Ducato with Eveco 2.3 Diesel is a solid work horse and amazing fuel economy. The new 9 speed hydrolic automatic seems to be working out nice.
    Here, I will stick with my 6M van for longevity , road-trip economy and stelth.
    Will do the same in the US in retirement.

    • Thanks for the objective viewpoint. I agree USZs based campervan/RVing is way behind Europe. Not everyone wants or needs a 30-40′ Freightliner chassis for weekend getaways. Or, to spend $150K for a campervan. Also, you’re on point with diesel.. vastly superior MPG over gasoline engines.

  5. I was very excited about this unit – until the $145k price tag, which does not even include shipping to the USA!!!! More than 2x’s the price as available in EU! I guess I’ll wait for the new Hyundai with same similar features starting at only $42k and fully decked out under $80k. What a shame on this price tag.

  6. I would like to know the exact price of the van wingamm 540. Also where and when could a person pick it up. I am single so it is great for one person. Thank you.

  7. I have been looking into this unit for sometime and when it was in Italy the price was 66000 euros. Translation into American money is $88000.00. How can you justify almost $$70000.00 more plus the cost of shipping. You can keep it for that price. Just gouging like everyone else.


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