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What Airstream Was Used in “The Accountant”?

Published on April 3rd, 2019 by Camper Report

While watching the 2016 film “The Accountant”, you may have noticed a certain important travel trailer. As exciting as the movie plot is, we can’t help but wonder what Airstream model was used for the film.

So, what Airstream was used in “The Accountant”? An Airstream PanAmerica was used by Ben Afflick’s character for the movie “The Accountant”. This travel trailer is Airstream’s take on a toy hauler, which allows for storage of motorcycles or ATVs in the rear garage area.

Camper enthusiasts everywhere were left questioning what the floor plan was, the year of the model, and furnishing of the all American Airstream trailer after watching “The Accountant”. Want to learn more about this Airstream and its significance in the movie? Continue reading below!

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The History and Selection of the Airstream PanAmerica

While the facts regarding a travel trailer used in a film may not be significant to many, for us camper enthusiasts, we can’t get enough!

Digging up facts on Airstream’s PanAmerica is like searching for fossils in a remote area. After plenty of research I found that only 19 PanAmerica travel trailers were made in 2009. One of these was the prototype and was not sold.

This little bit of trivia means that this specific vehicle was a rare gem that the producers of “The Accountant” chose to feature in their film.

Originally sold for over $90,000, an Airstream PanAmerica toy hauler can now be purchased on trading websites for as little as $63,994.

But this all leads us to wonder why this trailer was discontinued so quickly. The PanAmerica was designed to appeal to a younger, more adventurous target market. They also sought to reach an audience who needed a means of transporting motorcycles and ATVs.

However, because the PanAmerica comes at a higher price, they were often out of the price range of those they sought to appeal to. Mostly older people had the funds to purchase these, and they were generally less interested in features like motorcycle storage.

However, we are left asking, “What hitch did they use to tow the PanAmerica?!” After discovering the model of Airstream used for the film, many camper enthusiasts began searching for the hitch and vehicle used for towing the PanAmerica.

Unfortunately, in the movie’s trivia, the information on the hitch that was used wasn’t released. So you might not be able to perfectly match the hitch featured in the film, but any hitch that is suited for pulling Airstreams should get the job done just fine!

And although the specific hitch is unknown, it’s clear that the character of Christian Wolff tows the trailer with a Ford F-150 truck.

Fun Facts About the Airstream in “The Accountant”

The next interesting tidbit regarding “The Accountant”‘s PanAmerica Airstream has more to do with the acquiring of the rare trailer and the actor who used the trailer.

When searching for a PanAmerica to use in the film, movie producers called Airstream asking them to build one more.

However, when Airstream denied building the producers one more PanAmerica, the movie producers decided to search for their own and to just build a replica!

While looking for one of these trailers to replicate, the movie producers found an owner willing to loan them their PanAmerica for the film.However, at the end of the filming of a movie, the owners got a surprising call regarding the return of their trailers.

It is a common practice for actors and actresses to keep a souvenir from the set of the movies they are in. Whether it be a piece of their favorite outfit or the vase sitting by the front door, the souvenirs they keep tend to be small and go unnoticed by movie producers.

However, Ben Affleck decided he would keep a much larger souvenir from the film “The Accountant”.

He ended up purchasing the trailer from the original owners and keeping it for his own personal use.

Why? He loved the trailer so much that he purchased the trailer and converted it for his own use on sets. This little piece of trivia only goes to show that even Ben Affleck realized how unique and useful the PanAmerica Airstream can be!

Although he did not keep the trailer filled with the possessions of his on-screen character, Christian Wolff’s, gold bars, machine guns, passports, or several hundred thousand dollars worth of cash, he still finds worth in the trailer itself.

Today, he uses the PanAmerica as his personal trailer while he films on movie sets.

The PanAmerica Toy Hauler by Airstream

The PanAmerica Airstream was released in 2009 and was only made by Airstream for one year.

Though it had an extremely limited release, it’s the perfect travel trailer for adventurers. As featured in the aforementioned film, “The Accountant”, the PanAmerica has all the features to make any trip memorable!

Length34′ 7″
Height9′ 7.5″
Weight7,225 lbs
Fresh Water Tank Capacity54 gal
Black Water Tank Capacity39 gal
Gray Water Tank Capacity37 gal
Sleeping Capacity3 – 4

The content above is courtesy of Airstream

While much of the normal living space is removed to make room for a small garage, the PanAmerica toy hauler is made to be cozy and comfy for everyone who stays!

The garage is 94″ by 132″ with built-in tool storage and room for at least two motorcycles. In the living space of the PanAmerica toy hauler, there is an open kitchen and dining area complete with the classic Airstream aluminum decor.

To save space in the kitchen the PanAmerica features a narrow sliding pantry along with a larger refrigerator. Separated from the bathroom is the shower. All of this makes traveling with multiple people a little more bearable!

While there is not anything too fancy included in the bedroom area, the PanAmerica’s master bedroom fits a shortened queen. Overall, the interior of the PanAmerica may make you reminisce for the 50s with more retro furnishings.

So rest easy, comfortably, and in style when you travel like Christian Wolf in the PanAmerica Airstream.

Still curious to know more about the PanAmerica Airstream? Check out the PanAmerica’s floor plan to see if this trailer is perfect fit for you!

Airstreams In Hollywood

After seeing “The Accountant” and being awed by its rare model PanAmerica, I began to wonder what other movies featured the classic Airstream trailer.

A few of the films Airstreams can be seen in include: “Charlie’s Angels,” “Raising Arizona,” and “Independence Day.”

Along with wondering when the popular Airstream was featured in a film, I was intrigued to see what other celebrities were as awed by the trailer as Ben Affleck was.

A few of the many A-Listers that sport their own Airstream trailers are Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Steve Carell, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, and Tim Burton.

In 2008, a motorcycle and sidecar were made to resemble an Airstream travel trailer. The builder of the three hundred thousand dollar motorcycle traded it to the Airstream company for a trailer of his own.

Whether you are a celebrity or just a camping enthusiast, the Airstream brand is sure to catch your eye!

Content courtesy of Airstream.

Related Questions

Will there be an “Accountant 2”? In 2017 rumors of a second “Accountant” were released. While there has not been much talk of this exciting sequel since, be on the lookout for the trailer! The “Accountant 2” is estimated to be released in 2019.

How long does it take to build an Airstream? A typical Airstream travel trailer requires at least 350 hours of hands-on labor to complete. When compared to a normal travel trailer, this is 300 more hours from start to finish. This added labor explains why Airstreams come with higher quality and price tags.

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  1. I own one of the 19 PanAmerica models made by Airstream. Bought it new in 2009. I assure you, my unit has three axles. The configuration is still useful even though we sold our motorcycles years ago. Figure I’ll be buried in it when my time comes.


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