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10 Ultra Lightweight Campers Under 1,500 lb.

Published on October 22nd, 2021 by Christina Nellemann

Happier Camper trailer being towed in Utah
In a sea of heavier RVs, there are several lightweight options under 1,500 lb. Photo by @puffthecamper

10 Ultra Lightweight Campers Under 1,500 lb.

Bigger is not always better. While a decked out Class A or a fifth wheel with a fireplace is pure luxury, some RVers prefer to be a bit more more lightweight and maneuverable during their travels.

Though many popular travel trailers and truck campers require 3/4 ton trucks or large SUVs for towing, there are a set of campers that can easily be carried or towed by mid-size SUVs or lightweight trucks. For example, the new Toyota RAV4 can tow up to 2,000 lb. and the basic model of the Toyota Tacoma can tow around 3,500 lb. This leaves a lot of wiggle room for towing an ultra-lightweight camper.

Coming in at under 1,500 lb. (dry weight), these 10 lightweight campers have just about everything you need to live comfortably on the road. They range from teardrop trailers to truck campers, and can usually sleep two people or maybe even up to four people.

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Due to these campers being so light and nimble, they are not going to have all the bells and whistles that can be found on larger RVs. Some of these campers come with bathrooms, but no showers. In addition, some may not have any bathroom facilities at all. A few of these campers may require that you cook outside or convert a dinette or couch into the bed.

What these lightweight campers lack in amenities, they do have in the ability to travel lightly and park more efficiently. The smaller fuel bill is nice too.

1. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper has brought the lightweight fiberglass travel trailer back on the road. Not only is the cute-as-a-bug HC1 camper ultra lightweight (1,100 lb.), it is completely customizable. The Adaptiv modular system by Happier Camper allows the buyer to create their own interior according to their needs.

The modules, or cubes, can be placed in a variety of configurations for beds, lounges, kitchens, and even toilets. The modules can also be taken outside for outdoor living and lounging, and the interior of the HC1 can then be used for towing things such as bikes or motorcycles.

Happier Camper and Adaptiv system
Happier Camper

2. Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK

Coming in at 1,252 lb. the Geo Pro 12RK has just the basics for simple camping with a few nice amenities thrown in. It’s only 12 feet long, yet has a good amount of headroom inside the sleeping area. The Geo Pro is similar to a teardrop in that the sleeping area is inside and the kitchen is outside.

The bedroom features a 54 x 72 inch bed, cabinetry, and double doors. The interior also has a TV and full audio system. The outdoor kitchen features a sink, fridge, microwave, and propane stove, all protected under a pop-up hatch.

Geo Pro with hatch open
Forest River

3. MeerKat Trailer

For a touch of a classic design mixed with an ultralight design, the MeerKat is a fun option for couples or single travelers. The MeerKat is designed and built by Little Guy Trailers in San Diego. It comes in at only 900 lb. and is only 13 feet long.

Inside is a tiny kitchen with a pump sink, icebox, and storage. The dinette converts into a double bed and an interior cabinet fits a portable cassette toilet. Extra headroom is added with a pop-up ceiling that is reminiscent of the vintage Eriba Puck and the desert mongoose it is named after.

MeerKat trailer towed by small SUV
MeerKat Trailers

4. Alaskan Campers Truck Camper Cabover

The Alaskan Truck Camper has been around since the 1950s, so this company has had time to refine their unique lightweight design. These hard-sided pop-up campers come in several different sizes and weights, but the classic Cabover Camper is only 1,390 lb.

Built to fit inside a short bed truck, the inside of this camper has it all. The Cabover features a double bed, dinette, 20-gallon fresh water tank, fridge, sink, stove, furnace, and optional cassette toilet. The Alaskan doesn’t have a shower, but if you are ready to be more rugged (or even head to Alaska), I’m sure showering outdoors or at a campground is already in the plan.

Alaskan Campers cabover on truck
Alaskan Campers

5. nuCamp TAG

As one of the most well-known teardrop trailers on the market, the TAG comes in at only 1,269 lb., yet has some of the best amenities in a small package. The interior not only features a queen bed with a stargazer window, but also standard A/C.

nuCamp TAG towed by a small SUV

The exterior features the traditional outdoor kitchen with a sink, stove, and custom Amish cabinetry. This tiny camper also features LED lights, a spacious LP tank storage space, and even an outdoor shower. Options include upgrades to the Boondock off-road package, solar panels, and a microwave.

TAG interior with skylight and bed

6. ProLite Mini

If you are near the Canadian border, you have most likely seen several versions of the Quebec-made ProLite travel trailer. This company specializes in ultra-lightweight campers that actually start at around 590 lb. (Suite) and go up to only 3,700 lb. (Xtreme). The middle of the road option is the Mini model.

Coming in at only 1,150 lb. and 14 feet long, the Mini offers a lot in a tiny trailer. The Mini can sleep four people on the pull-out sofa bed and the convertible dinette. The interior features a tiny kitchen with a stove, sink, and fridge, 15-gallon fresh and gray water tanks, outdoor shower, and a heater.

For a bare bones version of the Mini, check out the ProLite Cool, which comes in at only 995 lb.

ProLite Mini trailer

7. Scout Campers Olympic

Scout Campers is a company that is disrupting the traditional truck camper market. Their models (Yoho, Olympic, and Kenai) are sleek, basic designs that offer off-grid living options without fuss or maintenance issues. The Yoho model is only 958 lb., but for a little more space, we’ll feature the Olympic model.

Weighing only 1,133 lb., the Olympic has a fully integrated and standard solar system, portable water storage system, full bed, dinette, and exterior gear locker. Options include a pop-up rooftop tent, Dometic 12-volt fridge, and a portable toilet.

Scout Campers truck camper in the desert - lightweight campers
Scout Campers

8. TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth

TAXA Outdoors prides itself on creating innovative campers (called “habitats”) that have everything you need and nothing you don’t. As some of the top designs in the ultra-lightweight category, it’s difficult to choose the best design. However, we are going to feature the TigerMoth, TAXA’s popup camper that can sleep up to four people.

The TigerMoth weighs only 1,310 lb., and allows for sleeping in both the interior and in the rooftop tent. This camper is basic and mainly for people who prefer to be outside most of the time, but the camper is highly versatile. The indoor living area can be converted into a lounge space, and the outdoor kitchen tucks neatly in underneath the entire living space.

9. Travel Lite 610RSL

Just by looking at it, you would never guess the 610RSL by Travel Lite weighs only 1,459 lb. This roomy truck camper has everything you need for living on the road, including the elusive shower that is usually missing in most lightweight campers.

Travel Lite truck camper
Travel Lite

The 610SL also has a double cabover bed, TV, storage, Dometic fridge, microwave, two-burner stove, dinette, and rooftop A/C. A portable cassette toilet can be stored inside one of the cabinets for a fully contained camper.

Travel Lite truck camper interior with bed and dinette - lightweight campers
Travel Lite

10. Rustic Trail Teardrops

The last entry to this list is not just one, but three options from Rustic Trail Teardrops. This small company makes some of the lightest and affordable teardrops out there. Their Papa Bear, Koala Bear, and Grizzly Bear models all come in under 1,475 lb. and under $12,000.

Rustic Trail teardrop Koala Bear at campsite - lightweight campers
Rustic Trail Teardrops

The Papa Bear and the Grizzly Bear are both traditional teardrops with basic interiors featuring a sleeping space and inside cabinets that can be made into kitchens. Neither model has an outdoor kitchen. The Koala Bear is a standy trailer with an interior that can be completed or furnished per each owner’s desire.

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21 thoughts on “10 Ultra Lightweight Campers Under 1,500 lb.”

  1. I have been looking for a small camper for two under 1500 lbs for a long time. I did not have much luck! Recently I came across Canadian Prolite campers. To buy a new one you have to order and get one in 6-8
    months!! We have a vehicle which tows only 1500 pounds, so we will continue to look! Does anyone know where to look for smaller campers? Almost tired of looking on line, many of those are either sold or no longer available!


    • We love our GO. Very versatile, hauls cargo around town, when not being a camper. Bed is 4’ x 7’, beds are folded over that, can be pinned vertically for extra cargo space, and fold out. Plenty long for a tall person, and wider than a twin. Can also use both table pieces to make a king size bed. 840 pounds dry weight, we used to tow it with a Nissan Altima hybrid, now with a Subaru Forester.

  2. Do any of the more traditional trailer manufacturers offer a customization plan? For Example some people would sacrifice a little floor space to accommodate a Handicap Accessible, full size toilet

  3. Christina, I thought u did an outstanding job in your 10 mini-campers article. I am researching at this point, didn’t know there was so much out there. I have a short box, Single cab Ram, I’m very interested in looking further, thanks!

  4. I seen a camper and can’t remember the name of it but it was something like 6E or 16E with a platform from the hitch back to the camper and it has loading ramps that you could park a 4 wheeler on and the kitchen was in the back with a hatch on it . Do you know who makes this and the price was around 13t00 $

  5. I would go for a truck camper. I consider them much less hassle than one of those tiny trailers, besides being roomier than most of those trailers. Plus, with some of those little trailers you have to cook outdoors – not something to look forward to in a downpour, snow storm, dust storm, and so on. But I also realize that for a lot of people one of those little trailers is like heaven to them, just not me.


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