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This RV Water Filter is Your Best Option For Clean Water

Published on July 7th, 2020 by Michael Scarpignato

Sponsored by CLEAR2O®

DirtGUARD Makes Your Inline Filter Even Better

CLEAR2O® has introduced the DirtGUARD™ Sediment Pre-Filter CPF1000. This filtering system works in tandem with inline water filters in many different ways. It’s easy to install and saves you money in the long run. This article will explain why this RV water filter is your best option for clean water and how DirtGUARD makes your inline filter even better. We’ll also show you some of CLEAR2O’s other products that may fit better to your RV or camping lifestyle. 

Video: Mike the RVBlogger demonstrates the CLEAR2O® RV Water Filter Products

Green Is the New Blue

When it comes to water filters, did you know that green is the new blue? We’ve all gone to Walmart and paid our quarterly dues of $18 for that blue water filter. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Depending on where you hook up, you probably have had to replace that water filter sooner than three months. The water starts tasting or smelling a certain way, and you end up using a few colorful, descriptive adjectives while buying another one.

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Inline water filters like the popular blue or white versions have Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) as the main filtering agent. Carbon does a great job working on filtrating chlorine and other chemicals, but not solid contaminants. The end result is the solid particles building up within the filter, preventing the carbon from working efficiently. While the instructions on the filter say the RV water filters last three months, you usually end up replacing it within a month or two.

Clear2O DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter is your best RV Water filter option
The DirtGUARD Sediment Pre-Filter from CLEAR2O®

The Essential Problem RV Water Filters Face

The water quality in public and private campgrounds can be less than ideal. If you open a campsite water spigot and hold a clear plastic cup in the water stream, you may find some surprising results. You could see sand particles, dirt, or other contaminants. And the water will most likely be a lovely shade of rusty brown. A standard inline RV water filter may not be enough to provide you with clean water.

CLEAR2O® RV Water Filters

CLEAR2O® isn’t a new kid on the block. This Miramar, Florida company entered the water filtration industry with its innovative water filter pitcher in 2008. As they grew, they used their patented technology to lead the way in various kitchen water filtering products many homes use today. 

In 2018, CLEAR2O® entered the RV/Marine water filtration market with its 1-micron green inline filter. Since that time, they’ve released many different versions for different types of camping lifestyles and various levels of filtration.

When you’re walking around the campground, you may see a lot of Camco blue or Culligan white filters connected to RV water hoses. Many of those RVers are now replacing those filters with the CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter, primarily due to its better filtering and six-month lifespan.

What Does the DirtGUARD RV Water Filter Do?

The DirtGUARD filter acts as a sediment pre-filter to almost any inline filter. It attaches to the inline filter by directly screwing into the intake side, fitting over it. This turns the filter into a two-stage system. Using the CLEAR2O® green inline filter is preferred, but it does work with the blue or white versions as well.

The device has a 20-micron filter in it that contains solid material. This prevents inline filters from becoming clogged prematurely and extends their life. The DirtGUARD removes:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Organic material
  • Hair
  • Sediment
  • Rust
  • Other contaminants

Make sure you check out our YouTube video to see the DirtGUARD in action. We’re sure you’ll find CLEAR2O’s pre-filter system as one of the best water filters for your RV. 

DirtGuard is easy to clean, making it a perfect option for RV water filtering
The DirtGuard Sediment Pre-Filter is easy to maintain

Maintaining The DirtGUARD RV Water Filter

This pre-filter has its own polyethylene filter that should be replaced occasionally (model # RDG 101). In between replacements, you can rinse out the DirtGUARD to keep it working efficiently. When you buy the product, it comes with a backwashing adapter that gives it a thorough rinsing. 

When it’s time to replace the filter, a specially designed O-wrench is provided to open the housing. You simply open it up, replace the old filter with the new one, and screw it back together. The designers wanted to make it easy to use and maintain wherever you are, so you wouldn’t have any downtime.

CLEAR2O® RV Water Filter Canister Systems

Within its product line, CLEAR2O® offers both single and dual canister filtration systems. The single system comes with a freestanding (CSC100S) or mountable (CSC100B) stand. Both stands are powder-coated to resist any type of weather. The mountable stand can be secured to the wall of your utility storage bin. Leakproof threads seal tight and the system has a pressure gauge to help you monitor what’s going on inside.

Unlike their competitors, CLEAR2O® makes their filters universal with their canister systems. If you use their products at home, they are interchangeable with these RV systems. The dual canister filtration system (CDC 200) comes only with a ground stand. Like the single canisters, it can operate in temperatures that range from -4°F to 140°F.

When choosing the filters for your canister system, you have three options. Each has its own purpose. If you have questions, you can contact their customer service support team, or look through their FAQ page.

  • Universal Replacement Whole House Sediment Pre-Filter 2 Pack (CPP 1002): This filter is made with woven polypropylene strands that catch heavy sediment, solvents, bases, and acids. It has a 5-micron filtration level and lengthens the lifespan of carbon-based filters.
  • Universal Advanced Solid Carbon Water Filter 2 Pack (CTO 1102): This 5-micron level filter uses a solid carbon block that uses water pressure to force water through. It’s excellent for removing odors, chemicals, and improves overall taste.
  • Advanced Premium Carbon Universal Filter RV & Whole House Water Filter 2 Pack (CUF 1252): The filter uses oxidized aluminum nanofibers on a glass fiber substrate to remove sediment, chemicals, and organic compounds. This filter level is less than one micron. It’s ideal for RVs, but it must be replaced every 3-6 months.
Clear2O canister systems for RVs provide another excellent water filtering option for RVers
Canister systems from CLEAR2O® are another option for clean water while RVing

Personal Water Filter for the Trail

CLEAR2O® also has you covered for the #TentLife or on the go. They have a personal water filter that keeps you purely hydrated on your hiking, biking, or other trailblazing adventure.

If you’re the type who likes to rough it with your backpack and your wits, you’ll love CLEAR2O’s Personal Water Filter (PWF850). This water bottle device folds easily into your backpack, so it won’t take up much space.

When you’re ready to hydrate, you can fill it up from any river, lake, or other water sources. CLEAR2O® developed the filter to remove bacteria, microplastics, chemicals, and other contaminants with its 0.1-micron filter. The three-ply one-liter water bottle is puncture-resistant.

To keep it hands-free when it’s filled, the attached carabiner clips to anything. This water device is great for emergency kits or traveling abroad. The silicone cap creates an airtight seal that prevents further contamination. 

PWF850 Personal Water Filter is perfect for hiking or backpacking whether RVing or not
The PWF850 Personal Water Filter is perfect for hiking and backpacking

The Personal Protection Equipment of the RV Lifestyle

We all know that PPE includes face masks, gloves, and anti-microbial hand sanitizer. For those that live the RV lifestyle, PPE has other devices. You’ll also need an electrical surge protector, a fuel stabilizer for motorhomes, wheel chocks, emergency kits, and other essentials.

As we’ve seen, water filtration systems are very important personal protection equipment in the RV world. Think of your RV as a giant backpack. Everything you need to survive is packed inside your travel trailer. That includes the safety of your drinking water.

Some bring cases of water, their favorite soft drinks, or other beverages. Yet if you break down in some remote area, you could end up dependent on the water that’s in your freshwater tank. In a more positive light, using a water filtration system keeps your shower water clean, dishwater pure, and your pets healthy.

Keeping your water filtered can protect you and your family from the possible contaminants that exist in water sources. CLEAR2Os DirtGUARD is an affordable way to turn your inline water filter (no matter which color you use) into a two-stage filtration system. It will lengthen the life of your primary filter and keep everyone safe.

Visit CLEAR2O’s website today and start enjoying clean, filtered water.

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5 thoughts on “This RV Water Filter is Your Best Option For Clean Water”

  1. I like the quality of water from my clear 20 and dirt guard system , but the flow rate is noticeably less than the blue filters. We have a tankless water heater (which I do not like at all) and it needs more flow than I can get at many parks when using the clear 20. Blue normally works better. I have considered running 2 in parallel which should increase the flow but haven’t tried it yet.

    • You’ve hit on a key point, which is not only true when hooked to city water, but also when you’re filling your water tank. Filling a large tank through a small 1 micron filter would be painfully slow.

      W use a “blue” filter to fill the tank or filter the city water line, but we have an additional fine filter element, with chemical filtration as well, on the cold water line to the kitchen sink. That’s where we get our drinking and cooking water.

      You don’t need ultra-pure water for bathing or flushing the toilet; the blue filter is sufficient for that.


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