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Today’s Camping Is Really About Glamping

Published on May 13th, 2022 by Carol Carimi Acutt
This post was updated on May 24th, 2023

well adorned picnic tables in front of a classic Shasta RV
The author’s own Shasta AirFlyte trailer at night.

Are You Camping Or Glamping? What’s The Difference?

Glamping is one of those words that has cropped up recently that, although you may be new to RVing and perhaps have never seen or heard the word glamping before, you already know what it means. Merriam-Webster defines glamping as:

“Outdoor camping with amenities and comforts (such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing) not usually used when camping”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Based on that definition, glamping has existed as long as there have been RVs; however, the term has more recently just entered our vernacular in the world of camping and RVing.

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Enjoy the outdoors in style

For those of us who love to get on the road and explore, we know there can be challenges to camping, whether we are planning to stay in an RV, van, or tent. But I must say, there is absolutely no reason to “suffer” in order to see the outdoors! 

These days, campgrounds usually offer picnic tables, fire pits, and bathrooms, and sometimes even showers, laundry rooms, and camp stores. Camping still requires good preparation, and good prep allows for more relaxation during the trip. 

Having your creature comforts while camping or glamping is the only way to go. It makes spending time outdoors not only more enjoyable, but it encourages all of us to do more of it.  

5 Essentials For Glamping

Dinnertime while camping is a special experience, as there’s nothing better than chatting around the campfire with family and friends while looking at the stars. These are precious moments in life. Enjoy them, and savor them in style.

To make sure your campsite is a certified glamping location, there are 5 essential things you need.

  1. A stylish wipeable picnic tablecloth that allows you to keep your picnic table clean while creating a bright and cheery vibe.
  2. Stainless steel tumblers that match your tablecloth are not only fun but practical so you can keep your coffee hot, your iced tea cold, and your wine or beer at just the right temperature. It is also better for the environment by avoiding disposable cups.
  3. Hang fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere at your campsite while also making your campsite easy to find at night. Battery or electric fairy lights are available.
  4. Comfortable chairs are essential for sitting around the campfire and chatting with friends. Get a chair that fits you properly, which means your feet comfortably rest on the ground when sitting, the backrest supports your shoulders, and the slope of the chair doesn’t compress your lower back. This also means different sized chairs for family members may be necessary (just make sure they match to keep the glamping look alive). 
  5. Cute lanterns for the table are a must. Everyone needs light at night, so why not pick stylish ones that accentuate your picnic tablecloth while helping you see in the dark? 

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Camping Is Really About Glamping”

  1. I am not a fan of outside lights. Part of the appeal of being out “in nature”, is to see the stars and anything else you might see at night if there was not a bunch of ambient light.

    I know……… I’m a grump! I just wish people would leave the city stuff in the city. Don’t bring it all with you! I wonder how many people have seen the stars in a dark sky area. It’s awesome!

    • You don’t sound like a grump but instead painting your judgement of others with a bit of a broad brush. We camp in an area in Idaho considered Dark Sky where we can…and have captured gallery quality photos of the Milky Way. Then we return to our camp to savor the experience with a glass of wine sitting outside with our soft romantic lights. They are not “city stuff” and I look forward to that special experience whenever we can go.
      (P.S……And we turn them off before we go inside.)


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