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All Roads Lead to National Indoor RV Centers

Published on April 30th, 2024 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on May 8th, 2024

Trip Wizard map of all NIRVC locations.
Planning routes to every NIRVC facility is easy with RV LIFE Trip Wizard, part of RV LIFE Pro

National Indoor RV Centers Continues to Raise the Bar

It started with exceptional service and storage in one location. Some 15 years later, National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) boasts six locations with sales, storage, service (including chassis), and paint and body. Adding to that repertoire is a motorhome expo that could very well set a new standard in RV shows, sales, and presentation. With seemingly every base covered, all roads lead to NIRVC. Those roads cover a huge swath of the United States. With western locations in Phoenix and Las Vegas, the original Dallas area location, and three eastern facilities in the Nashville, Atlanta, and Washington D.C areas, motorhome owners have more choices than ever. 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

While the origins of that phrase are widely debated, it’s a phrase that NIRVC founder and president Brett Davis takes seriously. With so much of the higher-end motorhome market under his purview, Brett has pushed the envelope and ruffled the feathers of those that would wish to settle for good products and offer good service. Choosing instead to offer exceptional products and services, NIRVC has developed its own customer service tracking tools. It also insists on speedy warranty claims and precise scheduling and turnaround times for motorhome repair.

NIRVC also believes that the customer shouldn’t have to go to three or four different facilities for amazing service. Being able to handle in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair is the first step. With exceptional clout within the industry, NIRVC is your best chance at getting correct parts and service in a timely manner. Adding the convenience of an in-house chassis shop and on-site paint and body means that almost anything your motorhome needs can be handled at one of NIRVC’s six locations.

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Using Motorhome Sales as Leverage

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. When you become the leading sales driver for some of the top name brands in the industry, you also get the grease. Much of NIRVC’s ability to provide excellent service starts with offering a fantastic sales experience. A great sales experience drives more customers to your dealerships. National Indoor RV Centers leads the nation in Newmar sales, Entegra sales, and recently just became a Tiffin Motorhomes dealer. NIRVC also features other motorhome brands, such as Forest River, Winnebago, and luxury Class B motorhomes from GrechRV. When you open that up to pre-owned and consignment RVs, you’ll find a vast array of brands represented.

When NIRVC found themselves at the top of the motorhome sales mountain, they began to use that influence to improve their customer’s experience. Reducing factory issues on new coaches, improving RECT (industry lingo for Repair Event Cycle Time), and insisting on faster warranty claim solutions are all a result of being a sales leader. National Indoor is effectively improving the state of the RV industry one coach at a time, and has become a driving force in the industry.

The Road to Innovation

When you truly care about your customers, you start to find new and innovative ways to serve them more. Two specific events in motorhome ownership that an RVer hopes to never encounter are a steer tire blowout, or a fire. National Indoor is involved in two products that specifically address those concerns. NIRVC was also looking to improve RV rallies and events. By forming the All-Inclusive Motorhome Club, or AIM for short…a higher-end, brand-agnostic club was created. To no one’s surprise, it too is thriving.


Tire blowouts can be catastrophic, and RettroBand, when installed on the two front steer tires of a motorhome, can prevent the loss of control that accompanies that kind of tire failure. This product looks almost like a donut that sits inside the inner ring of a tire. In the event that a tire bursts or otherwise loses air, the ring prevents the tire rim from making contact with the ground, allowing you to maintain control of the vehicle and get to a safe space. How much does NIRVC trust Rettroband? They put their aforementioned CEO and President Brett Davis in a 45-foot motorhome and blew the front tire remotely…while he was driving! You can see the entire video here.

ProTeng Fire Suppression

THIA by Proteng is a patent-pending fire suppression system that is miles ahead of almost anything else on the market, both in how easy it is to use and how effectively it can prevent fire damage to your RV. In the event of a fire, the THIA devices quickly and automatically disperse FM-200, an extinguishing agent that covers the heat source and can prevent, suppress and extinguish fires. The THIA system by Proteng is customized to each RV and consists of multiple self-contained devices that wind through specific areas of the RV that can be prone to fire.

All-Inclusive Motorhome Club

The All Inclusive Motorhome (AIM) Club offers fun, friends, food and unforgettable memories! Empower yourself with AIM Club and learn about motorhome maintenance, life on the road and tricks of the trade through our members-only content, tech-talks and exclusive rallies. Held in beautiful and desirable locations all across the nation, each RV rally is packed with like-minded friends, live entertainment, opportunities to increase your RV skills, adventurous day trips, and tons of delicious food! In addition to popular member events, AIM members enjoy yearly perks, access to exclusive member content, emergency services, and exclusive discounts on great products and services like RV LIFE Pro.

RV LIFE Pro is the leading RV trip planning and navigation suite, featuring the all-in-one trip planner RV LIFE Trip Wizard, and a mobile navigation app. Plan your journey with Trip Wizard on any device, accessing details like campgrounds, fuel stops, satellite and street view, elevation and grade, even weather. The RV-safe mobile navigation app, available for both Apple and Android, guides you safely based on your RV’s height, weight, length and propane status. An inexpensive annual membership grants you peace of mind throughout the year, plus access to RV LIFE Masterclass courses.

All Roads Lead to National Indoor RV Centers

The net result of the efforts put forth by the entire team at every NIRVC is that all roads really do lead to National Indoor RV Centers. If you purchased your coach at NIRVC, then you will be inclined to have all your service and maintenance performed there as well. If you’ve just discovered National Indoor through a service experience, you’ll certainly seek them out when it comes time for your next motorhome. For those that may be shopping for their first rolling dream home, it would be unthinkable not to consider starting that search at one of those six National Indoor RV Centers.

Experience the sales and service side of RVing the way it was meant to be experienced by visiting a National Indoor RV Center today. You can start by checking out their inventory of Class A, Class C, and Class B motorhomes.