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STEP HEAT Debuts Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating For RVs

Published on April 22nd, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

underfloor heating

The New Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating From STEP HEAT

The landscape of the RV world is constantly changing and evolving. New innovations are always in the works, and some major areas of focus are user comfort and renewable energy. STEP HEAT has found a way to combine these goals with its new solar-powered underfloor heating.

STEP HEAT products are often used in brick and mortar homes, but this innovation is perfect for RVers who are looking for a way to live more comfortable and sustainable lives. The product is known as STEP Warmfloor®, and it’s a type of underfloor radiant heating that gently and consistently provides heat.

The big change here is that this technology can be powered by alternative energy sources such as solar power and wind. Solar energy is the most eco-friendly choice for RV owners, and these floors are easy to install and connect to rooftop solar panels.

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STEP Warmfloor®

STEP HEAT has been in the business of heated floors for quite some time. Although many of their products could be installed in an RV, the addition of alternative energy compatibility makes STEP Warmfloor® perfect for the job. These floors can be easily connected to solar panels or wind turbines.

The heating elements that they use are made from a flexible polymer that can be installed underneath almost every type of flooring. Compatible flooring materials include:

  • Stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles
  • Hardwood
  • Laminates
  • Carpet

Even synthetic materials can withstand the heat very well. The STEP Warmfloor® is designed to provide a steady, well-distributed type of heat that won’t cause any damage to people or materials. This model works particularly well for RVs because it has a higher wattage than the models meant for residential homes. The STEP Warmfloor® for RVs can connect to a 24V AC power supply or to a 24V battery pack (source).

Another great feature of this technology is that it can fit RVs of any shape or size. During the installation process, customers simply need to cut the heating elements to an appropriate size. After that, they can apply an approved adhesive, stick the heaters to the floor, and connect the battery/electrical cables. Flooring can then be installed over the top.

Best of all, these heated floors are self-regulating. They can use electricity efficiently to heat up and cool down to match the ambient temperature of your RV. You will be able to stay warm without wasting any energy.

This technology can work in any home, but the STEP Warmfloor® is especially good for RVs and tiny homes. It is easy to install, energy efficient, and easy to hook up to alternative power sources. What’s not to love?

Why use STEP HEAT floors?

Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and placing your feet on an ice-cold floor. Makes you want to climb back into bed and go back to sleep, right? Nobody likes having cold feet, but heated floors can provide several benefits that traditional heaters cannot.

Fewer allergens

For starters, think about other types of heaters. If you’re using your RV air conditioning/heating, you’ll be circulating air throughout your vehicle. This means that you have a greater chance of dispersing dust, pollen, and other allergens into the air. If you’re prone to allergies, this can be annoying and unhealthy. Radiant underfloor heating provides comfort without the trade-off of poor air quality.

More energy-efficient

In addition, STEP HEAT products will reduce your electricity use. Many heaters are electrical and will slowly drain your RV battery. You can save fuel and energy by switching to solar-powered underfloor heating like the kind that STEP HEAT provides.

Optimal placement

Heated floors are a great way to raise the temperature of your RV. As we all know, heat rises. This means that vents or ducts that are placed higher on the walls or ceiling will waste some amount of heat. As the warmth enters the space, it will rise and eventually leak out.

Heated floors can warm an RV from the bottom to the top. With their gradual and steady heat, they can more efficiently heat up a space. There’s a minimal amount of heat loss, and you won’t have to worry about cold toes ever again!

Improved comfort

Finally, heated floors are just more comfortable than traditional ones! The STEP HEAT solar-powered underfloor heating can be installed under a variety of surfaces and materials, so you never need to sacrifice your tiles, carpeting, or any other flooring that you prefer. Heated floors are a luxury that will take your RV to the next level and keep you warm all year long.


“STEP RV is the alignment of nature and engineering and is allowing us to feel the future of freedom and comfort out on the open road. Our radiant, electric systems are the safest way to heat your RV, conserving energy and the health of our planet simultaneously.”

Monica Irgens, President of STEP HEAT

STEP HEAT is a company that has been heating homes and RVs since 1981. The company name is actually an acronym that stands for “Self-Regulating Technology of Electro Plastics”. Of course, the name STEP is much easier to say, so it was shortened for everyday use.

Originally, the company was focused on creating heated seats for cars. Now they have branched out into a variety of heated floors, deicers, and other cold-weather technology. To date, millions of square feet have been installed for various applications throughout the world.

And now, with the introduction of solar-powered underfloor heating, the company is making advancements in the realm of renewable energy. More and more people are turning to the RV lifestyle and trying to reduce their environmental impact. This doesn’t mean that they need to sacrifice their comfort though!

Many luxury RVs that are built for 4-season use include heated floors as part of the package. However, the STEP Warmfloor® is making this technology available to people of all budgets. Even if you don’t have a high-end RV, you can still enjoy the benefits of one.

This company is dedicated to making products that are safe, energy-efficient, and versatile. Heated floors can massively improve your quality of life in an RV, especially if heating and insulation is a problem for you. WIth the launch of this technology, anyone can enjoy the benefits of STEP HEAT.

For more information about the various products from this company, visit Maybe you’ll discover that heated floors are something you would like to incorporate in your own home or RV!

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4 thoughts on “STEP HEAT Debuts Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating For RVs”

  1. Hmm, great idea for RV’s . Question, is there anything for keeping water tanks and water heaters warm too, so they do not freeze ?

    • there are “cable resistors” the same that are used for external pipes, that you could put around the water.

      But again, the only way that they froze is the are not running, if they are not running you have your rv stored. So in makes way more sense that you purge the water system, and save the energy, and yo don’t keep water inside that is not running (generating bacteria and rusting )

  2. I recently read an article on electric heat added to the furnace. It allowed the heating of your RV using the blower on furnace and shore power while leaving the propane as an option when boondocking.

    • there us a US company that sells the resistors and the board that will convert a normal furnance to hybrid (electric/propane) the company is rvcomfortsystems

      The only thing that make sense to do that, is to use the campground resource (the “free” electricity) instead of using your propane, and your RV has vents that goes into the tanks or pipes that avoid freezing up. If not, you can get a simple electric furnace, and install it as a second unit.

      In my lance, I took apart an space heater and used the resistor, put it in front of the furnace inlet and a relay connected to the fan (12v relay for 120v contactor). so every time that the furnace started the electric resistor came on too. Still sued propane, but was helped by electric. reducing the heating time.


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