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A True Solar Power Package Can Now Be Included With Your New Keystone RV

Published on April 8th, 2020 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on April 20th, 2020

Keystone RV has changed the landscape of factory-installed solar power systems. We’ve all seen the phrases “Solar Ready” or “Pre-wired for Solar” emphasized in many RV feature descriptions. While those statements are technically accurate, it’s a bit like saying your home is pre-wired for a hot tub because you have electricity and a water hose. What’s needed to complete either picture varies greatly in cost, installation, and expertise. 

Travel trailers, 5th-wheels, and motorhomes that state that they are pre-wired for solar do so in a variety of ways. On the roof, some will include a solar cable entry plate, while others may simply terminate into two MC4 connectors. Depending on the manufacturer, the solar cable entry plate, or port, may be proprietary and designed specifically for a particular brand of solar panel. 

The degree to which the rest of the wiring is “solar ready” varies greatly. The RV owner is typically left to mount the solar panels on their roof (no small task) and install a compatible solar controller. Others may find themselves also fishing out wires from behind an access panel or cutting into walls to find those wires, and installing a battery monitoring display. 

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Super SolarFlex from Keystone

Keystone RV has changed all of that, offering a true, complete solar package that can be included with your RV. This new package that Keystone is calling Super SolarFlex is available exclusively from Keystone. The Super SolarFlex system is an exceptional solar power and energy management system designed, engineered, and optimized exclusively for Keystone Montana luxury 5th-wheels. 

What Keystone has done here is nothing short of remarkable. Rather than tacking on a few solar components that more or less charge the on-board batteries, they have taken a ground-up initiative to create a complete, integrated turn-key high performance solar energy system. High performance is typically not a phrase we normally associate with the trickle-charge characteristics of standard solar power system. Keystone aims to change that stereotype. 

With the combination of Dragonfly EnergyTM GC3 LIFEPO4 Lithium Ion batteries and Coleman-Mach Powersaver air conditioners with integrated soft-start, you’ll be able to cool your coach while running on battery power. Yes, A/C on batteries, the new definition of high-performance. 

The hi-tech features don’t stop there. Solar panels provided by Jaboni Power Products produce over 1,000 watts of power, virtually unheard of in the RV market. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology provides up to 60-amps of power, surpassing the capabilities of standard PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) systems. All that power is managed by a 3,000W Magnum Hybrid inverter charger that powers every outlet, appliance, and system in your Montana. 

For those that prefer peace of mind over power specs, you can rest assured that a Precision CircuitsTM Battery Guardian provides a second level of protection by disabling 12V circuits until adequate battery charge is achieved. Helping you keep up with what’s going on and reducing your energy anxiety, a battery load monitor and easy-to-use smartphone app provide real-time monitoring you can track. 

The net result is a precision-tuned system designed to work together. You have an incredibly low maintenance solution that benefits boondockers and glampers alike. Love spending your time off the grid? The lithium batteries and all that solar power make you more self-sufficient than ever. If luxury camping is more your style, all that clean, extra power means you’re never at a loss for energy to power anything from your eBook to your espresso machine. 

RVing and camping are synonymous with nature. At their core, RVers have always believed that adding solar to your RV was simply the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the complexity and confusion surrounding a quality solar system install meant that most RVers have never pursued it. 

Now you can enjoy a high quality, factory-installed, fully integrated solar power system: Super SolarFlex from Keystone. No accidental wiring, no compatibility issues, no unmet expectations. A true solar power system for the modern age from the same cutting edge manufacturer that built your 5th-wheel.

Forget about the aftermarket pretenders or trying to DIY your own solar power system. Super SolarFlex is available as an option on every Montana model. Ask for it when you buy your next Keystone Montana

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3 thoughts on “A True Solar Power Package Can Now Be Included With Your New Keystone RV”

  1. What Keystone Montana models can this super solar flex system be added to? We are looking to purchase the Montana High Country 385BR and would like to have this system installed for us

    • TJ,
      Keystone RV is adding the SolarFlex systems to every Montana model. You will be good to go on what ever you decide to go with. I would suggest looking at either the SolarFlex™ 600i-L or the SolarFlex™ 1200i-L packages.


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