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The Best RV Slideout Supports And Accessories

Published on November 4th, 2022 by Jennifer Jennings
This post was updated on February 16th, 2024

Front and Rear RV slideout

Our Favorite RV Slideout Supports And Accessories

Looking to make your RV slideouts more stable and less likely to leak? We’ve compiled the best RV slideout supports and accessories to upgrade your RV setup!

Slideouts are a gift to RV campers. They can quickly turn a narrow space into a spacious living area with the push of a button. Slideouts offer RVers additional comfort and space, which can really go a long way in making your trips more comfortable. 

Unfortunately, slideouts also come with some drawbacks as well. These additions make maintenance and upkeep on your rig more involved. They can sometimes cause leaks or insulation problems. Others complain about a lack of stability when using their slides.

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Still, many people feel the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to RV slideouts. And there’s good news: you can find many accessories that can help battle the issues that come with slides. Here are the best RV slideout supports and accessories!

A travel trailer with its pop out extended in a grassy campground.
If you plan to utilize slideout supports, it’s important to use them properly!

What are RV slideout supports?

Slideout supports, also called stabilizers, are products similar to jacks that are designed to help support the weight of sliding rooms during long-term use. They are meant to help minimize wear and tear as you use your slideouts. However, there is some debate as to whether or not they are necessary. 

While newer RV slideouts, sometimes called pop-outs, are designed to function without stabilizers, there are many instances when it may be a good idea to use them.

  • Those camping long term in their RVs and using their slides often can benefit from stabilizers to help bear the weight of heavy usage.
  • Older rigs with pop-outs that are already sagging can also benefit from support to prevent further damage.
  • Slideout stabilizers can also help avoid rocking or swaying, especially on huge rigs.

Tips for using RV slideout supports

Here are four tips for using RV slideout supports:

  1. In order to use stabilizers properly and prevent damaging your pop-outs, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Always make sure that your rig is level before settling them up, and if you can, let your RV “settle” for a few days first.
  3. Don’t lift the supports too high, and place the stabilizer on the metal part of the slideout.
  4. Be sure to continue to monitor them once they are in place, as tires could leak some air, or the ground could sink a little. 

Best slideout supports

There are tons of slideout supports to choose from, but they’re not all made the same. When considering which stabilizers are right for you, look for reputable brands and positive reviews from other users. Here are some recommendations:

Camco EAZ Lift RV Slideout Supports

These popular Camco slideout supports are made of heavy-duty steel that can hold up to 5,000 pounds. They’re designed to help prevent strain on your pop-outs when using them for extended periods of time. The length is adjustable, and the top is universal so that these stabilizers will work with any RV.

Camco is a long-time trusted brand for RV owners. Plus, users say these slide supports are well made, easy to install, and well worth the investment. 

WEIZE Slideout Support Jacks

For a more budget-friendly option, the WEIZE slideout stabilizers still offers excellent value. These stabilizers can hold nearly as much weight as the Camco stabilizers, providing support for up to 4700 pounds.

While these supports are also adjustable, they come in two different sizes: 39 or 49 inches. Reviews say that these budget-friendly supports do their job perfectly. 

Camco EAZ LIFT RV Patio Supports

The EAZ Lift RV Patio Support stabilizers are designed to work especially with toy haulers or flat-bottomed slideouts. The difference between these and some other options is the shape of the supports and how they connect with your rig. The Camco patio supports offer an easy setup and has a support pad made of thermoplastic elastomers that won’t damage your RV.

These EAZ Lift supports are ideal for those turning their toy hauler backdoors into patios that require a bit more stability. 

Dumble RV Slideout Stabilizer Jacks

The Dumble RV Slideout Stabilizer Jacks are easy to install and come in three different adjustable lengths. The supports come with clear instructions to guide you toward the proper setup to stabilize your pop-outs for extended stays.

To order, all you need to do is measure the height beneath your slides, choose the best length, and you’re good to go. 

Best RV Slideout Support Accessories

In addition to slideout stabilizers, there are a few other RV accessories that can help prevent damage to your rig’s pop-out rooms.

By using these accessories, you can help extend the life of your rig’s slides so you can keep using the extra space they offer for years to come. 

3-IN-ONE RVcare Rubber Seal Conditioner

The 3-IN-ONE RVCare rubber seal conditioner is designed to extend the life of these seals and prevent cracking and fading. The formula is water-resistant and protects against extreme heat and sunlight. 

The rubber seals on your slides are what help prevent moisture from entering your RV. However, on slideouts, these rubber seals often experience friction, which can cause wear and tear over time.

Solera Slide Topper Awning

Another way to protect your slideout from harsh weather and debris is with a topper. The Solera Slide Topper Awning comes in many different sizes, so you can find the perfect option that extends just a few inches past each side of your pop-out box.

This topper awning also comes in two colors, so you can easily match your rig’s color scheme. After installing, the topper automatically extends and retracts with your slideout, so you don’t have to add any additional steps to your RV campground setup. 

3-IN-ONE RVcare Slide-Out Silicone Lube

RVcare also makes a reputable silicone lube that will keep your slides moving smoothly and prevent squeaking and sticking. This lubricant reduces friction when you’re sliding out or retracting your pop-outs and extends the life of your slideout’s gears. The application nozzle makes it easy to apply, even in tough-to-reach areas.

Track your RV maintenance

The extra space that slideouts offer RV owners can’t be created any other way. For full-time campers, big families, or those who simply want more space, pop-outs are essential. While the potential issues with slideouts can definitely be off-putting, all you need to do is properly care for them.

By using these accessories and consistently caring for your slides, they should last a long time. Slideout supports, toppers, seal conditioners, and lubricants can all help you extend the life of your pop-outs. 

Make sure you keep track of all your RV maintenance and repairs with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance. Not only can you keep all of your documents in one place, but you’ll also receive timely reminders when maintenance is due to help you avoid costly repairs and potentially serious accidents.

See what other RVers are saying

 Forums such as and blog sites like RV LIFE, Do It Yourself RV, and Camper Report provide all the information you need to enjoy your RV. You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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  1. We hold an RV Rally yearly in Goshen, IN and we have the reps from Lippert/LCI at it each year to put on a session or two. Each year the question of should we be using slide-out supports on our unit when set up. The answer has always been ” Do not use any supports under the slides. They are built to support themselves. If supports are used they can cause problems and actually spring the slide frame and damage the mechanism that works the slide.”


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