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This RV Repairman Makes $20,000 A Month On JustAnswer

Published on November 16th, 2020 by Natalie Henley

RV Repairman Makes $20,000 A Month On JustAnswer. Source

This RV Repairman Makes $20,000 A Month On JustAnswer

“All you need is a laptop or a tablet.” These days, you’ll find Randall Gibbons, a former RV repairman from California, behind a laptop screen or on the phone answering RV-related questions with the online service, JustAnswer. This simple task of replying to queries has helped him stock up for a rainy day, especially since he is racking up an average of $20,000 a month.

What is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is an online service that connects users with experts to help answer pressing questions related to practically any subject area, including finances, legal advice, health care, mechanics, electronics, and home improvement.  Users can interact with experts via typed responses or over the phone for an additional fee.  

How did this RV repairman become involved?

Gibbons first learned about JustAnswer in 2009.  He was having trouble getting his Buick Riviera to work and needed some troubleshooting advice. A friend directed him to the online platform, and after an expert’s response, his car was up and running. 

Upon further investigation of subject areas covered on JustAnswer, Gibbons found that users were asking questions about RVs.  “I said, ‘Gee, they’ve got an RV section. Somebody’s answering those questions, why isn’t that me?’” 

How much can you make on JustAnswer?

When Gibbons started working on the site, it was in a part-time capacity as he was also running his RV repair shop.  In those years, he was making about $400 or $500 a month.  After he sold his establishment in April, Gibbons is on JustAnswer full-time making five figures a month.

“I think I’ve made almost $20,000 every month since May,” said Gibbons, now 74. “Not bad for answering questions.”

Last year, Gibbons grossed $96,000, and this year he’s made $120,000 by October alone. What is his secret to financial success?  Gibbons laid out three effective, common sense tactics.

Put in the time.

Prior to selling his shop, Gibbons had few breaks in his day to log onto the site and answer questions. Now, free of business owner obligations, he’s devoted every day to helping people with RV issues online.“I get up, usually at 4:30 in the morning,” he said. “I’m always online by 5.” His workday ends around 10 or 11 at night, with breaks throughout the day. Workdays total 16-18 hours a day, and by the end of the week, he typically answers close to 300 questions. Experts can make up to $19, plus a bonus, per question.

Get to the point.

In order to address as many questions as he does, Gibbons has chosen to minimize the small talk and get right to business by answering the query. He explained, “When it’s real busy you can’t take time to give all that foo-foo flowery stuff,” he says. “I want to get to the nuts and bolts. I’m more of a guy that says, ‘Look, I want to solve your problem.’”

Find the opportune time and go for it.

The RV industry has seen significant spikes in sales and travel. With the uptick in RVers comes an increase in RV issues and troubleshooting. Gibbons has taken full advantage of this sudden surge, making himself available to users practically 24 hours a day. He added, “And so, man, business has just exploded this year. At the end of August, I had already made more than I made last year.”

How to join JustAnswer

Gibbons’ bit of advice is much like his answers on JustAnswer, short and sweet.  If you have the expertise in a particular field and a laptop or tablet, try it. “If you have a skill and you need a little money,” advised Gibbons, “Like if you’re retired or out of work, give JustAnswer a shot. It’s flexible, there’s a real variety of categories to sell your expertise in, and you never have to answer a question you don’t want to answer.”

For those interested in learning more about JustAnswer, visit their site to learn more about subjects covered, register to use the service, and even apply to become an expert.

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  1. I am a retired home remodel/repair person with almost 50 years experience to back up my skills. After 8 years retirement I still have people contacting me seeking solutions to their home problems. I was never licensed but never had any legal issues with my services. Would I be a candidate for your group? John Wilson


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