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RV Hacks: RV Love’s Second Book Is Packed With Content

Published on July 12th, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan

Marc and Julie Bennett hold their new book, RV Hacks.

RV Hacks Is Loaded With Depth

My preview copy of Marc and Julie Bennett’s new book, RV Hacks, fortuitously arrived before a rainy Texas weekend. I assumed I could skim through it and knock out a book review and still have time to settle in to watch some golf. It didn’t go down quite that way. RV Hacks, which touts over “400 Ways To Make LIfe On The Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun” is completely jam-packed with content. Not a drop of ink was wasted on giant page-filling photos designed to set the mood. The photos and illustrations that do appear are precise and necessary. 

At 240 pages including the index, the semi-gloss, textured cover lets you know right away that there is depth to this book. While still wrapped in the mailer, it felt like a hefty hard cover. While paperback doesn’t feel like the right term, it’s further proof of how much meat is in between the pages. 

Diving In to RV Hacks

You’ll find yourself quickly engrossed in the details of RV Hacks. This is definitely a turn off the TV and find a recliner kind of book. One of the most pleasing aspects of RV Hacks is the calming color palette and layout of each page. The organization is very methodical. Should you need to drop in a bookmark and stop for a while, you’ll find it very easy to pick up right where you left off. 

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Again, the breadth of readable text is astounding. This isn’t like a magazine you’ll skim over, it’s a collection of the best tips not only from Marc and Julie’s experiences, but from those of several other RVers, offering a wide range of perspective.


The 415 RV hacks in this book are divided into six logical chapters;

  1. Driving
  2. Repairs and Maintenance
  3. Camping, Campgrounds, and Boondocking
  4. RV Living: Cooking, Organization, and Storage
  5. Work and Technology on the Road
  6. Families, Kids, and Pets

Topics are wide ranging from parking and pets to water and Wi-Fi. My favorite parts of the book are the clever but sparse illustrations that occasionally support the RV hacks they reference.

I particularly liked RV hack #26. While I know that the exit numbers and mile markers on a highway are synced up, I had forgotten about the exit number sign being on the left or right of the highway sign indicating a right or left exit. As it’s written in RV Hacks;

“Exit numbers on most interstate highways are aligned with numbered mile markers – and these reset when entering a new state. So, if you know what number exit you need to get off at, you can quickly estimate how many miles to your destination. For example, if you are at mile marker 60, and you need to exit at mile marker 75, you know you have 15 miles to go. Know whether your upcoming exit will be on the left or right side by paying attention to the position of the tabs on top of the exit signs. As you travel the country, you’ll find right exits to be more common, but you’ll come across left exits from time to time”

Hack #26

As a dog owner, I particularly liked some of the clever pet tips. Hack #393 is particularly humorous and interesting as it involves your dog, methane, and a propane detector. 


Though knowing for a while that this book was coming, I was genuinely surprised at the robustness of the content in RV Hacks. We are constantly offered information in bite-sized amounts, whether it be through blogs, videos, or social media. Even current print magazines assume you have the attention span of a gnat, giving you just a bit of information before forcing you to the back pages to finish an article. 

RV Hacks is none of those things; rather it is a straightforward, cohesive, logical gathering of vital information that every RVer needs. Knowing Marc and Julie, I’ve seen their excitement over the release of this book bubbling for months. I can now see why they are so passionate about it.

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