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RV GPS App Now Included with RV Trip Wizard

Graphic showing FREE app included with RV LIFE Pro subscription.

RV GPS App Now Included with RV Trip Wizard

RV LIFE, now over a million members strong, now includes a smart RV GPS app free with every RV Trip Wizard Subscription. The duo is now part of what will be called RV LIFE Pro. This bundle of tools helps RVers navigate their journeys.

Titled in both app stores as “RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds”, this powerful mobile app not only provides a great alternative to those expensive RV GPS devices, but will access the trips you have created in RV Trip Wizard. This 1-2 punch makes planning and executing your RV vacations simpler than ever, at no additional cost.

Exporting Trips Is No Longer Necessary

While RV Trip Wizard users have enjoyed planning their RV trips for years, getting those trips out of RV Trip Wizard for navigation has been a challenge. Exporting a trip to a stand alone device such as a Garmin GPS or Rand McNally unit has its pitfalls. Exporting to Google maps is possible, but Google isn’t RV aware, adding risk to even the most carefully planned trips. 

Graphic of GPS navigation in RV LIFE app.
RV GPS App Now Included with RV Trip Wizard

Navigate Those RV Trips You Have Planned

Now, RV Trip Wizard users can navigate the trips they have planned in RV Trip Wizard. The RV GPS app on their mobile phone or other GPS enabled device is ready to help. Once downloaded from the app store (Apple or Android), simply sign in to the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds mobile app. Use the same credentials used for RV Trip Wizard. Not only will you be able to enjoy the full premium features of the app, but you’ll be able to locate and navigate any of the active trips you have saved in RV Trip Wizard. The RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app will show you live driving status with RV safe turn-by-turn navigation. By providing the app with your RV height, weight, length, and propane status, you can be assured of a safe routing.

Turn-by-turn directions on iPhone.
Maps and Trip Data can be Downloaded for Offline Use

Download Data For Offline Use

Do you anticipate that the road ahead will take you into areas with limited data coverage? If so, you can download all of the vital data you need for your trip ahead of time. The data will be available on your mobile device when you are out signal range. You’ll find articles like this and many others in the Articles section to keep up with what’s new in the RV lifestyle. 

RV Trip Wizard: The Secret Weapon For Successful Trip Planning

Jason and Rae Miller, the popular Getaway Couple, called RV Trip Wizard The Secret Weapon for Successful Trip Planning. 

Said Jason Miller in their blog post, “RV Trip Wizard has been an invaluable tool in our arsenal for successful RV trip planning. Since we full-time, we need to continuously plan throughout the whole year.”

Download The RV GPS App, Now Included With RV Trip Wizard

If you aren’t already signed up for RV Trip Wizard, visit the website for current pricing. Like and follow the RV Trip Wizard and RV LIFE Facebook pages. Check out the RV Trip Wizard thread on iRV2. The RV Trip Wizard YouTube channel has training videos and other information. Once you are signed up for RV Trip Wizard, download the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app. You’ll get the best combination of RV trip planning tools for the new RVer, the full-time RVer, and every RVer in between.

RV Trip Planning Made Simple

At RV LIFE, we know you want the freedom and memories from your own RV adventures. The problem is that planning an epic RV journey is complex and can leave you overwhelmed. We believe it should be simple. As RVers ourselves, we understand the process and our software has helped millions of RVers make their travel dreams come true.

We help you find the perfect campground and a safe route to get there. You’ll also be connected to the world's largest RV community and a host of RV-specific tools so you can journey with confidence.

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