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RV LIFE Increases Price, Adds Value And Staff To Meet Demand

Published on February 25th, 2022 by Patrick Buchanan

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Successful US-Based Company Continues To Grow

After another record year for RVing, RV LIFE is preparing to meet the high demand for its RV LIFE Pro suite of tools. After adding RV Masterclass to its portfolio last June, RV LIFE has continued to grow by adding developers and designers to the team as the appetite for its highly regarded RV LIFE Trip Wizard and RV LIFE GPS app continue to grow substantially.

While existing members will not see an increase in their annual rate, new subscribers to the platform will see a rate of $59.00 per year, beginning on March 1st, 2022. While RV LIFE is traditionally slow to raise prices, inflation and increased staffing have warranted the $10 per year increase as a necessary component to provide the best solutions to their members.

Fortunately, by adding the RV LIFE Masterclasses to the suite, all members will more than get their money’s worth. They will also enjoy some excellent refinements and operability enhancements across the RV LIFE platform in 2022.

At the new price of $59 per year, Pro members can enjoy the full benefits of the entire RV LIFE community for the price of just one, or perhaps two, nights of camping. This community includes popular RVing resources like, RV LIFE Campgrounds, AIR Forums, VanLifers, and more.

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Become an RV LIFE Pro Member today and save

RVers looking to beat the price increase and enjoy RV LIFE Pro at the $49 per year price can do so by visiting In addition to the well received RV LIFE Trip Wizard, Pro members will have access to the RV LIFE GPS mobile app, the RV LIFE Maintenance tool, and the aforementioned RV LIFE Masterclasses, which are expected to be integrated into RV LIFE Pro in the coming months.

RV LIFE Pro enjoys the most complete campground listings available, by virtue of its relationship to RV LIFE Campgrounds. With over two decades of campground data, reviews, pictures, and tips…no other planning and navigation suite even comes close.

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