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Pet Patio – The Inflatable RV Pet Fence From AirSkirts

Published on July 11th, 2022 by Patrick Buchanan

An Innovative and Attractive RV Pet Fence Option

Utilizing the durable, inflatable materials that have made their RV skirting such a big hit, the folks at AirSkirts took a swing at what was next on the list of “RV products that can be done better” and have created their inflatable RV pet fence, dubbed the Pet Patio.

Made from the same heavy duty PVC material used by AirSkirts, “even the pointiest pet nails won’t puncture” the inflatable Pet Patio panels.

What is the Pet Patio?

Pet Patio is a series of inflatable panels and doors designed to keep your pet contained close to your RV. Held in place by water bags or stakes, Pet Patio is designed to handle outward the pressure from dogs leaning or jumping on the fence itself. Not only does that durable PVC prevent puncturing, but smaller dogs won’t be able to see through the material either, helping to prevent some of those canines from barking at your RVing neighbors. Pet Patio is designed specifically to contain your energetic small and medium sized dogs. 

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The Pet Patio is 10 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and stands 3 feet tall. An entire setup weighs under 50 pounds. For cleaning, you can give the Patio a light spray with a hose, and for deeper cleanings, use a mild soap such as Dawn dish soap followed by a good rinse. Most dogs cannot chew through Pet Patio either, due to the large diameter of the tubes and the outside placement of the wall material. 

AirSkirts RV Pet Patio RV dog fence set up in front of an rv

The Problem With Traditional RV Pet Fences

For RVers taking their pets with them, a traditional RV pet fence has two drawbacks: weight and space. Metal fencing is heavy, but plastic fencing is bulky. An inflatable Pet Patio helps offset both of those drawbacks. Additionally, metal fencing can rust, and those plastic panels, particularly those with the spring loaded pivoting connection points, do wear and break. Moisture is not their friend, and it’s not uncommon to have to replace individual panels somewhat often.

Most pet fencing doesn’t look all that great either. If you do get nice looking fencing, your dog may or not benefit from being able to see your neighbors through the fencing. Some dogs prefer to know what’s on the other side of the fence, but others will bark at what they see. If your dog or dogs are in the latter category, then the Pet Patio would be helpful in that regard.

For full timers, especially those with strict RV park appearance rules or HOA regulations, the Pet Patio might be just what you need to enhance the appearance of your seasonal camping site. If this is the case, you might benefit from AirSkirts RV skirting as well.


We all have different RVs and different pets, and thus a need for an RV pet fence that suits our individual tastes. For current pricing, head over to their website and give the Pet Patio a look, and if it’s right for you, get yours pre-ordered today.

woman with dog inside a pet patio in front of an rv.

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