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Is Custom RV Skirting Worth The Money?

Published on December 10th, 2021 by Kendall Jennings

RV with custom RV skirting
Should you invest in custom RV skirting? Photo: RV Skirting Pros Cover photo: Jims RV Skirting

Is Custom RV Skirting Worth The Money?

RV skirting is generally associated with winter RVing. Although this is the most common time it is used, RV skirting provides insulation and weather resistance both to cold and hot weather.

The benefits of RV skirting are well known, and for the majority of serious RVers and cold weather RVers, it is a must. There are many ways to skirt an RV and lots of RVers go the DIY route.

Rigid foam, plywood, vinyl siding, tarps, and hay bails are all used to surround and insulate the underneath of your RV. All of these options block wind, however, some are much better at insulating the warm air under the RV from the cold air outside or vise versa.

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DIY RV Skirting

Custom RV skirting is not cheap, and so DIY skirting is often seen on RVs. DIY skirting is commonly made using rigid foam or plywood. The disadvantage to these materials is storing them when not in use. They can take up a lot of space, and since they are rigid, it can be tricky to find a good place for them. Wood skirting will also be more susceptible to water damage.

All skirting is attached in some way to your RV. When considering DIY skirting, understand you will likely have to drill fasteners or attach brackets to your RV. Many people won’t feel comfortable doing this themselves. The skirting should also be fitted well to all corners and contours of your RV to be effective, so gauge your skills before going DIY.

Minus your time, you will save on buying materials yourself over the custom RV skirting, but it will still add up. You should do a complete material checklist and consider your time as well.

Custom RV Skirting

Custom RV skirting will be vinyl skirting with insulation in many cases that is custom fit to your RV. It will fit tightly and produce a good seal around the entire perimeter.

The cost will be dependent on the materials you choose and of course the size of your RV. There are vinyl options available with and without insulated backing. Different companies use different fastening systems with the two most common being snaps or twist locks or a rail system.

Having custom skirting made will be expensive, we’re talking thousands! As mentioned, the price will range. For a smaller RV using insulated vinyl panels, you are looking at a couple of thousand dollars, and large fifth wheels can be five thousand plus!

Is custom RV skirting worth the money?

This is a question only you can really answer. If you are looking into RV skirting, odds are that you are a serious RVer and you are in a more extreme climate region.

Full-time RVers and RVers with a stationary RV will most likely invest in skirting. Again, depending on your needs, there are cheaper custom kits that are without insulation and perhaps don’t have as many cutouts and access points. These kits can be had for under a thousand dollars. They will likely require some cutting or adjustment on your part as well as initial installation and fit-up.

Depending on your location, a custom kit will be measured and fitted on your RV by techs and then installed for the first time with any adjustments made. After that, there are no questions about how it will fit.

Another option that is somewhat custom yet universal is the inflatable skirting kits. These kits are also pricey, but have the benefit of being more versatile, and don’t require any modifications to your RV.

Things to consider in the cost

Your time is the number one consideration. Collecting the materials, measuring, cutting, and installing will take time and possibly some trial and error depending on your skills. This has to be considered for the DIY crew.

Included in the cost of a custom skirting is the onsite measuring before fabrication and the onsite installation once complete. This allows you to know exactly what to expect and to confirm the locations of seams and access points.

Quality of materials is another big factor in quality custom RV skirting. With an in-person appointment prior to your skirting being made, you will be able to see and feel the materials that will be used.

Any reputable company will back their work with a warranty and post-sale service. If you have an issue with a seam, for example, having it repaired correctly is worth the upfront cost.

Many RV parks that do allow skirting require that it is “proper” RV skirting. That is, it looks and fits neatly to your RV. If you are full-time or spend a lot of time in colder or hotter weather, the cost for custom RV skirting will be worth it.

DIY RV skirting is doable and completed by many RVers. If you are an occasional RVer or fair-weather camper, the cost for custom RV skirting probably doesn’t make sense. However, for full-time winter camping or full-time stationary living, quality custom RV skirting is worth it to most.

Your individual situation will determine if custom RV skirting is right for you or not. It is a big investment, so decide carefully and choose a reputable company to custom make your skirting.

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