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New Month To Month RV Extended Warranty Sends Techs To You

Published on May 14th, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on July 26th, 2021

Top view of technician repairing oven in an RV.
Month to month RV extended warranty is a game changer

New Month To Month RV Extended Warranty Sends Techs To You

Extended warranties have always had fans on both sides of the fence. It’s about finding that delicate balance between cost and being worry-free.

Take a washing machine or big screen television for example. When the cost of the warranty and the hassle of making a claim exceeds its perceived value, buyers lose interest and would rather toss out the offending appliance and buy a new one. 

This typically doesn’t happen with high-end purchases like an automobile or an RV. Deep down we all want the extended warranty. Still, 70% of RVers do not have an RV extended warranty. It’s not that those 70% didn’t want one, but the cons outweighed the pros at the time of purchase.

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Objections to an RV extended warranty

There are a few reasons why folks choose not to purchase an extended warranty with their new travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome. It’s not only about price, so we’ll look at all of the reasons.


While it may not only be about price, it is certainly the highest factor. An RV extended warranty is commensurate with the price of the RV, perhaps 3-4% of the RV price. This additional cost isn’t always the deciding factor, but it does make us pause and look at the big picture. If the extended warranty was offered at $50, we’d all instantly sign on the dotted line and the conversation would be over. Of course, that’s not how it works.

Warranty length

Surprisingly, one feature that gives the RV extended warranty value is also a detriment. Warranties can often stretch for 5 years, and like your loan interest, is front-loaded into your payment.

RVers that find themselves wanting to sell the RV or upgrade to a newer one may not have the flexibility to do so under their warranty contract. Depending on the trade-in or resale value of the RV, they may have already paid for most of that RV extended warranty, and will have to start the process all over again with the next one.

RV extended warranty restrictions

The warranty length dovetails into the issue with restrictions. RVers that are extremely handy with automotive, plumbing, and electrical disciplines may feel hamstrung by the warranty. After owning the RV for a year or two, those handy men and women want to start doing some of those RV repairs themselves. Depending on the system that needs work, they may not be allowed to do any self maintenance, as it may void the warranty. Now they are forced to have an RV service center perform work they could easily do themselves until the warranty runs out. 

RV dealers and service providers are backlogged more than ever these days. A weekend repair an RVer could have done on their own is instead a month long ordeal at the dealership. We should note here that most people do not realize you can cancel your existing RV extended warranty.

A bad value for seasonal RVers

For those RVers that store their RVs for six months of the year, that “5-year warranty” is actually only “working” for half that time. You are paying for all those months your RV is in storage, when essentially nothing can happen to it, barring an insurance event such as theft or catastrophic weather.

When you apply your monthly cost of the RV extended warranty to the actual usable RVing months, it’s not a value at all.

Stop overpaying for your RV warranty

What if you could buy an RV extended warranty at a competitive price, but do so on a month-to-month basis? You would save thousands of dollars, you would have the flexibility of choosing how long you wanted the warranty, and you could cancel at any time if you felt you had outgrown it. You could even cancel the warranty and start it up again after several months of storage.

RV Service Shield – The First Ever Month to Month RV Warranty

RV Service Shield has entered the marketplace and promises to shake up the RV industry with great value, customer service, and additional benefits not previously offered in the RV warranty space.

RV Service Shield was started by Daniel Lopez, a former president of highly respected Coach-Net and a 10-year veteran of the RV industry. Daniel is also a consultant to the RVDA, the RV Dealers Association. Dan believed there had to be a better way to offer RV extended warranties to RV owners in a way that is easy and matches their need, budget, and lifestyle.

RV extended warranty service chart

The RV Service Shield Difference

An RV Service Shield warranty has several features that make it stand out from other offerings. In addition to being provided as a month-to-month payment option, RV Service Shield includes these other great benefits.

24/7 Technical Assistance Hotline 

Sometimes you have a question, and you aren’t yet certain whether it’s a warranty issue. Perhaps the furnace won’t fire in your RV and you are stuck with a cold water shower. While it may be a warranty or service issue, it could simply be a breaker or an easy propane problem. The Technical Assistance Hotline team can walk you through the simple stuff, especially for new RVers, before determining if it is a service or warranty issue. 

Mobile RV mechanic

If you do run into a service problem, RV Service Shield can dispatch a mobile RV mechanic to come to your location to fix the problem. Obviously there are some limitations, but most RV problems aren’t the big kind, like a failed transmission or a broken drive axle. They are the smaller simpler problems like awnings and slides that won’t retract, steps that won’t open, or that heater or furnace that won’t do its job. 

Emergency roadside assistance

An RV extended warranty from RV Service Shield includes roadside assistance. When bad luck strikes and you have that roadside flat or have some other debilitating event, roadside assistance is there to serve you. 

Easy online registration and purchase

If you can get new eyeglasses or buy a car online, why can’t we buy an affordable RV extended warranty online instantly with minimal effort? Now you can. With a straightforward, menu-driven process, you can easily purchase your RV warranty online without going through a dodgy quote process or excessive waiting or bartering. Order a car, buy a pizza, get an RV warranty. Easy.

Month-to-month payments

It’s been mentioned before but it cannot be overstated. You can buy your RV extended warranty one month at a time. You can cancel it at any time. You can restart it at any time. There aren’t any penalties or fees for stopping your coverage. Once coverage is stopped, however, if you would like to resume coverage, you will have to pay the start-up fee again and your RV will have to be reassessed and may have a new monthly fee.

Startup Fee and Waiting Period

Waiting Period

An initial waiting period is established with any new RV extended warranty. This is in lieu of any expensive and burdensome RV inspections. There is a 30 day/1000 mile waiting period. The waiting period does not affect your access to emergency roadside assistance or access to a mobile RV mechanic.

Startup Fee

In order to provide the opportunity to turn coverage on and off, provide the best levels of service, avoid costly inspections, and ensure they can provide repair services as soon as your 30 day/1000 mile waiting period ends, a startup fee is collected to maintain proper claim reserves to serve you today and in the future.


RV Service Shield’s new month-to-month RV extended warranty could potentially save you thousands of dollars. It also puts control back in your hands when it comes to managing the length and flexibility of your RV warranty. Get a free quote from RV Service Shield today.

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14 thoughts on “New Month To Month RV Extended Warranty Sends Techs To You”

  1. So do I have to wait for 30 days AND 1000 miles? Or is it whichever comes first? I don’t go very far from home base at this time. I have a towable.

  2. Quote for one year bumper to bumper or powertrain only. Full payment upfront transferable?
    Ken Marks 541.350.6925
    2008 Newmar Grand Star M-3751 Freightliner Cummins diesel 53,000 mi

  3. We own 2013 Discovery 40E Always have extended warranty. Our current 3 year ends mid Dec. what would you charge month to month We will have 75,000 miles at that time.

  4. I have had an RV warranty on my 2007 diesel pusher and for what I’m paying I may as well save the premium and pay when things happen.

    • This is unfortunate. Many of the 2000- 2009 vehicles are in great shape and most of the issues have been resolved.
      I’d like to review the warranty companies decision making numbers that makes them cut those of us who own older year models ‘untouchable’


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