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Secure Your RV: Tips & Systems To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Published on April 14th, 2023 by Kendall Jennings
This post was updated on April 28th, 2023

Security system being programed beside a door - RV security systems

RV Security Systems: Options And Features To Look For

RV security systems shouldn’t be an afterthought following a theft. Unfortunately, this is often a reality that could have easily been avoided. Installing a security system will keep your RV and your belongings safe.

There has been a lot of talk lately about RV theft, as the numbers have been rising. Although the theft of RVs is still pretty uncommon, there is a greater chance of having your RV broken into.

Just as RVs are easy to steal, they are equally easy to break into. RV windows and doors are not reinforced like in houses, and the locks are cheap. Combine this with the fact that most people now travel with laptops and other valuable electronics, and it’s easy to see why RVs are easy targets.

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Do I need an RV security system?

RV security systems are still a fairly new concept to most RVers. However, with the popularity of full-time RVing, RV security has become a more discussed topic.

Working on the road is very common now for RVers, which results in RVs having lots of valuables on board that can’t be easily taken every time you leave. Beyond the expensive electronics that you may have with you, those living full-time in their RVs have all of their family’s personal belongings including irreplaceable items.

For the weekend warrior who travels light and is careful to keep any valuables with them, an RV security system likely isn’t a priority. For full-timers and those traveling for extended periods with more stuff, having an RV security system is definitely worth looking at.

How do you keep your things safe?

If you’ve decided to add some security to your RV, you’ll have some options to choose from. RV security systems range in price from as low as $20 into the hundreds. Even the more costly options are a small price to pay for keeping your RV and its contents safe.

Many options are also easy to install with no need to hire anyone or drill any holes in your rig. From simple audible alarms to HD cameras and alerts sent right to your phone, here are some RV security systems for you to consider.

Best RV security systems

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm

We’re starting off with a cheap but effective option from GE. At just $20 on Amazon, this is an option every RVer should look into, even if you weren’t thinking about getting an alarm.

For the super low price, you get an easy-to-install audible alarm that will scare off any would-be thieves. No drilling is required, and there are no wires to run with the GE unit. It simply adheres to windows and doors using a two-sided adhesive. They are available in 2, 6, or 10 packs, so you can secure as many points as you need.

If the contact point is broken, intruders are treated with a 120dB alarm! For day-to-day use, the units can be easily switched to chime mode to notify you anytime the door is opened. Long-lasting, replaceable batteries indicate when they are low with a warning light.

The REOLINK system is mid-range price-wise; however, it offers tons of cool features. With 1080p full HD even at night and 6X digital zoom, you won’t miss anything that happens around your RV.

This is a wireless system that can easily be mounted anywhere that need. Add the optional solar panel and you never have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries. A 2.4 GHz WiFi connection means that you can have updates sent directly to your phone.

Recordings are stored via SD card, so they can be played back anytime for review. For about $125, this security system offers you all the features of RV security systems twice this price.

SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Security System

At $300, this is one of the more expensive kits you’ll see; however, it comes from one of the most trusted names in home security. With a quality alarm, the cost of losing even one laptop is covered.

There are many different kits available from SimpliSafe, with this being one of the most complete. You get two motion sensors that detect motion from 30 feet away and have a 90-degree field of vision. This makes them perfect for full-range coverage when placed in a corner.

There are five window and door sensors that allow you to have protection in different areas of your RV. The security camera lets you see what’s happening in your RV anytime from your phone, tablet, or computer. Everything is wirelessly connected to the base station and is operational right out of the box.

Optional police, fire, and medical response are also available through SimpliSafe at a very reasonable additional cost.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera

We’ve all heard about Ring Doorbell and likely seen some of the funny videos online that they capture. Well, they do more than just capture funny videos of people falling; they can also keep an eye on your home or RV.

Ring Video Doorbell is easy to install and is a great way to give you a heads-up of who is at your door. When you’re not in your RV, you can get notifications of motion and see who’s at your RV. Another great feature is that along with seeing who’s there, you can also speak with them.

You can let your friend know that you’ll be right back or alert unwelcome persons that they are being recorded. Ring does require Wi-Fi, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on using it in uncovered areas. Ring products start at around $65 and go up depending on the model.

Additional RV security steps to take

In addition to RV security systems or if you choose not to have one, there are some things all RVers should do to keep their things safe.

When possible don’t leave valuables in your RV or, at the very least don’t leave them in plain sight. Thieves are generally looking for easy targets, and they know RVs have valuables. For those items you don’t want to be taking with you all the time, having a bolted down safe is a great way to protect them should a break-in happen.

Leaving lights on can be enough of a deterrent for many bad guys who don’t want to be seen. Outdoor lights and motion sensor lights are a huge deterrent for thieves. Along with outdoor lights, leaving an indoor light on may signal to thieves that someone is home.

This may seem unnecessary to say, but lock your doors and windows! It takes one second to lock and unlock your door when coming and going. Campgrounds are for the most part safe areas, and we all want to believe that our RV is safe; however, things do happen, so lock it up!

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2 thoughts on “Secure Your RV: Tips & Systems To Keep Your Belongings Safe”

  1. I left my 2018 Class A in remote Idaho wilderness, where I hadn’t seen another human in a few days. I departed before dawn and returned after dark to find my door looking like the photo with the story. They tried, had unlimited time yet never got in! You just never know when or where you are a target! ✌️

  2. A clever thief would check to see if any valuables are left out, before entering. A door can be opened rapidly and an item(s) can be grabbed and the thief gone in seconds, siren or not, 120 decibles are not that loud. I would go for a doorIocking device INSIDE on all doors except one for entry and exit. On that one door I would have 2 or three extremely sturdy padlocks, that even a large bolt cutter will not go thru. Of course I would have a siren inside, just in case, but with the loudest siren I could find. You want to go a step more, have some airplane (big plane) landing lights inside, no thief would be able to find anything with those on. There are other things, but use your imagination, I’m not telling you all.


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