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5 Large RVs That Will Take You Anywhere

Published on October 28th, 2022 by Lynne Fedorick

5 Large RVs That Are Perfect For Overlanding

RVers who want to travel the roads less traveled and still have the luxuries of a Super C RV or Class A motorhome can have the best of both worlds. Whether you want to travel to remote places in the world or explore your local backroads, there are some jaw-dropping off-road RVs that will take you there.

Where would you like to go? Do you want to explore mountain highways or tour the desert? Either way, overlander RVs are designed to get you there while seeing to your every need.

Don’t think you’ll have to give up any luxuries to enjoy a nighttime view of the stars. These large RVs have everything you need to enjoy the finer things in life. From huge holding tanks and fuel tanks to impressive power systems and heated towel bars, these large RVs have it all. You’ll have everything you need to enjoy the journey, wherever you roam.

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1. EarthRoamer HD

Colorado-based EarthRoamer started in 1998 with the mission of building reliable and capable expedition vehicles for backcountry camping.

EarthRoamer is best known for its amazing, LTI RVs. This is because the LTI RV has been a favorite of the stars. Jason Mamoa and Jay Leno both include an EarthRoamer LTI in their garages.

Perhaps the only drawback of the LTI is that it isn’t exactly spacious. With the introduction of the HD, EarthRoamer has answered the demand for a large, capable overlanding RV. The EarthRoamer HD offers more space and an even more luxurious overlanding experience than the LTI.

The HD boasts massive tank capacities that can get you off-grid for weeks. Its solar power setup is designed to give you all the off-grid power you need for weeks at a time.

Features of the EarthRoamer HD

The HD is built on a 4×4 Ford F750 chassis and has a 6.8 liter, 330 HP turbo-diesel engine. It’s 35 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13 feet high. That should provide you with enough room to stretch out and watch TV or cook an amazing meal in the well-appointed galley.

Here are just a few of the amazing features you’ll find in the EarthRoamer HD:

  • Fuel tank: 115 gallons
  • Fresh water tank: 250 gallons
  • Gray water tank: 125 gallons
  • Black water tank: 125 gallons
  • Batteries: 20,000 Watt hours
  • Solar panels: 2100 Watts
  • No propane
  • Six floor plans
  • Three-burner induction stovetop
  • Convection microwave oven
  • Lots of storage including a pull-out pantry
  • Washer/dryer

2. CAMI Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Recent summers have been hotter than ever before. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get away on the lake for the day in your amphibious RV?

CAMI Terra Wind is the only large RV that is fully amphibious. Made in South Carolina, the Terra Wind doesn’t boast any overlanding capabilities. However, the Terra Wind will get you out on the water with everything you need for a relaxing day.

This rig’s cockpit looks very much like an airplane cockpit. Its buttons and switches allow you to go from land yacht to water yacht and back very easily.

Terra WInd Large RV entering water
Photo of Terra Wind Amphibious RV from CAMI

Features of the Terra Wind Amphibious RV

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV doesn’t miss any of the bells and whistles that a luxurious large RV should have. It has a spacious kitchen with custom cabinetry, TVs, two air conditioners, memory foam mattresses, and loads of storage space.

Here are just a few of the features of this unique rig:

  • A highway speed of up to 80 mph and up to 7 knots on the water
  • On-board computer docking system with internet access
  • GPS, moving maps, and navigational charts are standard equipment
  • Custom entertainment systems, floor plans, and decor
  • Dual propellers

3. Action Mobil Global XRS 7400

Austrian company Action Mobil makes two, three, and four-axle luxury motorhomes. These all-wheel drive RVs will let you see the world in style and extraordinary comfort.

The three-axle Global XRS 7400 is 33 feet long. But it’s an amazingly nimble four-season RV that can take you anywhere, even on winding roads or rocky creek beds. The motorhome has a powerful 630 HP diesel engine.

Action Mobil Global RV
Photo of Action Mobil Global XRS 7400 from Action Mobil

Features of the Action Mobil Global XRS 7400

Differential locks on all axles and a longitudinal compensation lock offer traction and safety wherever you are headed. The air suspension can be used to level the vehicle when you are ready to camp.

Here are a few of the features of this unique RV.

  • Heated and ventilated leather seats
  • Motorcycle elevator with an 1100 lb capacity
  • Handcrafted cabinetry
  • Miele appliances including a dishwasher and washer/dryer
  • Four-burner induction stovetop on granite countertop
  • 2200 WH lithium batteries
  • 1400 W solar panels
  • Batteries are charged as you drive with the vehicle engine
  • Freshwater tank: Up to 278 gallons
  • Wastewater: 65 gallon

4. Global Expedition Vehicles UXV-Max

Global Expedition Vehicles makes RVs that are designed to take you anywhere on the planet in absolute comfort. The Montana-based company builds their vehicles one at a time to ensure attention to detail and quality.

Global Expedition lets you choose from three medium-duty crew cab chassis for the UXV-Max: International, Freightliner, or Ford F750. The cab-over bed saves room in the rig for things like a dishwasher and a full bath.

Global Expedition Vehicles, large RVs and motorcycle
Photo from Global Expedition Vehicles

Features of the Global Expedition UXV-Max

The kitchen is well laid out with handcrafted cabinets and a sizable dishwasher. There is storage in every nook and cranny of this RV too. Here are a few of the UXV-Max’s drool-worthy features.

  • Induction burner cooktop
  • Upper and lower cabinets with granite coutertops
  • High-end appliances
  • 135-gallon freshwater tank
  • 28-gallon gray water tank
  • 800 AH lithium ion batteries
  • 600 W solar power
  • Diesel power generator
  • Cassette toilet
  • Dry or wet bath
  • Teak bathroom cabinets
  • King-size bed

5. Hunter RMV Apex Overland RV

Hunter RMV repurposes ex-US military trucks into off-road RVs that can take you anywhere you’d like to explore. The Nevada company meticulously inspects every chassis they select. Then they fix or replace whatever is needed before building them into large RVs.

Hunter RMV Apex climbing a trail in a desert area under a blue sky
Photo from Hunter RMV

Features of the Hunter RMV Apex Overland RV

The resulting overland RVs are phenomenal and just as tough and reliable as the US military intended them to be. Designed to be lived in, these RVs are built out with solar power systems and large capacity tanks. This RV gets about 800-1000 miles to the tank.

The 15-20 foot RV compartments are fixed onto the back of the chassis with a variety of high-end features.

  • 2 KW rooftop solar panels and lithium batteries
  • Fuel tank: 138 gallons
  • Freshwater tank: 250 gallons
  • Dry bath
  • Airhead composting toilet
  • Hand-built cabinetry
  • Rooftop storage
  • Heat pump
  • Diesel hot water
  • Multi fuel capable
  • Washer/dryer
  • Fully equipped ktichen

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