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Keeping Your RV Cool Just Got A Lot Easier

Published on July 10th, 2023 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on August 15th, 2023

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KoolRV Has Revolutionized RV Air Conditioning With Their A/C Connect

Very few RV owners would call damaging their RV air conditioner on a low bridge a “lucky” occurrence. It’s one of the reasons RV LIFE Pro is so well-known and well-used by RV owners everywhere. In this case, however, an altercation with a low bridge revealed to Don and Deanna Monet exactly what’s wrong with today’s RV air conditioners and how keeping their RV cool could be made easier and more affordable.

In the aftermath of removing and replacing the damaged AC unit, Don and Deanna saw an opportunity to improve the airflow generated by RV air conditioners by as much as 44% or more. Having looked at similar products in the past that were simply too expensive, Don figured he could build a more efficient version for far less.

With the help of family and friends, a dream was born. Now, keeping your RV cool can be done easier and cheaper with KoolRV’s newest innovation: A/C Connect.

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This KoolRV device works effectively in keeping your RV cool.

Improving your RV’s air conditioner

One of the biggest challenges for RVers is staying cool on hot summer days. Did you know that your RV’s air conditioning design may make it difficult to stay cool?

Your RV air conditioner isn’t directly connected to the vents. Instead, the cold air goes into a space in the roof called a plenum. But this design isn’t the most efficient for cooling your RV. The cold air gets stuck in the plenum and doesn’t flow easily to the vents. That’s why your RV might not be getting as cool as it could be.

How does it work?

Don and Deanna designed the A/C Connect to solve this cooling riddle. If you’re constantly wrestling with keeping your RV cool, the A/C Connect might be your solution. This innovative product was designed to specifically counter the inherent weakness in traditional RV air conditioning setups.

It works by forming a secure connection between the cold air supply of your air conditioning unit and the ventilation system in your RV. This direct linkage eliminates the inefficient turbulence that occurs in the plenum, ensuring that 100% of the cool air is distributed throughout your RV in the most effective manner.

The A/C Connect system’s installation is as straightforward as its concept. Once it arrives fully assembled, you only need to fit one end into your A/C and the other into your vent openings. To avoid any potential air leaks, the package includes HVAC foil tape for you to fasten the vent adapters securely.

As evidence of its impact, consider this: Before the installation of the A/C Connect, the stock A/C setup could reduce the inside temperature of Don & Deanna’s RV by 16 degrees compared to the outside temperature. Now, post-installation, the inside temperature drops by a remarkable 23 degrees, demonstrating an impressive 44% increase in cooling efficiency. It truly doesn’t get any simpler or more efficient than this!

Start keeping your RV cool

Don & Deanna’s core belief is that by delivering affordable, top-notch products that cater to the needs of RV enthusiasts, they will foster strong support and loyalty of the RV community as they expand their business.

The new KoolRV A/C Connect is currently available for the most popular Coleman models: Mach 3,10, 15, and Model Q. Additional A/C Connect versions for Dometic, Furion, & GE air conditioners will be available soon. Visit today for more information.

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22 thoughts on “Keeping Your RV Cool Just Got A Lot Easier”

  1. Actually, they have. GrandDesign started putting this A/C AirFlow units in their high line RVs in 2022, and my budget Reflection 150 has one fron the factory as a 2023 model. The improvement in airflow and the reduction in noise is nothing less than amazing. I had a Heartland. Big Horn (2014 model) and you could not watch TV for the noise from the A/C.
    Very similar A/C, same size and design. Check it out, it’s a game changer.

  2. We have. 2010 Rockwood signature ultralite by Forest River. I believe the air conditioner is a domestic. Will this work for us?

  3. I built my own AC connect/Rvairflow with a $10 piece of foam insulation board and some foil tape. Check out youtube for instructions.

    • I did the same, it was an easy project with some foam board and aluminum tape from the home improvement store. The goal is to divert the cold air directly into the ducts. As Pete said check out YouTube for instructions. It works great.

  4. Great concept, but it will only work with ducted AC setups. However, you could modify very easy the basic idea on your own to make it work with un-ducted units.

  5. This concept is great…… it seems to only work with one style of roof top AC ducting. In my 2021 5th wheel trailer I have two AC units. The ducting is concealed between the roof and the ceiling and ducted to round supply vents. The return vents are one for each unit. Is the something this company suggests for my design?



  6. What’s the difference between this and the RV Airflow that came out a few years ago? They seem to do the same thing.

  7. Interesting. The week after I install a RV Airflow system, I see this article. It’s OK, I needed one for a Dometic, and apparently that’s still in the works at KoolRV.

    Coincidentally, I find it strange that every one of my favorite YouTubers that has posted a video about RVAirflow has a Coleman AC. None of them have Furrion or Dometic ACs. I just find it interesting is all.

    One more thing… Does anyone make a kit or plate to convert the now ducted-only AC to use a standard pleated media filter, instead of those silly screens or foam inserts? Maybe even a 12×12 or 14×14 electrostatic filter?

  8. I had a similar issue with weak cooling and installed the RVAirflow in the plenum. The improvements were significant, with a nearly 40% increase in average airflow. The function of A/C Connect appears to be about the same, and it’s installation seems notably simpler. I suspect it delivers similar improvements in airflow. Great to see these innovations. I just wish the manufacturers would incorporate these innovations on their own.


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