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RV Entry Steps Face-Off: Lippert Solid Step vs MORryde StepAbove

Published on July 24th, 2023 by Chris Dow

RV Entry Steps: Pros, Cons, And Installation Made Easy

Thinking about upgrading your unstable, outdated RV entry steps for some fresh, safer ones? In the video above, we compare two of the most in-demand RV step models, the MORryde StepAbove and the Lippert Solid Step. Check it out to see a direct comparison of the two, learn about the ordering process, and more! 

Why should I upgrade my old RV entry steps?

Traditional RV entry steps fold out from underneath your camper and rest above the ground, never coming into contact with the ground. The newest style of RV steps make direct contact with the ground and are, therefore, much sturdier. This makes them much safer. Not only are they more solid and secure, but they can also support more weight. Additionally, they enhance the appearance of your camper as well!

What options for new steps are available?

When looking for a new set of steps, most consumers will end up comparing the Lippert Solid Step and the MORryde StepAbove step, which are the two most popular models on the market. Both brands offer aluminum construction, which is not only lightweight but also durable in all weather.

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Both of these models are also stowed internally during driving, so they stay cleaner and avoid road grit and grime. And with adjusting feet, both sets of steps are stable on most any surface. You can even add on additional features such as handrails for more stability and automatic lighting for better visibility.

OEM rv entry steps extended from a 5th wheel.
Old-style RV entry steps are not particularly durable, or reliable.

Should I order my new RV steps from Lippert or MORryde?

That depends on what’s more important to you. To help you make that decision, I’ve installed, tested, and documented both sets of steps meticulously. I review all of their similarities, as well as their advantages, disadvantages, and variations in detail in the video above.

Things to consider when upgrading RV entry steps

When comparing the two brands of RV entry steps, you’ll see that the weight limits are a bit different. The steps also have slightly different dimensions in regard to the overall steppable surface area. The adjustable legs of each step function a bit differently. They both offer different optional add-ons, they require different ordering procedures, and they’re even installed differently.

For example, both options offer versions with either a quick-release hinge, which enables users to quickly and easily remove the steps from their RV, or a strut-based assistance system, which supports most of the weight of the steps while folding them in and out of your rig, making it much easier for those with strength limitations.

Comments and questions

Drop a comment down below or in the YouTube video comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I have a ton of experience using both sets of steps and am here to help!

If you have already made a decision about upgrading your RV entry steps to Lippert, MORryde, or something else, we’d love to hear from you. What made you choose the steps you chose? Is there anything I missed that would help someone make their choice? Let’s help fellow RVers take a step in the right direction.

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1 thought on “RV Entry Steps Face-Off: Lippert Solid Step vs MORryde StepAbove”

  1. Purchased and installed the Lippert Solid Step with a lift kit. First of all we followed instructions for measuring and ordered the 4 step for our Forest River Cardinal fifth wheel. The installation was not as simple as your video. We had to do a lot of adjustments in order to close the door of the fifth wheel after installing it. First we had to cut away the threshold metal of the original door jam. Then we had to cut both the screen door and the main door off 2 1/2″ to close it. The steps were very sturdy,com paired to the old OEM steps and easy to raise into the fifth wheel using the lift kit. The steps seemed perfect replacement. But the first camping trip we mad to a nice park with concrete pad and patio we were in trouble. Even though the steps let down and sat nicely in our driveway at home with the legs adjusted, they did not fit nicely on the parks slab. Even with the legs adjusted to the highest setting we couldn’t use them . Fortunately the park let us use a tent site that had just grass area to park and we were able to dig a hole for the steps to go all the way down. The next issue was when we needed to store the fifthwheel, we could not let the steps out at all because the space in the storage area would not allow it. We had to move the trailer out of its storage space to get inside .


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