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How Much Do A Frame Trailers Cost—8 New and Used Examples

Published on July 23rd, 2018 by Donna Gum
This post was updated on August 29th, 2018

I like A-frame trailers. An A-frame may have a little less space than other types of trailers, but they allow you to camp in extreme temperatures where their air conditioners and heaters can get the job done heating and cooling.

I did some pricing of A-Frame Tent Trailers. New A Frame Tent Trailers can range from $11,299 to $18,419, with a pre-owned model ranging anywhere from $12,911 to $16,764.

But are these prices the amount you’ll really have to pay? Price can depend on a lot of things. Are you able to drum up competition between dealers? Are you able to negotiate with a seller? Sometimes a little old-fashioned bartering may seal the deal for you with a private seller. Read below for some listed prices and see how you might be able to pay less. How much does an A Frame Trailer really cost?

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How much do New A Frame Travel Trailers Cost?

Here are some specific models with their prices.  Check them out to get a feel for how much your ideal A Frame might cost.

  • 2018 Aliner Ranger 10 Titanium Dual Bunk (No slide outs) $14,953
  • 2019 Aliner SCOUT LITE PARKS (No slide outs, 13 ft.) $11,299
  • 2019 Aliner Ascape Camp Base (No slide outs, has an endless warranty with annual inspections) $14,987
  • 2018 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD FREEDOM 2318G (one slide) $12,995
  • 2018 Forest River Rockwood A212HW (20 ft., exterior grill, no slides) $18,419

How Much Are Pre-owned A Frame Travel Trailers?

Here are a few pro-owned models that I found at dealerships.

  • 2018 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD A122S (18 ft., No slide) $12,911 
  • 2015 Forest River RV Rockwood A194HW (18 ft., No slide, sleeps two) $12,991
  • 2017 Aliner Limited Edition (No slides, sleeps 3) $16,764

As you can see from the above lists, new A Frame trailers and pre-owned A Frame trailers seem to fall within the same range with little depreciation. Make sure you’re familiar with the depreciation rate of A Frame trailers before going shopping for one yourself. Knowing these details will help you get a price that’s a more accurate value of the A Frame you’re interested in if it’s a pre-owned trailer.

New or Pre-owned: Pros and Cons

Everyone likes the idea of a new trailer. However, there are pros and cons to both.

A new trailer may have some things you will want to change, but may not be covered under warranty.

A gently used trailer will likely have minor changes already addressed, saving you the trouble and effort.

I found the design and materials influence the cost of the A-frame trailers quite a bit. Along with fiberglass exteriors, materials can include aluminum or steel frames. Dormer windows and slides as well as exterior components such as grills and storage can mean a better design, but can also add up to a higher price.

Interior materials used in finishing will also have an effect on the final price of an A-frame trailer. For example, the flooring of an A-frame might include linoleum in some models while others feature tile flooring. The skeleton frame for cabinets will feature screws, meaning they may be better built as opposed to the use of staples in some cabinets. The type of bedding for the mattress will have an impact on price also. Quality of appliances such as brand name and age influences the asking price.

How Much Is an A Frame Trailer According to Your Standards

Although I kept these details in the back of my mind while looking at the A frame trailers, I decided which details for ‘better built’ were important to me and which were not. I wanted a good mattress, but I wasn’t too concerned if the cabinets had staples instead of screws. We used to have a trailer with staples in the cabinets, and they were still going strong when we sold it a few years later. Tile versus linoleum also didn’t worry me much as long as the floor looked nice and is easy to clean.

I did pay attention to the framework of the trailers. Investing in an A frame with good framework can mean a longer lasting trailer down through the years. Camping in the mountains sometimes means driving down some rough roads. Likewise, if an appliance doesn’t work ‘some of the time’, I’ll take a pass because replacing an appliance is more expense and trouble than I want to take on.

Before You Buy, Rent an A Frame Trailer

If you’re wondering if you’d be happy with an A-frame trailer, it might be worth it to rent one for a night or two like I did. Some of the newer models of tent trailers can rent from $100 to $150 a night. Renting costs more, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t spend the next few years wishing I’d bought a different type of trailer.

Having rented an A Frame trailer, I felt I knew much more about them and things to look for when buying my own. It can be worth it to know exactly which one you want before you visit a dealer and begin your negotiating. For some great tips on getting a good buy, see Camper Report’s article here.

What Does an A Frame Cost When There’s Competition Involved

We were looking for a camper and found one that we liked, but the A Frame trailer priced higher than what we wanted to pay. The salesman didn’t want to come down any. We let him know we had already looked it up on the price listings. He said, “well, I can let you have it for a little lower, but I’ve got to make my money back off of it too.” We acted like we were in the process of leaving and thanked him. He knew he was just that close to a sale, so he blurted out another price that was much better. We still acted unimpressed and thanked him anyway. We continued to look in other lots.

When we found another that we liked as well, we let the gentleman make his offer. We explained there was another trailer on the other lot that we were looking at that was a better deal. The salesman then knocked down the price and offered another bargain. We said thank you, we’d think about it. and went back to the first salesman, describing the offer we’d just received. He improved his offer to a lesser amount.

We went back and forth like this between the two salesmen, until finally one said he was unable to beat that. I don’t know how he’s doing that. We knew we’d found the best offer we were going to get and went back and purchased the model from the other lot at a much lower price than he had originally offered. Without that competition nearby, we likely would never have gotten the price down as far as we did.

Personally, I preferred the slightly more expensive one, but everyone else in the family outvoted me. It turns out they were right. That camper gave us many years of enjoyment.

What is the Cost of a Gently Used A Frame When Purchasing From an Individual

There’s a third option in looking at the cost of an A Frame. You might decide to purchase a used A Frame from an individual. There are some areas to take into consideration. The warranty will likely not transfer over to you in the sale. There may be more wrong with the A Frame than what the seller describes.

The price of an A Frame in this situation also depends on whether you like to tinker a bit and have the skill to fix what may need addressed. To get the price down when dealing with an individual, you say you’ll have to take the A Frame in to have it repaired at a cost and inconvenience, knowing all the while you can fix it for little expense yourself. With the flaw glaring in the seller’s eyes all the more, he’ll likely lower the price because of the expense you will incur at a shop getting the flaw repaired.

You’ll find out if he can lower the price yet again if you’re still acting unsure of the deal. He may offer a final deal. Don’t accept the offer yet. Make your own offer. Throw in some tires or items you’ve got sitting at home into the offer and see if he’ll let you have it for the price you offer on it.

Oftentimes, throwing a little bartering into the mix will seal the deal. It doesn’t hurt to mention that the warranty won’t transfer to you in the sale. If you’re sure there are no other problems with the camper, shake hands on the deal and take it home and fix it. You’ve just saved yourself some extra dollars in the deal.

Having done your homework, you can now confidently bargain with the seller, whether the A Frame Tent Trailer is offered by a dealer, used lot, or a private individual.

4 thoughts on “How Much Do A Frame Trailers Cost—8 New and Used Examples”

    • I’d go with something simple and light. Honestly, it depends on the level of luxury you want, how big of a trailer you’re comfortable pulling, how big of a vehicle you have to tow it with, etc. A nice little popup could be all you want, but if you want something with more features you could go with a smaller travel trailer. The options are pretty endless.

      You might go in to a dealership or to an RV/Camper show and look around with no intention of buying immediately just to get an idea of what would work for you.


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