Do Fifth Wheels Have Built-In Generators?

While shopping for an RV, some wonder whether a fifth wheel would have a generator. The answer is yes, most fifth wheels do have a built-in generator. The question is whether it is big enough to do the job that it’s needed to do. Some folks don’t require a generator for much, while others prefer … Read more


How Much Do Airstreams Cost? (With 14 Examples)

While looking at Airstream RVs, I was curious about what the prices might be. I found there was a price range of $36,900 to $221,000 depending on size, comfort, and the conveniences provided. Some models sport more luxuries than others. Airstream has long had a reputation for luxury that has only been increased by pairing … Read more

Can RVs Stay at Truck Stops?

In planning our camping trips, I have become more aware of the difficulties that can take place from RVers and truck drivers sharing a parking lot overnight at truck stops/travel centers. RVs can use truck stops, but it might not be the first choice an RVer should make. Before you feel your feathers get ruffled, … Read more

Can I Camp in a Walmart Parking Lot?

While planning my camping trips this past summer, I was surprised to find that some Walmarts do not allow RVs to park overnight. I did find out with a few phone calls and an app, that there are some Walmarts that still allow boondocking. The reassuring answer to my question is yes, some Walmarts still … Read more

long do trailer tires last

How Long Do Trailer Tires Last?

Trailer tires last long enough to enjoy several camping seasons, if you follow these signs of RV tire wear, tear, and potential safety risks.

Best Camper Trailers for a Family (with 35 Examples)

Here are 35 great examples of camper trailers for families. In looking at different camper trailers, I tried to decide which ones met the needs of my growing family best. There were certain things to look for. I had learned that much from experience. The best camper trailers for families are those with good storage, … Read more

Gifford Woods State Park (VT) has Awesome Autumn Camping

Deep in the woods of Vermont is a treasure of a campground for autumn. Gifford Woods State Park offers a quiet, wonderful place to go camping in the fall. The roads can be narrow, so campers with large RVs should call ahead for size restrictions. That aside, not only are there trails and sports at … Read more

Class B motorhome covered with snow and ice.

Does My Camper or RV Have a Rubber Roof?

When deciding to take a look at my rubber roof on my camper to see if any repairs were needed, I wondered why rubber roofs are becoming more common on campers and RVs. It turns out there are several reasons. Rubber roofs are cheaper to maintain or repair, have low weight, are less slippery, and … Read more

A Class C motorhome at camp in the woods

How Tall Are Class A and Class C Motorhomes?

In checking into the options of whether to store my RV elsewhere or at home, I found that storing at home, even with a few expenses was the best option. I found that measuring from the ground to the top of the unit, measuring the air conditioner, and adding the two gave me the correct … Read more