Author: Donna Gum

Do Fifth Wheels Have Built-In Generators?

While shopping for an RV, some wonder whether a fifth wheel would have a generator. The answer is yes, most fifth wheels do have a built-in generator. The question is whether it is big enough to do the job that it’s needed to do. Some folks don’t require a generator […]


How Much Do Airstreams Cost? (With 14 Examples)

While looking at Airstream RVs, I was curious about what the prices might be. I found there was a price range of $36,900 to $221,000 depending on size, comfort, and the conveniences provided. Some models sport more luxuries than others. Airstream has long had a reputation for luxury that has […]

Can RVs Stay at Truck Stops?

In planning our camping trips, I have become more aware of the difficulties that can take place from RVers and truck drivers sharing a parking lot overnight at truck stops/travel centers. RVs can use truck stops, but it might not be the first choice an RVer should make. Before you […]

Can I Camp in a Walmart Parking Lot?

While planning my camping trips this past summer, I was surprised to find that some Walmarts do not allow RVs to park overnight. I did find out with a few phone calls and an app, that there are some Walmarts that still allow boondocking. The reassuring answer to my question […]

How Long Do Camper-Trailer Tires Last?

I noticed the tread on one of my camper tires was wearing down. Although the other tires looked fine, I wondered if there were other things to look for to see if my tires needed replacing. I found with tires, there are two areas to be concerned about: tread and […]

Does My Camper or RV Have a Rubber Roof?

When deciding to take a look at my rubber roof on my camper to see if any repairs were needed, I wondered why rubber roofs are becoming more common on campers and RVs. It turns out there are several reasons. Rubber roofs are cheaper to maintain or repair, have low […]