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How To Find Flying J Locations That Offer RV Services

Published on April 22nd, 2022 by Kendall Jennings

Which Flying J Locations Offer RV Services?

Pilot-Flying J is the largest operator of travel centers in North America. With more than 750 locations in 44 states and 6 Canadian provinces, there is always a Flying J close by. Fuel is their main business with more than 7 billion gallons sold annually.

Flying J has grown and now offers much more than just fuel. With over 1.6 million people served daily, they have food service, shopping, and services for truck drivers.

With more RVs on the road every year, Flying J has stepped up and made many of its locations RV-friendly and has added RV-specific services.

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We all know the stress of driving along wondering if the next fuel or rest stop will be a tight, busy parking lot with hard-to-access pumps.

Having a location to pull into easily and fuel up with a large area to park and get something to eat can make a travel day much more enjoyable.

RV-specific services

RVers need to take the time while stopped to perform all the necessary tire, wheel nut, light, and other safety checks without feeling like they need to clear the pump for the lineup of waiting cars.

Flying J RV locations provide RV-only fuel lanes with lots of room for maneuvering, water, and air stations along with propane filling and dump stations. For resting, these locations also have large areas for parking and resting for a few hours or overnight if needed.

The RV location stores also carry a basic selection of some RV-related products that you may need along your trip.

Flying J has its own loyalty program to save you money and has partnered with Good Sam to offer an RV-specific program that gets you discounts on RV-related services. You can learn more about their myRewards Plus app here.

Truck camper dumping black tank at dumping station - Flying J

How do you find Flying J locations with RV services?

With all the great amenities and services catering to RVers, planning stops at these Flying J locations can be very useful. So, how do you know which locations offer RV services?

There are a couple of ways to know ahead of time where the RV-friendly locations are. The easiest way to find Flying J locations is to plan your trip with RV LIFE Trip Wizard. You can easily find Pilot and Flying J locations as well as other rest areas, travel stops, campgrounds, and points of interest along your route.

You may also want to visit the Pilot-Flying J website and download their list of locations so you can have the list with you should you need it while traveling.

If you find yourself traveling without a plan, you can spot the Flying J locations with their large red and yellow signs. Locations with RV services are posted on the signage and are easily accessible off of the highway.

Pre-trip planning can make your travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Having your fuel, food, and rest stops planned ahead of time means you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Flying J RV locations really are one-stop locations that should be added to your route.

For all of your camping and trip planning needs, look no further than RV LIFE Campgrounds and RV LIFE Trip Wizard. RV LIFE Campgrounds is a trusted source of campground and RV park reviews offered by camping and RV enthusiasts just like you. With its accompanying RV LIFE App, RV LIFE Trip Wizard gets you to your camping destinations utilizing RV-friendly routes specific to your RV and travel preferences.

Been to a campground lately? Don’t forget to leave a review! Reviews help other RVers like yourself, and they help the campground. Leave a campground review today!

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15 thoughts on “How To Find Flying J Locations That Offer RV Services”

  1. I use the myrewards app. As an RV driver, I like to use the stations that have the stand-a-lone lanes for RV’s etc. That “RV Friendly” info WAS listed under amenities for each location. Now, that info is gone.

    I wind up looking at my route and then look at the pilot/FJ stations using google earth to find the stations with that RV lane feature. Kind of a PIA workaround. Dragging our 30′ trailer at 10mpg, we use a lot of fuel. With a 32 gallon tank we get an easy 275 mile range. 300 miles gets a little scary and freaks out the assistant driver.

  2. This is true, ever since they stopped publishing the booklets with station locations and what rv services they have for rv’s it’s a hit miss deal. Most rv people are faithful to pilot flying j so if we could get a list like we used to it would make a lot of people happy.I for one would gladly purchase one.

  3. I will check their website, as nothing opened on your E-mail. Everything is diesel, and I use 89 octane gasoline.

  4. Stopped at the Pilot on I-95 exit 11 in NC this weekend returning home and when I went to pump at the RV lanes noticed it was off road diesel fuel. That is not good if someone missing reading that sign. Just wanted that information out there. Wandering if this is a common issue, never run into it my self.

  5. Having a spot to park an RV is a good idea. The problem is that there are bobtail tractors parked in them. Lincoln Nebraska is notorious for this. If you say anything about it to the manager he says “You can park in the truck area.
    Flying J corporate in Knoxville TN needs to do something about this.
    I drove a truck for 40 years and have never seen this many inconsiderate so called truck drivers.

  6. From the video regarding Flying J…. He said the app was called “mypilot” but I’m not finding that in the app store.

  7. Nice Flying J List. But nothing as to which stations allow overnight parking. There is a column showing RV Parking. Do you consider that the same?

  8. the My Rewards Plus has an app where you can turn on location and it will locate Flying J’s and Pilots in your area.

  9. I research Flying J’s when I travel. One I picked was just a truck fueling and the gas was a Arco. Check and make sure they can fuel your rig.

  10. With a 31ft RV towing a 16ft trailer the Flying J is one we look for but Pilot/Flying J are hit and miss when it comes to RV only fuel and dump lines. Flying J is the most often with the RV fuel lines and propane fill. It would be nice if RV Trip Wizard could show what fuel stations has RV fuel lines. I’ve seen Loves with dump stations and most have propane but are tight for RV’s to fill with gas or I block the entrance or exit and both pumps, I’m sure they don’t mind when I pump 50Gal. but not good for someone that wants to fill their car and get back on the road.

  11. Lived behind Flying J in Troutdale Ore. 1995- 2008 , it was always busy but as a exCDL A tx double triple . Seriously it was like a little Cat house drug area , NV made popular ! The old days for me out 3 weeks home 1 week , main business except for MT Hood community college

  12. Flying J/Pilot really messed up with their downloadable list of locations. It is sorted by store number. Store number only means something to them. They need to provide a list that you can sort by what interstate it is adjacent to (similar to the Next Exit book) or at least by state and city. A printed list sorted by store number is useless to their customers. We have manually go through all 829 locations to find one near our route.


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